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Where to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?
By February 11, 2020 No Comments

Where to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

The roads and streets are flooded with Green as people around the world put up a great show in creative outfits on Saint Patrick’s Day. According to the legend, St. Patrick evangelized thousands of Irish and converted them into Christianity. This is why an entire day is dedicated to St. Patrick as a festival and has been observed by the Catholic Church since the 17th century. 

The most fun fact associated with this day is the tradition of drinking. A huge feast was organized on the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, and all the restrictions on Lenten food and alcohol were waved off. This was picked up by the Catholics and turned into a tradition. 

Spectacular clothes, live music, and a big feast sum up this global party and the cities which raise the stakes every year are:

Dublin, Ireland

Truly cosmopolitan, Dublin is the world and vice-versa. The city has adopted multiculturalism and diversity so naturally that it’s very easy to blend in the atmosphere. Being the capital of Ireland, the city hosts one of the most extravagant parades. Celebrated as a four-day festival, the city center observes more than 500,000 merrymakers who march along while enjoying the funfairs and free live music. The entire city looks like a museum with its medieval castles and architectural splendor. Definitely not the cheapest European destination, but still there is a lot to do that comes at no cost from walking tours, bird-watching on North Bull Island to a visit to the National Botanical gardens. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pay close attention to the magnificent architecture, the Grand French and Italian palaces that spread their charm almost instantly. Buenos Aires is a party not to be missed, especially around Saint Patrick’s Day. The reason why this day is celebrated here is the Irish ancestors of South America. Head for Plan San Martin, where the late-night shenanigans take all the attention as the city turns crazier with the culmination of the parade here. After the parade spends a few days in the local neighborhood appreciating the efforts of the local artists who have painted the walls with colorful murals.

London, England

A city that excels in art and culture and built on the foundation of ideas, London has always been deeply diverse. With famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Tower of London, the city’s architecture is a marvel. The best thing about Saint Patrick’s Day parade here is the various nationalities coming together to celebrate the festival. From colorful carnival to marching bands, the parade walk pasts Whitehall, Piccadilly Circus, and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. The city is not only about museums, galleries, and iconic sights, but you can also always ditch the crowded city center and run towards the leafy landscapes of Queen Elizabeth and the Olympic Park.

For those who want to experience the best of St. Patrick’s day can visit these above-mentioned destinations with us. To know about the tours to these countries, check out our destination page and explore our range of tours that are customized depending on the travel style of a person.


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