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How to Plan a Trip During COVID-19
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How to Plan a Trip During COVID-19

With a pandemic that’s been going on for over two years, it’s safe to say we have found ways to adapt to the new normal. Between working from home, gathering in smaller groups, and eating in socially distanced restaurants, we have learned to find ways to adapt and take on any situation! But when it comes to traveling, things might not seem so black and white — you might be confused about how to plan a trip during COVID-19. But does that mean you shouldn’t travel? Not at all! We’ve broken down some of our major tips to make planning a trip simple and easy. Keep reading to find out what they are and how you can take advantage of them!

How to Plan a Trip During COVID-19

Do Your Research On Your Destinations

While it’s always important to do your research on your destination so you can find out everything you need to know before you go, including local prices, safety tips, suggested sites, and whatever else might come in handy, there’s never been a time more important to do your research than now. Entry requirements are often changing as the cases increase and decrease — so you need to stay aware of updates, along with entry requirements for coming back home. To make it simple and easy, check out this free tool that will show you everything you need to know about your destination before you go — including automatic COVID-19 updates specific to your destination, and information about the local culture, average prices, code of conduct, visas, currency, and travel insurance. All you have to do is type in your destination and results will automatically come up on your page.  

Decide What Type of Trip You Want and Pick a Socially Distanced Vacation Package

Doing your research doesn’t only involve looking at the COVID-19 requirements and logistics — it also involves finding out what you can do in your destination. Are there activities you can do that are socially distanced? For example, Costa Rica and Iceland are wonderful options for outdoor activities (with fantastic prices), so you can get your adrenaline pumping in a beautiful outdoor setting while making both you and your wallet happy.

You can explore these countries with self-drive packages, which will allow you to rent a car so you can explore a country with the freedom and flexibility to do what you want, with the comfort and convenience of having your accommodations and transportation booked for you in a very socially distanced manner. If you want to explore more of the cities, an ultra-small group tour that accommodates a maximum of six people might be a great option, so you can avoid crowds and build close connections simultaneously. Another great option would be a 7-person safari in Kenya, to explore the vast plains of Africa in search of great predators, or an active tour, so you can bike through the beautiful countryside or go hiking in the mountains as you see a new side to your favorite destination.

Prepare For The Unexpected: Book a COVID-19 Travel Insurance Package

As they always say, expect the best yet prepare for the worst. The same applies to travel — especially in times like these. Why do you need travel insurance? Well, why risk losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars if your trip gets cancelled, if you need a last-minute change, or if you start to develop symptoms a couple of days before traveling? The price of travel insurance really isn’t high compared to the amount of money you can lose — so it really won’t make a big difference relative to your overall costs! We always recommend being prepared for the worst-case scenarios and buying emergency medical travel insurance that covers COVID-19 will help you release your worries as you let go and relax knowing you will be covered in the worst-case scenarios, so you can focus your energy on resting and relaxing. For extra protection, you can also check your travel provider’s COVID-19 cancellation policy. At Indus Travels we offer a Safe Travels Assurance Policy, which you can read to find out more about our risk-free bookings.

What do you need to look for in the best emergency medical travel insurance provider?

Travel At Times That Around the Clock

To avoid both crowds and higher prices, it’s recommended to travel at off-season times. Keep in mind the holidays, school breaks, and reading weeks can get extra busy, so it’s highly advisable to book your flights for before or after those weeks if possible. This will help keep you safe and keep it easy on your wallet. It’s also recommended to travel in the early morning or late at night if you can — especially on weekdays — which can help you get better deals and keep your distance from others in the airport as opposed to traveling mid-day on the weekends. So, if you need to know how to plan a trip during COVID-19, timing is an important factor to consider!

Book Transportation and Accommodation With Safety Guidelines

Checking for hygiene and cleanliness has never been as important as it is now! Before booking your trip it’s highly advisable to check the hotels you will be staying in and the transportation services you will be using to make sure they comply with global health guidelines. At Indus Travels we work hard to protect both our travelers and staff, so we make sure all of our hotels and transportation services we partner with strictly follow WHO health and safety recommendations. Vehicles you travel in, rooms you stay in, and places you eat in will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to help make your trip as safe as possible. Everything will already be arranged and organized for you, which will make traveling super easy.

Make Sure You Come Prepared

Come prepared with high-quality N95 masks for protection so you can wear them in busy places like airports. Paired with some hand sanitizer, which you can carry in your bag for when a washroom isn’t near, you can practice good COVID-19 hygiene — especially after touching public surfaces. It’s also important to bring your necessary travel documents in hand — besides your passport and boarding pass, you may need to carry some additional information with you. That includes having your proof of vaccination ready, so it can be easily scanned, along with a couple of copies of ID for confirmation.

How can you stay safe while traveling during COVID-19?


While there’s no doubt that times have changed and there are certain customs we have to get used to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel! You can certainly have a great and enjoyable vacation as long as you know how to plan a trip during COVID-19. If you have any questions about traveling, want to discuss your options with an expert, or if you would like to receive personal travel recommendations for your needs and interests, reach out to one of our friendly travel experts today! They will be more than happy to share their tips with you and give you insider advice. 


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