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Colombia: A Treasure Trove Waiting To Be Discovered
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Colombia: A Treasure Trove Waiting To Be Discovered

Molded with the love of incredibly generous people, Colombia comes across as surprisingly wonderful considering its socio-political history. Nearly bursting all the pre-conceived notions, you will be overwhelmed with the charm it has been holding for years. The facade you have been carrying doesn’t last long when you meet the warmest and the most engaging locals in the world. The equatorial position of the country helps in turning the country into an exceptional destination, as the diversity it is bestowed with is hard to match.

Bogota: A cinematic ceremony celebrating the mix of history and urban cool 

The cobbled historical downtown gravitates most of the visitors, and entertainment hubs like Zosa Rosa keep your mood light-hearted. Exploration is part of the real experience, so just take a bike and meander through the graffiti lanes of the city. Bogota’s decision to decriminalize street art has been welcomed with open arms by the local artists who turned the walls of the office and municipal walls into their canvas. 

Monserrate where the unparalleled views meet the beliefs 

To the south of Bogota lies Monserrate, a hugely popular pilgrim destination, but overlooking it for its popularity could be a mistake. No matter what your religious inclinations are, you will find yourself immersed in the immensity of this city. 

Cartagena: Belying the colonial history with jaw-dropping views from ornate balconies

It is known that Cartagena is built on gold and slavery, but the enormity of the beauty that your eyes meet dissipates the memories of its heart-wrenching past. Massive churches and a winding maze of streets with beautiful balconies make even people in a hurry pause and appreciate. Drop the plans of sight-seeing as Cartagena is a sight to behold everywhere. 

Colombian Coffee Triangle: Producer of the best coffee in the world

As the name suggests, the Coffee Triangle consists of three departments Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindio. This famous coffee belt also boasts of major tourist highlights, and the most popular destination is the quaint town of Salento, which falls under the department of Quindio. Trek in mountains of Los Nevados National Park, go bird watching in reserves like Rio Blanco, and soak in the beautiful landscape on a hot air balloon. 


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