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Benefits of Indus Solo Travel Holidays
By February 18, 2020 No Comments

Benefits of Indus Solo Travel Holidays

Solo travel is all about realizing that you can be happy by yourself in an unknown place among unknown faces. While Solo travel is often seen as some grueling soul searching experiment, it is not the case; sometimes, things should be done for self-love. It is about being completely selfish for a while exploring new places, and meeting interesting people on your way. Get out of your comfort zone and try things which you thought you would never do, and the best part is, there is no hassle, you can be all laidback and do things at your own pace.

At Indus Travel, we have crafted some immersive itineraries for different types of Solo traveler, read on to know the benefits of our Solo Travel Holidays:

Easy on your pocket:

It is simple math, if you are going alone on a trip; a lot of expense is saved. From purchasing one flight ticket to booking single accommodation and paying for only one meal, a lot can be saved while enjoying to the fullest. Well, Indus solo tours give you the chance to save extra as you don’t have to pay for a single supplement. We match you with a roommate that can share your bill, and even if there is a match available, we’ll pay your single supplement, so in both the situation; it’s a win-win.

Meet interesting people:

When you already travel with your partner or your family, it’s unlikely that you will wander away and talk to new people. Traveling alone comes with many perks, and one of these is the freedom to make new friends. On our solo trips, you will get to meet likeminded people and a lot of time to have a chat with the locals. Meeting new people not only opens your mind but also lets you explore a new horizon. For those who love to have a culturally fulfilling trip on their solo travel, our tours like Glimpse of EgyptRoyal India are perfect.

Well trained guides:

When you are away from home, you want to be completely away from any stress. This means being able to communicate yourself well so that you can easily roam around in a city. Our every tour comes with tour guides who are extremely professional and speak fluent English. Hence, you can leave all your worries on us and wander around the places with complete freedom and without feeling the barrier of language.

Enough time for inspirational work:

With long tours like Super South Africa, where you will witness an abundance of South African History and culture, you will also have enough time for creative projects that are long pending. A solo tour also gives you time and space to nurture your creativity, whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur. 

Solo travel means embracing yourself and enjoying the warmth of your company. From devouring as many books as you want to participate in a completely new festival, solo travel is something everyone should try once in a lifetime.


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