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Beautiful Castles Around the World
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Beautiful Castles Around the World

Attention lovers of architecture! Are you ready to see magnificent castles with jaw-dropping scenery? Prepare to see the most extraordinary sights in the world’s most breathtaking destinations:

Mont Saint-Michel, France

This fairy-tale castle offers one of the most breathtaking views of France. Travelers will discover medieval walls and sky-high towers rising into a gorgeous complex. For centuries, Mont Saint-Michel was used as a fortress and pilgrimage of faith. Listed as a World Heritage Site in 1979, this breathtaking attraction has become of the top-visited sites in France. Over 2.5 million visitors travel to Normandy each year to admire its architectural beauty. Pay a visit to Mont-Saint Michel with a tour of Paris and Normandy.

Mount Saint Michael

Himeji Castle, Japan

Japan is a land filled with wonder and beauty. One of the most breathtaking attractions in this magical country is Himeji Castle. This magnificent landmark is incredibly strong as it managed to survive multiple bombings in World War II. It is highly respected as a Japanese treasure and was one of the first listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this East Asian country. Its white elegance offers extraordinary beauty to visitors passing by and never fails to amaze travelers. Uncover the beauty for yourself with this tour of Japan

Himeji Castle in Japan

Edinburgh Castle, United Kingdom

Edinburgh Castle is a site that needs no introduction. One of the most famous landmarks in the United Kingdom; this castle is also one of the oldest fortified attractions in Europe. Visitors will travel back in time with a fascinating trip to this magical palace! Study Scottish history and admire the magnificence of the well-designed architecture for yourself with a tour of Edinburgh. This self-drive makes for the perfect introduction to Scotland as you will discover plenty of gems including Stirling, Perth, and St. Andrews.

Edinburgh Castle

Chapultepec Castle, Mexico

Situated in the heart of Mexico City, the Chapultepec Castle adds to the imperial beauty of this fascinating capital. The hill was once a sacred space for Aztecs to connect and practice their faith. Visitors will be wowed by the magnificence of this sky-rising palace stretching high at 7000 feet. The imperial residence, fascinating observatory, Military Academy, and National Museum of History can all be found atop the hill! Experience the magic of Mexico City with a tour to the Land of Aztecs. 

Chapultepec Castle in Mexico

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Arguably the most famous attraction in Germany, Neuschwanstein offers gorgeous natural and architectural scenery which has inspired artists for decades. For over 150 years this 19th-century landmark has been adding to the breathtaking scenery of Bavaria. Its magnificence resembles that of a fairy-tale. There is no wonder why this castle served as one of the inspirational sources for Walt Disney as he created his princess castles. Its beauty continues to shine big and bright and is one of the highlights of this magical journey through Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Grand Palace, Thailand

Home to no shortage of beauty, one of the most magnificent architectural attractions in Thailand is the Grand Palace! The gorgeous white and gold accents make for an extravagant exterior that represents true royalty. Visitors will marvel over the unique beauty and sharp architecture of this scattered palace. The castle is not only extraordinary in beauty, but it is also the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. There is no better site to see than the Grand Palace during your trip to Bangkok and other splendors of Thailand!

Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

Bran Castle, Romania

This iconic castle is one we are all familiar with. Bran Castle served as inspiration for Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s legendary book. As creepy as the tale might be, the castle itself offers truly remarkable medieval scenery overlooking Transylvania. Nowadays it is perhaps the most popular attraction in Romania, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Travelers who are brave enough may choose to spend a night in the spooky castle — if they dare! Visit the Dracula Palace on this tour of the Balkan Peninsula as you discover magnificent attractions in Hungary and Romania. 

Bran Castle in Romania

Amber Fortress, India

India is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Eastern hemisphere. Travelers will discover otherworldly sites rich with extraordinary beauty and history. The Amber Fortress is one of the most famous attractions in Jaipur; the Pink City is painted to welcome the husband of Queen Victoria. Twisted cobbled paths and breathtaking gates surround the structure, complementing the majestic scenery of the fort and water. Discover the Amber Palace with royal attractions in India as you uncover the rich past of this fascinating land.

Ambert Fort


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