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The Best Self-Drive Vacations in Ireland
By June 4, 2021 3 Comments

The Best Self-Drive Vacations in Ireland

Breathtaking scenery, centuries-old history, and a rich culture full of music and fascinating traditions… What better place than Ireland for a self-drive vacation?

When you’re choosing between road trip destinations, there is the obvious top-of-the-list factor to consider: the environment you will be driving in. Given that a significant proportion of your time will be spent in your car, it’s critical you’ve got beautiful scenery to see outside your window. The Emerald Isle, as Ireland is commonly known, is flooded with the beautiful countryside from vast rolling hills to giant cliffs and breathtaking beaches. Regardless the route, every traveler heading on a self-drive in Ireland can rest assured they will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery (almost on a permanent basis). Prepare to pull over a bunch and always keep your camera ready!

Specific highlights worthy of inclusion on any trip to Ireland are the gorgeous County Kerry, a region that is famous for road trips. Discover the Ring of Kerry, skirting along the edges of the Iveragh Peninsula. This is a world-famous driving route boasting beautiful scenery. Explore the trails of Killarney National Park a must see for those who fancy parking their wagons up heading on scenic adventures. Whether you’re after woodland walks or trek across moorlands, there is certainly a route for all travelers!

The Cliffs of Mohor, situated in County Clare, are one of Ireland’s most beautiful natural wonders. Nearly five million people visit the cliffs every year. Stretching for five miles and with a maximum height of more than 200m, this is truly a magnificent sight to behold. They are also highly accessible for drivers, as the road runs relatively close to the edge at certain points. It is undoubtedly one of the top spots in the best self-drive vacations to Ireland. There are plenty of areas where one can park their vehicle and admire the breathtaking scenery, and take in the fresh Atlantic sea air.

Burren National Park offers something entirely different for visitors but just as dramatic! With a name derived from an Irish word that means ‘rocky place’, the moonscape scenery that perfectly describes the park should come as no surprise to travelers. But with breathtaking grasslands, woodlands, lakes, and springs all found within the borders, this fascinating park offers variety and beauty. A visit to this magnificent attraction will make for one of the best self-drive vacations in Ireland.It is truly a magnificent landscape to drive through.

The wonder of Ireland, though, isn’t just about natural scenery. Its rich history and fascinating culture are significant attractions too, which captivate the hearts of millions of travelers every year. You will have plenty to do even when you step out of your car!

A visit to Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is an absolute must. It is home to the legendary Dublin Castle, dating back to the 13th century, and the striking St Patrick’s Cathedral. These are two fine examples of fascinating attractions that will make for the best self-drive vacations in Ireland!

Galway is another highly worthy travel destination to visit. Get ready to discover a breathtaking harbor city with an 18th century central square, boasting fascinating architecture and a vibrant atmosphere. If you’d like to listen to some Irish folk music during your stay on the island, the pubs of Galway offer plenty of opportunities for authentic experiences. That said, wherever your journey will take you, the jolly notes of Irish jigs will inevitably find you. And that, along with the beauty of the land itself, is the magic of Ireland.


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