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The Best Reasons to Visit Japan
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The Best Reasons to Visit Japan

There is no secret Japan is a breathtaking country that is filled with fascinating sites. Over the past few years, this Asian gem has grown into a top travel destination attracting millions of visitors every year. Find out why travelers are flocking to the Land of the Rising Sun and discover some of the best reasons to visit Japan!

Snow Monkeys

Yes, you read that right! In the northern regions of Japan, you will discover magnificent snow monkeys frolicking in the mountains. These adorable creatures are also known as Japanese Macaque as they are native to Nagano and can be found in the Jigokudani Monkey Park. Watch these furry friends bathe in the icy waters as they interact with one another and try to bother you for food — but make sure you don’t feed or come too close to them as these are against park rules!

Sacred Sites

Discover sacred temples and ancient shrines which only add to the magic of Japan! These special structures are used for the safekeeping of objects and boast fascinating architecture that will impress even the most well-traveled visitors! If you’re wondering what the differences between these two structures are, temples are built under Buddhist tradition and shrines are developed to serve the Shinto religion. Either place will give you a look into the spiritual life of Japan and help you immerse yourself in the culture!  

Kinkaku-ji Shrine

Incredible Hospitality

Buddhist faith temples and shinto shrines are important components that add to the culture of Japan — but so is the incredible hospitality! Japanese people are very polite, warm, and welcoming. You will find locals will try their best to help whenever you ask for directions, friends will greet you into their homes with a great spirit and smile, and hospitality workers will make sure you absolutely love your food! Getting a taste of the incredible hospitality is certainly one of the best reasons to visit Japan.

People of Japan

Famous Cuisine

Speaking of food, have you tried Japanese? Take the opportunity to taste the fine delicacies of traditional Japanese cuisine as you embark on a culinary journey through the country. Sushi, ramen, soups, and seafood are some of the most popular dishes which are loved around the world! Enjoy a hot cup of the world’s finest matcha, taste the wide variety of soups and noodles, and get a taste of the world’s most expensive beef. Taste the flavors of different mochi and the sweet and savory variety of crepes with a trip to Japan!     

Plate of Ramen


How can one take a trip to Japan without bathing in an onsen? These are natural hot springs with powerful waters which are believed to have healing properties for your mind and body! You may notice significant improvements in skin conditions, increased blood flow, lower stress levels, and painkilling properties. The Japanese people swear by onsens, and there are plenty of baths in breathtaking locations around the country to choose from! Booking an overnight stay in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn will give you the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul!

Outdoor Hot Spring Onsen

Advanced Technology

One of the most fascinating facts about Japan is the country’s mix of spiritual sites and advanced tech. In one country you can discover ancient shrines and sacred temples, but you can also discover extremely advanced technology that is leading the world by storm! Take a trip on the Shinkansen (bullet train) and travel from Tokyo to Osaka in only 2.5 hours! Japan is also extremely developed in robotics with plenty of robots working in various sectors along with artificial intelligence and mobility! Seeing these machines come to life is one of the best reasons to visit Japan.  


Beautiful Scenery

How can one visit Japan without mentioning the breathtaking scenery that can be found throughout the country? “The Land of the Rising Sun” is the perfect paradise for nature lovers! Exotic volcanoes, magnificent mountain ranges, captivating forests, pristine lakes, and breathtaking beaches can be found throughout the country. Head on a hike through one of the many trails and climb up Mount Fuji if you’re up for a challenge. Travel to Okinawa to discover some of the most gorgeous turquoise waters and golden beaches in the country as you unwind on this tropical island paradise.

Mount Fuji

Safe Travels

Did you know that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world? You can feel comfortable exploring the different cities and regions as the crime rate is low enough to make locals feel comfortable keeping their doors unlocked and walking around the city at night! Many Japanese people also feel comfortable leaving their belongings unaccompanied in culinary establishments and taking a nap on trains! This is certainly one of the safest destinations if you are thinking about traveling solo. The country is also incredibly clean as littering is highly looked down upon by the Japanese people and is referred to as “illegal dumping”!

Japanese Village


This is one point that could not be missed! Japan is famous for its bustling entertainment scene. With a trip to Tokyo, you will discover different districts with their own unique and fascinating highlights. Culinary lovers will discover a wide range of bars, nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants to grab a drink, enjoy a cup of matcha tea, or taste the delicacies of Japanese cuisine. A trip to Harajuku will show you the incredibly diverse and unique range of styles in the heart of the fashion district. If you are a lover of anime, take the train to Akihabara to discover the die-hard culture of anime with many shops dedicated to selling everything anime and manga-related!


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