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5 Reasons to Visit South America This Year
By August 13, 2021 No Comments

5 Reasons to Visit South America This Year

South America is one of those breathtaking destinations which most travelers add to their bucket lists. There is a mysticism about the continent that pulls people in from all around the world. Whether you are drawn in by the dramatic peaks of Chile, the salt plains of Bolivia, or the jungles of Brazil, there is an earthy romance to this continent that casts a spell on those who read about it. It is simply up to each traveler to pick which spot they wish to see when they visit South America!

The first thing to bear in mind is that whichever destination you choose, you will be unlikely to be disappointed! There are certain things which most of South America offers in abundance — regardless of which country you visit. From the moment you step off the plane you can be prepared for breathtaking landscapes, dizzying cityscapes, and delicious food. This does make choosing where you want to visit a real challenge though, so we wanted to recommend five places to explore when you visit South America!

  • Machu Pichu. Built in the 15th Century, this abandoned Incan citadel is perhaps the most famous tourist site in Peru. Situated almost 2,500m above sea level, the journey there can get a little tiring but boy is it worth it! The breathtaking views over the surrounding area, which includes the Sacred Valley, will stay with you forever. This is, quite simply, one of the continent’s most impressive features and is an absolute must-see.
  • Lake Titicaca. Also located in Peru, Lake Titicaca is situated on the border with Bolivia at an eye-watering height of nearly 4,000m. As the largest lake in South America it is also one of its most breathtaking. If there were a list for the ‘Seven Natural Wonders in South America’, it is quite likely this body of water would be on it. Naturally, when you reach a lake this high it tends to get quite cold so make sure you wrap up. And spend some time in Puno, an intriguing city which has hugged the lake shore since the late 17th Century.
  • Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is also one of the most captivating cities in the world! Buenos Aires is home to millions of people and welcomes millions more tourists each year. Home to extravagant palaces, beautiful cathedrals, and even vast woods… this is a city that captures the hearts of all who choose to visit. Travelers can expect a lively culture, vibrant cities, incredible music, and plenty of red wine and steak… it is Argentina after all!
  • Iguassu Falls. Situated on the border between Brazil and Argentina you will find the Iguassu Falls. Everyone has heard of Niagara Falls, right? Well, the falls a Iguassu are even more impressive they are in fact the largest in the world! Naturally there are a number of different falls and chasms in the area, so make sure to check out as many as you can. The showstopper is a site called The Devil’s Throat an astonishing torrent of water that demonstrates the true power and authority of the natural world.
  • Rio de Janeiro. When most people think of Brazil, they think of Rio de Janeiro. This beachside city is vast and varied and serves-up an incredible feast of cultural highlights and activities that can keep visitors entertained for months. Famous for its color and vibrancy as well as the famous Christ the Redeemer statue one thing is certain: you will be boarding the plane home with a smile on your face and truly unforgettable memories.


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