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Top Travel Destinations For Dessert Lovers
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Top Travel Destinations For Dessert Lovers

Calling all dessert lovers! If there is nothing you love more than trying a traditional pastry or munching on a slice of delicious cake (besides traveling of course) — this post is for you! Mix two of your passions and embark on a journey of culinary wonders and cultural adventures as you discover some of the most breathtaking countries around the world with the tastiest treats. Here are our top picks for the best travel destinations for dessert lovers!


This destination probably did not come as a shock. With world-class cuisine and Michelin star restaurants, France is known for their delicious sweets and scrumptious pastries. Travelers will discover extravagant restaurants and exquisite cafes serving macaroons, eclairs, and chocolate croissants which make the perfect option for a tasty treat paired with a hot cup of coffee. Let your taste buds savor the creamy consistency of Crème Brule or try some mouth-watering profiteroles. You will quickly understand why this is one of the top travel destinations for dessert lovers!

Lattes and Croissants in Paris


With breathtaking landscapes and creamy desserts, Italy is the ultimate destination for dessert lovers. A slice of tiramisu will take you to heaven. Savor the rich flavors and soft consistency of this mouth-watering dessert that is soaked in coffee and liqueur. Pair it with a glass of wine for the ultimate experience. Choose between hundreds of flavors of gelato with Stracciatella and Limone being two of the top favorites. Taste the creamy ricotta and crunchy consistency of cone-shaped cannolis and try to pick your top flavor for biscotti!

Gelato in Cone in Italy


This breathtaking country is famous for many reasons; it is the capital of classical music, the homeland of the Alps, and the perfect place to see castles and cathedrals. Austria is also known for its impeccable dessert scene with plenty of fine cakes and creamy pastries served in cafes all around Vienna. Enjoy a delicious slice of Sachertorte, a chocolate sponge cake with a fudge-like ganache that is served with whipped cream. Another iconic dessert is Apple Strudel, a layered pastry with a buttery consistency and a strong taste of cinnamon.

Slice of Sachertorte in Austria


Known for their tasty tostadas and spicy enchiladas, there is no doubt Mexico is famous for its delicious cuisine. The country also boasts creamy desserts that will tantalize your taste buds. Try a mouth-watering slice of Tres Leches in its origin country. This famous sponge cake is made with three milk products to achieve the rich and creamy consistency that can be found in plenty of cafes and bakeries throughout the country. Mexican Flan is another dessert that is made with condensed milk but has a caramel flavor that needs to be tasted to understand!

Frosting Cakes


Famous for their breathtaking landscapes and magnificent shrines, Japan is a fascinating travel destination that certainly deserves a visit. During your stay, make sure you taste the wide range of flavors of mochi, a savory rice dessert with a soft and chewy consistency. Enlighten your taste buds with Dango, sweet Japanese rice dumplings that are served throughout the year and paired well with green tea. Taste matcha-flavored everything with crepes, ice cream, cakes, lattes, and other types of desserts being served as the Japanese like to incorporate the tea in every form they can!

Dango in Japan


It might not be much of a mystery where Turkish Delight gets its name from. This chewy confectionery is made with starch and sugar and is served in the rich flavors of rosewater, walnut, and pistachio throughout the country. Another popular dessert is baklava, a world-famous pastry baked with a delicious blend of nuts for a buttery and crunchy consistency. This traditional dessert is best served with syrup or honey and will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth!

Turkish Delight Rolls


Home to majestic glaciers, powerful waterfalls, and traditional tango, Argentina is also a haven for any traveler with a sweet tooth. Dulce de Leche is one of the most delicious flavors for cakes, pies, and pastries throughout the country, cooked with sweetened condensed milk which transitions into a caramel or butterscotch flavor. The rich and creamy consistency of Dulce de Leche cake will melt in your mouth and make you never want to leave Argentina!

Dulce de Leche Pastries


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