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Top Destinations For Solo Travelers
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Top Destinations For Solo Travelers

Thinking of heading on a solo trip? That’s a great idea — a solo tour is one of the best ways to explore the world and meet new people, push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and embark on a journey of reflection and self-discovery! Once you prepare your home for traveling, you will be able to discover new destinations with freedom and flexibility as you enjoy the comfort and safety of traveling with a solo tour. The only question you might have left is where should you go? With different factors in mind (safety, culture, activities, and price being a few), here are our picks for top destinations for solo travelers!


Japan is a fascinating country that has quickly become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world! With breathtaking mountains, charming snow monkeys, warm and welcoming hospitality, and world-famous cuisine, there are plenty of reasons to visit Japan! Not is the country incredibly beautiful and the people are extremely kind, but Japan is also a very safe destination for tourists! The Land of the Rising Sun is frequently voted as one of the safest countries in the world — the overall crime rate is low and there are plenty of options for women-only transit and activities that will help female travelers feel safe and comfortable! Add that on top of the breathtaking hiking trails that make Japan the perfect place for a journey of self-discovery, the wide range of bars and nightclubs that make it easy to make new connections, and the widely accessible means of transportation that make it easy to get around.

Woman Walking Down Street in Japan


This tropical paradise attracts millions of seekers from around the planet! Mystical lakes, sacred volcanoes, floating temples, breathtaking waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and powdery white-sand beaches are scattered across the land and make Bali the perfect place for a journey of self-discovery and soul searching. Discover the beauty and magic of Bali as you immerse yourself in the powerful energy vortex that many describe as incredibly healing. A solo trip will give you a great opportunity to connect with your surroundings, get to know the warm and friendly locals, and tune in to your own needs and wants. Not to mention food and accommodation are very affordable in Indonesia — which makes Bali a great destination to connect with mother nature, get in touch with yourself, and discover the most beautiful places on the planet without breaking the bank!

Besakih Temple in Bali


Over the past few years, Croatia has become one of the most rapidly rising travel destinations in Europe — and one of the top destinations for solo travelers! This Balkan Beauty is home to some of the most breathtaking turquoise waters, beautiful sandy beaches, and fascinating medieval architecture you will ever find — and mixed with the exhilarating nightlife scene, delicious cuisine, and archaeological sites scattered throughout the country, this is a dream destination for all-encompassing travelers! Take the opportunity to connect with mother nature, discover ancient attractions and medieval architecture, and embark on a gastronomic journey that will satisfy your eyes and taste buds! With a low crime rate, Croatia is also a safe destination for solo travelers and the widely accessible transportation makes it easy for visitors to travel around the country. It is a relatively popular destination for solo travelers — which makes it very likely you will connect with others as well (especially since it is home to one of the most walkable cities in the world)!



Gorgeous coastlines, golden beaches, and breathtaking cityscapes attract millions of travelers every year — but there is another reason why Italy is one of the top destinations for solo travelers! The regions are incredibly diverse, as every province you travel to will boast a subculture of its own. As you travel from region to region, it will feel as if you are entering a new country with unique cuisine and local traditions. With a wonderful transportation system and many cities within proximity to each another, as a solo traveler, you will revel over how the city colors, landscapes, and customs change as you travel between regions with ease and comfort! Every city you visit will offer its own unique charm — and Italy is the perfect place to embark on a cultural journey and lose yourself in the fascinating ways of the locals. Not to mention it is also one of the top dessert destinations on the planet with plenty of scrumptious flavors and pastries to feast your eyes and taste buds on!

Positano Italy


The Scandinavian countries are frequently ranked as some of the safest countries in the world for travelers — and some of the most beautiful! Breathtaking landscapes, magnificent mountains, world-famous fjords, and majestic glaciers are scattered across the land and make Scandinavia the perfect place for a self-drive vacation — which is a great way to travel across a country and discover the major highlights on your own! Take control of the wheel and take matters into your own hands as you set off for the roads to discover the most magical places in Scandinavia. All of these countries are incredibly developed with fine infrastructure and advanced healthcare systems so you can feel safe and secure making your way across the nations and soak in the incredible atmosphere of some of the happiest countries in the world.

Norway Mountain Town


Thailand is a mecca for backpackers, nature fanatics, spiritual seekers, history buffs, beach bums, and solo travelers of all kinds! This Southeast Asian gem is home to some of the most extraordinary tropical jungles, fascinating archaeological sites, magnificent temples, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking islands, and glistening waters on the planet; no wonder Thailand is one of the top destinations for solo travelers around the world! This is the perfect place to leave your worries behind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul as you go trekking through the jungles, go boating in the turquoise-green waters, or discover the fascinating temples of the land. Connect with locals and taste the delicious cuisine as you immerse yourself in the local culture of Thailand and become one with mother nature. The transportation system makes it easy for visitors to travel from place to place and the prices are very affordable — which makes Thailand the perfect place for a budget-friendly trip that is full of adventures. And if you’re ever lost — don’t fret! The friendly locals will help you out.

Traveler in Thailand


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