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8 of the Most Walkable Cities in the World
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8 of the Most Walkable Cities in the World

One of the best ways to explore a new country is by foot. Walking gives you the opportunity to travel at your own pace and discover hidden streets and corners bustling with shops, cafes, restaurants, and landmarks. Discover some of the most walkable cities in the world you need to add to your bucket list!

Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a North African gem boasting plenty of beauty and history. The famous city of Marrakech is blooming with luxurious restaurants, high-end shopping centers, religious sites, and charming streets that are waiting to be explored. This metropolis boasts extraordinary sites with breathtaking gardens and royal palaces that will truly take your breath away. Get lost in the well-known souks as you take in the different aromas and bustling sounds of the busy streets. Admire the medieval architecture and walk to the world-famous square of Jemaa-El-Fnaa. Enjoy people watching as you immerse yourself in the local culture and fall in love with Marrakech on a trip to Morocco!

Paris, France

The City of Light and Love is one of the top travel destinations in the world — and for good reason! Paris is home to some of the most iconic landmarks on the planet. With a trip to France, you will discover the extraordinary sights of the Eiffel Tower, see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum, and admire the architectural and spiritual magnificence of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Explore the charming cobblestone streets lined with expensive boutiques, world-class restaurants, extraordinary fountains, and quaint cafes. Take a stroll down Rue des Barres as you admire the 15th-century architecture, explore Quai de Jemmapes along the Saint-Martin Canal, or pick the perfect restaurant or café along Rue Saint-Antoine. It will take at least two hours to walk around this breathtaking city – and the popular street of Champs Elysees is the perfect place to start!

Vancouver, Canada

Travel to one of the most walkable cities in the world and breathtaking metropolises in North America! Vancouver is a hidden gem on the west coast where travelers will discover magnificent mountains hovering over gorgeous beaches and deep blue waters. This is the perfect city to explore by foot and head on a scenic yet challenging hike, unwind by the beach, or discover the famous suspension bridge as you explore beautiful British Columbia! Enjoy a breathtaking bike ride through the evergreen trails of Stanley Park, walk for hours by the seawall as you explore the West End, discover magnificent hiking trails in North Vancouver, or immerse yourself in the bustle and charm of Davie Street in the center!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is a reason why Buenos Aires is commonly referred to as the Paris of South America. Travelers will discover bustling city attractions mixed with gorgeous landscapes, historic attractions, famous cathedrals, and a world-class shopping scene that needs to be explored by foot. San Telmo Barrio is the perfect place to walk along the cobblestone streets and discover bustling shops, art displays, and an exhilarating nightlife scene. The Microcentro is filled with concerts, plays, and plazas and La Boca is a great destination for art lovers! Explore these fascinating neighborhoods with a trip to Argentina — there is no wonder why this is one of the most walkable cities in the world!

Avenida 9 Buenos Aires

Split, Croatia

Croatia is certainly one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe yet one of the most unexplored. This breathtaking destination is gradually growing in popularity with travelers and Split is one of the most beautiful cities to explore by foot boasting medieval architecture and colorful buildings coming straight out of a fairy tale! See the Riva Waterfront which is the perfect place to admire the gorgeous views and immerse yourself in the local culture and listen to the music scene or experience the nightlife. Discover the breathtaking cityscape from Marjan Hill and unwind on the beaches of Trstenik or Bacvice. See the beauty and magnificence of the Diocletian’s Palace. Explore the best of the Adriatic to see the natural and architectural beauty for yourself.

Melbourne, Australia

Take a trip to the south to discover this breathtaking coastal city of Australia! Melbourne is a leading city with plenty of cultural events, festivals, and vibrant attractions waiting to be explored. It is the perfect place to learn about Australia’s rich culture and exhilarating art scene mixed with the incredible diversity the city has to offer and discover some of the major highlights! The Yarra Trail is a great place to head on a breathtaking walk surrounded by evergreen scenery mixed with the Royal Botanical Gardens. Port Melbourne will show you magnificent sights of the waterfront at sunset. Pay a visit to the Melbourne Museum, Eureka Skydeck, and the National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne is also famous for its street art which makes it one of the most walkable cities in the world, which you can see on Hosier Lane!

Boston, USA

Are you ready to discover one of the major cities of America? Boston boasts an incredible shopping and entertainment scene with plenty of movies, plays, shows, and musical performances to choose from! There are restaurants and bars boasting the famous local cuisine that can only be discovered by foot. Walk by the historical monuments depicting American history and see the extraordinary monuments of Boston with a trip to New England. Discover the historic buildings and state landmarks of Beacon Hill and see the historic appeal of the North End and Charlestown. Boston is also one of the most bikeable cities in the world with developed infrastructure and overall safety for cyclists!

Oaxaca, Mexico

Discover the fresh and colorful markets of Oaxaca with plenty of shops and art galleries waiting to be explored! You will find many handcrafted and traditional goods that were locally made and unique to Mexico. This is a beautiful place to walk around and get a sense of the local way of life as you immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Mexico. The historic district is a fascinating destination in proximity to the city center. Explore Santo Domingo to see the Ethnobotanical Garden, discover the astronomical observatory, or visit Andador de Macedonia Alcala. Go bar hopping as you sip on Mezcal and experience the bustle and buzz of the Central de Abastos Market!


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