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Outdoor Activities During COVID-19
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Outdoor Activities During COVID-19

With all of the changes that have taken place over the last two years, there’s no doubt COVID has changed the way we travel. Thankfully, there is an abundance of outdoor activities we can take part in to see the natural beauty a foreign destination has to offer. Let’s find out what these are with the best outdoor activities during COVID-19.

Outdoor Activities During COVID-19


There is no better way to improve your health and boost your immunity than by hiking through mountains and getting your body moving. This is an excellent way to discover the natural beauty of a foreign destination while heading out for an adventure that is incredible for your well-being. Active tours are great for staying fit as you explore brand new places, for the best outdoor activities during COVID-19. And besides, in terms of COVID, it is much safer to be surrounded by beautiful mountains and shimmering lakes than sitting in a cafe filled with people or by visiting one of the most famous landmarks in the historic center of a city. Peru is a wonderful place to learn about ancient history as you head on the ultimate active adventure with a hike up Machu Picchu. Why not follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you discover ancient remnants and let the undeniable beauty of the Peruvian countryside take you in its arms? You can also head on a fascinating hiking adventure in Tanzania, as you take the opportunity to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, and search for the Big Five with an African safari.

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If you really want to push yourself past your limits and significantly expand your comfort zone, we invite you to go on a trekking adventure. See how far your feet can take you (and trust us, it will be further than you think) as you make strong bonds with the people close to you and potentially meet your lifelong friends. The connections you make in such a close intimate setting will be strong, as you will be going through the same experiences as those who are right by your side. Trekking in a group is an incredible way to avoid crowds as you will have the connections you crave, so it will be so much easier to socially distance yourself from others in crowded places — especially when you are surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature, and keep yourself busy with one of the best outdoor activities during COVID-19. Colombia is an excellent place to go on a trekking adventure, as you can make your way through the Coffee Triangle and fuel your energy with some of the best coffee in the world, known for its superior quality and delicious Arabica. Or why not head into the heart of the Himalayas with a trekking tour in Nepal, amidst the tallest point on planet earth?


Biking is an excellent way to travel far and wide through a foreign destination in an eco-friendly way. And not only will you be helping reduce emissions from motor vehicles, but you will be doing your body a big favor. Get an amazing workout going as you explore the unexplored, whether you prefer to bike through the gorgeous rice fields of Vietnam and the magnificent mountains of Laos, or cycle side by side the luxurious lavender fields and breathtaking castles of Provence as you make your way into a dreamy land filled with purple. Not only will you significantly improve your cardiovascular health, develop greater strength, and really be able to meet your fitness goals, but you will also easily be able to avoid crowds and surround yourself with natural beauty instead. And heading on a biking tour where you will be surrounded by other driven active travelers (who you must bond with considering you share two incredible passions, so prepare to meet your lifelong friends), but biking in a group will be so much safer than heading out on your own or with one or two cyclists, as the group size will significantly increase your visibility to others so you can feel safe and comfortable hitting the tracks as you enjoy one of the best outdoor activities during COVID-19.

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There is no better way to balance your body, mind, and spirit than with a yoga and meditation retreat. Head outdoors into a beautiful natural landscape as you surround yourself with the beauty and magic mother nature has to offer for a journey filled with peace and solitude. Imagine practicing your warrior poses on the boundless hillsides of Tuscany or in the evergreen landscapes of Bali. You certainly don’t need to buy a gym membership or spend all your time on the treadmill to get in shape, as you can easily meet your fitness (and mindset) goals by practicing yoga. While it might be chilly to head outdoors depending on where you are, why not combat the winter blues and mix up the everyday pace of life by mixing yoga and travel for the ultimate outdoor adventure? You can embark on a healing yoga and wellness retreat in India as you discover beautiful new landscapes and learn new techniques to strengthen your core or explore the other options we have to offer in some of the most beautiful places on earth.


If you don’t want to do high-intensity workouts but you certainly want to get moving, walking can be a wonderful option. At a glimpse, walking might not seem as exciting as the other options — but what if you do it in a beautiful place? You can head on a fascinating journey that is eco-friendly and affordable by exploring a new city on foot. Dig deep into the hidden corners and visit places that are frequented by locals as you avoid the crowds and discover the best spots in the city. You can step in and out of sites depending on how much you want to see them and whether they are crowded or not (using your own judgment to stay safe) and visit at times that are around the frequently visited periods so you can feel safer and more comfortable. Not to mention the benefits of walking are frequently underrated, as you can switch up your pace to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your muscles, lose weight, and clear your mind. A fascinating walk may be through the holy city of Santiago De Compostela in Spain, as you leave your worries behind and reconnect with yourself, or an Adriatic island hopping and walking tour can be the perfect trip to give you a new look at Europe!

Driving to New Places

It’s one thing to do your daily commute and drive to work during rush hour, but it’s an entirely different experience to head on a road trip and set out to explore the most fascinating places in a foreign country. Imagine doing that in a foreign country as you discover places you’ve never seen and get to know an entirely new way of life, in the most remote places your destination has to offer. The freedom and flexibility you experience hitting the roads at your own pace, as you take control of the wheel and your journey for a truly unmatched experience — especially when you pair it with the comfort and convenience of staying in pre-planned hotels along your route. And what better way to stay safe and socially distanced than by hitting the open roads in the comfort of your car, as you explore the world on your own or in your small group? We have a great deal to Portugal as you can spend 9 days in this beautiful country for a very low price, and many fascinating adventures in Iceland for a great way to explore a nation with remote beauty all around!

Where Should You Go?

Are you interested in these outdoor activities but not sure where to go? You can check out this free and easy tool that will give you automatic updates on the restrictions and everything you need to know before you go to your place of interest. All you have to do is type in your destination of interest and where you are departing from (and when), along with your vaccination status, passport, and information regarding your flight!

You can also feel free to reach out to the knowledgeable and friendly experts at Indus Travels, who will be happy to give you personalized tips and recommendations on where you may want to go or share suggestions. They can also help you plan and secure your next trip in a way that is easy and transparent. Reach out to them to find out more!


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