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Why Travel to Mexico?
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Why Travel to Mexico?

A tropical country that has been bestowed with white sand beaches on one side to exotic jungles on the other, Mexico makes the dream of a perfect summer holiday real. Every year, millions of Americans flock to their neighboring country to swim and surf on the Pacific coast in the soothingly warm waters of these stunning beaches. The interior is as fulfilling as the exterior, from sand resorts to museums and art galleries that showcase the works of national luminaries like Diego Rivera, you will be surprised by the cultural extravaganza that this country has to offer.       

Unravel this beautiful country by finding what is so special about its food, history, and architecture that make it the favorite destination of tourists around the world.

The food

From mouth-watering tacos to delectable Chilaquiles of Puerto Vallarta, there is every reason to declare Mexican cuisine as the best in the world. The country’s culinary scene is as vibrant and diverse as anything. Grab a quick bite from a beachside taco stand while bathing in the Caribbean Sun or sit at a high-end restaurant for a panoramic view while munching on soul-satiating Chilaquiles. Dip your fingers in the heavenly flavors of Yucatecan food known for its distinct style and let the delicate Chicharrones melt into your mouth with fresh guacamole and cheese.

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The history

Yucatan draws history lovers to its archaeological sites symbolic of the Mayan culture, whereas places like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Rotondo de Los Hombres IIustres make it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The state of Jalisco is synonymous with Mariachi music, and tequila unfolds the true Mexican culture, and the state of Guadalajara owns the famous historic downtown to become the cultural center of Western Mexico.


The architecture

Named the Design capital of the world in 2018 due to its historic architecture, Mexico is truly an inspiration for contemporary architects. The first thing that will catch your eyes would be the brightly-hued houses by Luis Barragán, who loves to play along with the combination of bright colors and clean lines. If you are in for a historical treat, head towards Mesoamerican marvels at the Aztec archaeological site and the museum of Templo Mayor. Mexico City is an amalgamation of ruins of ancient pyramids, baroque churches, magnificent modern structures, and sleek skyscrapers.


The crafts

If buying some artsy souvenirs is on your list, visit the local craft markets and choose from plentiful options in silver jewelry. The history of pottery-making dates back thousands of years, and Mexicans are known for shaping it from the hands instead of a potter’s wheel. The unique designs are from Oaxaca as the products from this region have a Greyish matte finish. To explore more options in silver, visit Taxco, a town that deals in exquisitely designed silver jewelry and high-quality silverware.


The people

Who wouldn’t love an easy-going vibe? The random bursts of laughter and the ability to smile even at the hardest moments of life define the Mexican spirit. A huge immigrant population contributes to the diversified culture of this country that has welcomed everyone with open arms.

If only the thought of authentic tacos makes your taste buds active, Mexico should be the next thing that needs to be ticked on your travel bucket list.

Visit Mexico to enjoy the best of tropical pleasure along the most fabulous beaches and colonial-style architecture. Check out our Mexico page for a detailed guide.


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