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How to Stay Safe While Traveling During COVID-19
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How to Stay Safe While Traveling During COVID-19

With a pandemic that’s been going on for approximately two years, we are continuing to find new ways to adapt to the “new normal”. Many of us have missed exploring the world and taking on new experiences — but we can’t avoid traveling forever! There are many safety measures we can take to travel in a way that is much safer and smarter. Keep reading to discover our top tips for how to stay safe while traveling during COVID-19.

How to Stay Safe While Traveling During COVID-19

Keep Your Distance and Limit Contact in Busy Places

Busy places like airports certainly see a lot of traffic. Make sure you keep your distance with approximately 6 feet (or roughly two meters) between you and others. While this might not be possible on the plane, which will have increased airflow and circulation, avoiding getting too close with others, who are from different countries with varying COVID rates, will certainly make a big difference — especially if you see someone might be sick. It can also help to limit your contact with public surfaces that are frequently touched to be extra cautious.

Always Wear a Mask When You Are Indoors

While it may not be required in every destination you visit, it is always advisable to wear a mask indoors. Research has shown that wearing a mask can significantly help reduce the spread of COVID. However, it’s also been proven that certain masks are more effective than others. While fashionable cotton fabrics may be trendy, N95s are the best masks for COVID-19 as they can filter up to 95% of very small particles in the air, and they are the best at blocking respiratory droplets during speech. The N95 is also the best mask for the Omnicron variant! So, if you’re wondering how to stay safe while traveling during COVID-19, investing in some trusty masks can help protect you and the people around you. If you can’t get ahold of an N95 then a pack of surgical masks would be your next best bet!

Make Sure You Practice Good Hygiene

Regularly washing your hands with soap and water or after any time you cough or sneeze, or before you eat, are essential components to practicing good hygiene for COVID-19. You want to make sure your hands are as clean as possible throughout the day — and after you touch public surfaces. It is advisable to carry a hand sanitizer with you at all times in case you don’t have access to soap and water, which will surely come in handy during your trip, whether you set off to climb Machu Picchu, are exploring the open plains of the African wilderness, or you can’t find a bathroom in the city you’re visiting.

Do Your Research On Your Travel Destination

Another important factor to keep in mind is that different countries have varying rates of COVID-19. You should not only do your research to determine the travel guidelines and testing requirements for each destination, which you can quickly do with this free tool (which will also cover what you need to know regarding customs, food, clothing, average prices, code of conduct, visas, currency, and travel insurance in each foreign country) but you should figure out what the rates are like in each destination, so you know what to expect during your trip and stay aware of how socially distanced you should be.

Book a Socially Distanced Vacation

Even with the previously mentioned precautions that will help you stay safe throughout your trip, if you want to stay extra safe when traveling during COVID-19, you can book a socially distanced vacation package! Here at Indus Travels, we offer a variety of different travel styles to choose between, so you can pick a package that best suits your travel needs and interests and will help you stay safe.

With an ultra-small group tour, you can set out to explore a foreign destination in a socially distanced manner and make lifelong connections with your fellow travel buddies. With trusty travel companions by your side, as you travel in a small group of up to 6 people, you will have the close connections you need that will make social distancing from others easy! A solo trip to a fascinating destination like Dubai, mixed with Abu Dhabi, can be the perfect way to beat loneliness and secure a private room for yourself as you travel in a small group setting.

Another incredible option is to travel with a self-drive package. Set out to explore the open roads in a foreign destination with freedom and flexibility, while enjoying the comfort and security that comes with pre-planned accommodation in each city. Self-drive vacations are fantastic options for social distancing, as you will receive a route with suggested sites along the way that you may choose whether you want to visit — depending on your interests and if they sound safe to you!

Be Conscious of Others as Well

It is incredibly important to do what you can to keep yourself safe. But it is also important to stay socially conscious before, during, and after your trip, to help avoid putting others at risk. Do a COVID test before your vacation to make sure you test negative prior to departure. Watch out for any symptoms of COVID-19 and do not travel if you are sick — having a good emergency medical travel insurance package can help you feel more comfortable booking your trip in case of last-minute changes to your plans.  

Keep Your Finances Safe with COVID-19 Travel Insurance

Branching off of our previous point, having travel insurance that covers COVID-19 can help you avoid losing money, so you can plan your trip in a way that is financially safe. With a good emergency medical travel insurance provider, you can be prepared for last-minute changes or situations that come up — and we all know how common these can be! Whether they’re last-minute travel restrictions, symptoms that start prior to your trip, or a new variant on the loose, a reliable emergency medical travel insurance provider can help keep you covered and save thousands of dollars (the price of this insurance will be nothing in comparison) — so you can let go of your worries, expect the best, and be prepared for the worst while you travel in a way that is safe and smart!

At Indus Travels we also have a Safe Travels Assurance Policy set in place, designed to help protect the health and safety of our travelers and staff. With our new standards, we are able to offer risk-free booking with a cancellation policy, and by working with hotels and transportation that strictly follow WHO guidelines — read all about our Safe Travels Assurance Policy here!


Do you have any questions about traveling during COVID-19? Feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable Travel Experts, who will be ready to answer any questions you may have. During these times we get a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach us as we will be happy to help!


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