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These Non-European Destinations Are True Spring Paradises
By February 24, 2020 No Comments

These Non-European Destinations Are True Spring Paradises

Moderate temperatures, blooming trees, and the melting of snow, Spring is a symbol of warmth and happiness. In many countries around the world, it is considered a time of happiness and positivity as the weather starts getting a little warmer. People start making holiday plans to destinations like Europe for its picturesque landscapes and spell-binding backdrop, but is Europe the best destination to visit during Spring?

We have discovered and picked up some of the greatest destinations other than Europe where you can enjoy your Spring break to the fullest:


Straight from the postcard, the Spring season in Japan can’t be defined better. The soothing pink shades of cherry blossoms wraps the entire country, making Spring the most beautiful season to visit this country. Often referred to as being nearly perfect, Japan has seemed to have solved the puzzle of how to maintain a harmonious balance between nature and technology.


The temperatures during the Spring in Mexico varies according to the destination, but a beach is always a great idea. The weather along the coastal areas tends pleasantly warm during this period, and special celebrations such as greeting the Spring Equinox is the icing on the cake if you are in Mexico during this period of the year as you will get to witness the grandeur of this festival.


Gorgeous beaches, marvelous cities, and lush green rainforests are the evidence of Malaysia’s splendor. The gleaming capital Kuala Lumpur stands proud with sky scrapping buildings and colonial shophouses. With UNESCO World Heritage sites like Melaka and George Town, the country boasts of architectural wonders that laid the foundation culture and trade.

New Zealand:

Spring is the most beautiful to visit New Zealand as in the countryside the fruit trees are in full bloom and the animals enjoy the green pastures. In some places, daffodils spring up, and vibrant rhododendrons come to life. The mildness of the weather adds on to the beauty of nature, making this country the best Spring-Summer destination. 


The country opens the door to Africa’s amazing diversity by being completely varied. From the lyrical landscapes, ancient cities, and breathtaking deserts, Morocco aims to keep you for long. Since the Summer could be extremely harsh, Spring lays the carpet for travelers waiting to explore this African diamond.


There are so many things are happening at a time when you land in Buenos Aires that you may need to take a pause in between the moments to feel the beauty of the places. If you are a guzzler of experiences, Argentina is for you. During Spring, the parks are carpeted in jacaranda blooms, giving all the more reason to visit this wonderland. Stroll through the vineyards in Mendoza, where the arrival of Spring brings the tinge of gold in the trees.

With so many outstanding Spring destinations, Indus travel also gives the option to choose from different tours curated, keeping in mind the aspirations of different travelers. Visit our destinations page or check out the pages of the countries mentioned above for detailed information. 


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