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Our Favorite Destinations for Yoga Retreats
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Our Favorite Destinations for Yoga Retreats

Yoga is a way to unite the individual spirit with the universal spirit of the god. It leads your mind and body to work in unison for attaining self-realization.

In other words, Yoga can be described as a deeper understanding of yourself. As most of our life is spent juggling between home and work, imagine how mindful it will be to perform salutations and Yogic asana in the Himalayas or near the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. Apart from the immense health benefits that Yoga can bring to your life, the regular practice of it takes you towards a higher Zen level. It is a magic wand that once touched cleanses your soul every time you use it. 

Pamper your mind and purify your body in these famous Yoga destinations of the world:

Tuscany, Italy

Although the Roman Empire doesn’t claim to be spiritual, some teachings on mediations are found in the writings of Plotinus. With the wind of this lush green city sings Opera, famous for Chianti wine and its contribution to human history through art, culture, and science, Tuscany offers one of the best Yoga retreats in Italy. You will find a ton of options for practicing Yoga from the Apennine Mountains to the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the presence of more than 120 protected nature serves makes this place a retreat for your Yoga Holiday.

Galle, Sri Lanka

Dutch colonial building, ancient mosques, churches, and museums, Galle can be mistaken for a European city by any first time visitor. An old trading port of Sri Lanka, Galle has now become the epitome of restoration done by the locals and the foreigners who own the trendy cafes and stylish boutiques here. Let the vibrations of the gong spiritually awaken you and immerse yourself in Kundalini exercises under the supervision of a teacher in a Yoga ashram here. Wander in the impeccably clean streets of the city and find yourself near the beautiful beaches for a perfect evening.

Rishikesh, India

Nestled in the foothills of the Shivalik hills and sprinkling an alluring calm, this holy city has a vibe that can give deep consciousness even to your senses. The continuous tings of the bells set the perfect background music while you are sitting near the banks of the sacred Ganges lost in the beauty of this city. Being the birthplace of Yoga, India has many places that provide great retreats for Yoga, Rishikesh being the best. Home to hundreds of Ashrams, you can explore a lot of options for rejuvenating yourself, a sense of wellbeing, and self-control.

There is nothing more enriching and refreshing than Yoga break. Reward yourself with a relaxing holiday in these beautiful landscapes around the world and come out as transformed being through Yoga.

For a more detailed guide, visit our Yoga and Wellness Tour page that gives you an idea about the various Yoga tours organized by us at very competitive prices.


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