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Celebrate Mexico’s Spring Equinox In These Ancient Sites
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Celebrate Mexico’s Spring Equinox In These Ancient Sites

Symbol of productivity, fertility, regeneration, and rebirth, the spring equinox in many cultures represents a very important phase of the year. The season is seen as the arrival of warmer weather after the extreme winters, this change in temperature is celebrated in different ways around the world. But during Spring Equinox in Mexico, you will come across parades, festivals, and people gathering at ancient sites.

The precision of the Mayan people

The brilliance of Mayans in astronomical calculations is apparent by the location and exactness of their temple architecture. Built with such precision that they display a unique phenomenon according to the different cycles of Earth every year is proof of their incredible accuracy. 

Why do people flock to Chichen Itza during the Spring Equinox?

It’s a treat to be in Mexico around spring equinox as you will experience how much this planetary occurrence means to the Mayan people. Catch the sight of an astonishing astronomical phenomenon in the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza. Based on the calculation of three Mayan calendars, on this day exactly when the sun crosses the celestial equator on March 20, the onlookers will see a shadow of snake-like reptile descending the steps of El Castillo. This sacred Mayan site also encompasses many other architectural sites that were built around the 9th century. 

Take part in the rituals of Teotihuacan

Dressed in white attire with a red scarf as an accessory, visitors start climbing the Pyramid of Teotihuacan as early as 9 am in the morning to witness the sun. They stand facing the sun with their arms stretched for praying while witnessing this magical experience. Celebrations take many other forms as people burn incense, chant, and dance as the spiritual energy takes over them.

Hold your breath at El Tajín

El Tajín is an archaeological site in the town of Papantla that hosts the festival of Cumbre Tajín on the spring equinox. During the festival, a ritual of Voladores is performed by some fliers, also known as hombres pajaro (birdmen), these fliers climb on the top of the pole of height 150 feet in height and start circling and performing stunts in the air. 

Another great visual on this site is the famous Pyramid of the niches, which is illuminated by the sun in an unusual way, reflecting a natural show of light and shadows. 


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