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Fascinating Festivals Around the World
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Fascinating Festivals Around the World

A festival is a fun and exhilarating way to immerse yourself into the local culture of a destination! It is the perfect way to connect with others, experience a high-energy atmosphere, and celebrate a national day or holiday! Discover some of the best festivals around the world that you should not miss out on!

Carnival, Brazil

Carnival is an annual festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro. Travelers can expect a week-long adventure filled with celebrations and a high-energy atmosphere where locals and tourists join to celebrate with food, music, drinks, costumes, samba dancing, and parades with giant floats! This festival takes place before the start of Lent every year. Take a trip to Brazil in February to join in on the fun and festivities as you participate in the nation’s largest festival!

Samba Dancer Brazil

La Tomatina, Spain

If you are looking for a festival that is completely fun and unique then here it is! La Tomatina is the largest tomato fight in the world where participants certainly don’t dress to impress — they dress to get splashed! Held in Valencia’s Buñol, tourists and locals get together every year to squash tomatoes with their buddies and connect with others in one of the most unique and fascinating ways! Make sure you read about the rules of the festival before you travel to Spain in August to take part in this fascinating festival for yourself!

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China

Are you ready to discover the largest snow and ice festival in the world? This fun-filled event takes place in Harbin every year and is a winter wonderland that you cannot miss. Get ready to be transported to a different world where you will see the largest ice sculptures on the planet paired with neon lights and festive fireworks! Harbin has been nicknamed the “Ice City” thanks to its chilly winters and icy conditions. Make your way to China to see this icy show which typically takes place between December and January every year, depending on the local weather conditions!

Ice Sculptures in Harbin Festival

Mardi Gras, USA

Here is a festival that you have probably heard of before! Also known as “Fat Tuesday”, Mardi Gras is held every year in preparation for Lent where fasting will take place! You will discover floats, parades, music, masquerade balls, king cake parties, and many other forms of entertainment in New Orleans where over 1 million people come together to celebrate these festivities! Book a trip to the USA to experience the atmosphere for yourself and see what you’ve been missing out on as you join one of the most incredible festivals around the world!

Day of the Dead, Mexico

The Day of the Dead is not as scary as it sounds! This is a Mexican holiday that is dedicated to honoring and remembering loved ones who have passed away while celebrating the lines between life and death, by visiting graveyards and leaving offerings such as food and drinks. Locals dress up in colorful costumes, take part in parties, and pay their respects to the loved ones they have lost. Book your trip to Mexico around November 2nd to experience the unique atmosphere and fascinating traditions of the Day of the Dead. 

Costume on Day of the Dead

King’s Day, The Netherlands

On April 27th Dutch people from all around the country get together to celebrate the birth of King Willem-Alexander. Locals dress in costumes, go to concerts, and visit flea markets. They also gather on boats to celebrate these festivities on the gorgeous canals! Dress in orange and join the crowds on this special date which is considered to be one of the best parties in the Netherlands! Book your trip to Amsterdam to experience the atmosphere for yourself right in the heart of the country.

St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland

This is a festival that you have certainly heard of — and might already be celebrating! The original St. Patrick’s Day takes place every year to honor the death of Saint Patrick. The holiday is now celebrated with Irish beer, music, dancing, costumes, parades, and green-colored decorations by millions of people every year as it has become one of the most famous festivals around the world. It has grown into an event that millions wait for to immerse themselves in Irish culture. Travel to Ireland and join the original Irish festival on March 17th.

People Celebrating St Patrick's Day


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