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Why Should You Travel to Colombia This Year?
By March 12, 2020 No Comments

Why Should You Travel to Colombia This Year?

The unmatched cultural diversity of Colombia has always been attracting travel enthusiasts. Colombia is a perfect mix of exceptional tourist destination from bewitching beaches, colossal cathedrals, to crispy coastlines. As you delve deep into the Colombian travel experience, you shall unravel strokes of serendipity.

But, first, check out the most trending travel destinations in Colombia:


Plaza Bolivar is perhaps the best place to start your Bogota exploration. Stroll around the streets to witness historical landmarks, cathedrals, and some of the most revered buildings in Colombia. Head over to the Museo Botero and please the artist in you. Bogota’s Zona Rosa will quench your thirst for everything groovy. The nightlife, bars, and pubs are your best bet when it comes to socializing.

La Candelaria is the kernel of Bogota. It embraces a whopping 500 artistic institutions, libraries, theaters, and universities. 

Further, Bogota Graffiti Tour is an unconventional yet striking way to gain insights about the history of Colombia through street art. And, it is absolutely free just like the walking tour that starts 10 in the morning, daily.

Coffee Triangle

The three fantastic departments, namely Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda, are the world’s best coffee-growing regions. Famous as the Coffee Triangle or the Coffee Zone, it is much more than just ‘coffee.’ With jaw-dropping landscapes of rustic towns, the place has been a hub of theme parks and adventure sports. The mere feel and ambiance of the place are enough to make your trip a success. 

Caldas will introduce you to the traditional coffee-making. One freshly-brewed cup will redefine your taste of the coffee. 

On the other hand, flavors and accommodation at Risaralda are unbeatable. How about a boutique hotel carved out of a colonial farmhouse sound like? If that doesn’t loosen you up enough, head over to the hot springs in the area, especially the Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Then comes, Quindio department’s Parque del Café or the Coffee Park. Every inch of this coffee-themed amusement park is stuffed with rides and other activities.


Cartagena is Colombia’s cultural-candy! It is hard to escape the delights of this port-town. Wander along the cobblestone streets as they take you through the colorful infrastructure. It includes Castillo de San Felis de Barajas, a fortress you cannot afford to miss. The city also has many shopping squares and museums for someone who would want to wander like a local. A Cartagena itinerary is incomplete without Las Bovedas, Rosario Islands, and Plaza San Pedro Claver.

So, without emptying your pockets, Cartagena can give you a thrilling experience with its superb culinary and amazing nightlife. 

Colombia is a palette of colors. It is one of the very rare countries that offer something to travelers of all tastes and prefaces, and there is a sumptuous feast for foodies who love to relish on the local cuisine and visual treats for the curious sightseers. So, paint yourself in the Colombian festivities, and sync your soul to a whole another dimension of life. To know more about the different tours to this exotic country, visit our Colombia page.


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