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The Ultimate Girls’ Trip Destinations
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The Ultimate Girls’ Trip Destinations

There are many benefits of heading on vacation. Between significantly improved physical health, higher levels of happiness, and the ability to switch up your daily pace of life and swap it with fascinating new experiences, it’s no wonder why heading on vacation is highly recommended. While going on your own can be a great experience itself, why not take the opportunity to grab your girls and make fascinating new memories together? Discover the best girls’ trip destinations around the world and get ready for a truly unforgettable getaway!

The Best Girls’ Trip Destinations


Grab your best jewellery and pack your floral dresses with a trip to Italy! There is no better place to take beautiful photos that will wow your followers and create truly unforgettable experiences with your girlfriends. Head into the heart of Southern Europe to learn about the fascinating culture of Italy, as you discover charming cafes and rooftop restaurants where you can sip on world-class wines (this is one of the best wine destinations in the world), try fantastic new dishes, and interact with friendly locals as you look out over the ocean and watch the bright blue waters crash against the shores of the luxurious white sand beaches. And with the Mediterranean right around the corner, don’t forget to soak up the health benefits of swimming in the sea!

It is incredibly easy to travel around Italy, so whether you prefer to rent a car, travel by train, board the coach, or head on a cruise, the options are plenty and the decision is yours to make. The country is filled with historic sites, soaring mountains, and gorgeous panoramas that will make for a well-rounded trip that your entire group will love, so you can mix food, history, architecture, nature, nightlife, and beaches for the perfect adventure that your entire group will love. You can explore Italy the way you like with many options to choose from — whether you want to hit the rails, drive through the alps, say namaste in Tuscany, or unravel the flavors of Sicily, it is entirely up to you!

Group of Friends, Girls' Trip Destinations


For a luxurious vacation that is close to home, California is one of the top choices for girls’ trip destinations. Between the breathtaking vineyards of the Californian countryside, the powdery white sand beaches and splashing seaside shores of the pacific west coast, and some of the most famous nightclubs in the world, you and your girls can really live like stars. Follow in the footsteps of the most famous actors known to mankind as you walk down the Hollywood Hall of Fame, discover extravagant bars and lounges that are frequented by celebrities, or go on scenic wine tasting tours in Napa Valley and Sonoma, two of the best places for wine tasting in the world.

You can lay back and work on your tan in one of the most beautiful beaches in Malibu or Santa Monica, home to some of the best beaches in California, go hiking in Yosemite National Park, see your favorite characters come to life in Disneyland, or grab your camera and head up the winding steep streets of San Francisco. No matter what season you decide to travel, you will be in for fascinating experiences that will make for excellent photo opportunities, exhilarating nightlife adventures, classy culinary delights, and plenty of time in the outdoors. You can get the best of California and more with this tour of the west coast, as you soak up the splendors of LA, spend some time in Palm Springs, head into the heart of the Grand Canyon, see the splashing neon lights of Las Vegas, and head on a hiking adventure through Yosemite National Park. You and the ladies will go through so many incredible adventures together that will make your bond unbreakable!

Two Ladies in Venice Beach


While Budapest might not be as popular as Paris or Rome, the Hungarian capital is filled with so much beauty it will shake you to your core. For starters, the city is home to an astounding 123 thermal baths, and with beautiful places like the Széchenyi Thermal Bath (the biggest medicinal bath in Europe), can you think of a better place to lay back with your girlfriends as you reap the healing benefits of a sauna? The steaming waters are rich in minerals and will benefit your body and skin with beautiful imagery of the neoclassical building in the back. The baths will become even more exciting in the winter, as you can splash around in the thermal waters amidst the cool breeze of the cool Hungarian winter.

Not only is Budapest a great place for a city break in Europe for its thermal spas and abundance of opportunities to relax, but the nightclubs are bustling with vibrant energy and colorful neon lights, and the cafes are not only charming but are filled with fascinating treats. Imagine sipping on a refreshing glass of red wine as you enjoy a slice of Dobos Torte (a Hungarian sponge cake with chocolate buttercream and caramel which should make this one of the best dessert destinations in the world) as you dress up in your most luxurious outfits and get a taste of the extravagant life. Not to mention Budapest is filled with beautiful landscapes and captivating castles that will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot into a fairytale. A cruise down the Danube can be an excellent way to explore this city or with a Budapest City Package.    

Cityscape of Budapest, Hungary, Girls' Trip Destinations


Bali is a wonderful place to head on a restorative yoga and meditation retreat in a beautiful tropical setting. Not only can lush sandy beaches and tasty tropical fruits be found throughout the country, but you can taste the freshness of the local produce as you lay back and relax under the sun or lookout and gaze over the deep blue sea. Ancient temples and spiritual sites are two of the most popular types of sites to see, as the energy vortex of Bali is believed to be strong and powerful. You will leave feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated with a yoga and wellness retreat in Bali, and there is no better way to get the full experience than by enjoying a relaxing and healing journey with your girlfriends, as this is one of the most exotic and breathtaking girls’ trip destinations. You can head to the beach after your classes, explore the jungles, and sip on fresh juice cocktails.

But beautiful beaches and ancient temples don’t make up the list of sites to see in Bali! We suggest visiting the Monkey Forest where you can make plenty of furry friends, taste the local spices and herbs in the traditional local dishes, and try paddleboarding in Sanur. You will be in for a never-ending adventure as you will discover lush waterfalls, gorgeous greenery, breathtaking rice fields, sacred rivers, and so many other beautiful places that will absolutely take your breath away. This is the perfect place for a nature-filled trip, and the yoga lovers, nature enthusiasts, active travelers, and even the culinary enthusiasts of your group will be thrilled. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to snap some incredible photos in this tropical haven — you will leave with a happy heart, a peaceful spirit, and a glowing complexion!

Two Ladies in Bali


France is really one of the best girls’ trip destinations around the world, as the country is teeming with beauty and luxury where you can soak up the best of Europe. France is booming with extravagant chateaus, royal palaces, breathtaking valleys, dreamy vineyards, and architectural wonders that will leave you in awe. Not to mention the opulent cuisine that is known around the world, as the wines, pastries, and delectable dishes you taste here will be unlike anywhere else (there is a reason why this is one of the best dessert destinations). So, grab your nicest dresses and heels and get ready to explore the best of France with your girlfriends. Take some photos by the Eiffel Tower, head on a wine tasting trip into the heart of the Loire and bask in the beauty of the Palace of Versailles for art (and wine)-filled adventure!

But what’s the best way to do it? One of the finest ways to explore France is with a river cruise. This 9-day cruise will take you on an extravagant journey as you sail from city to city down the River Seine, uncovering gorgeous cityscapes from the comfort of your floating hotel. You can sip on world-class wines on board the ship and breathe in the fresh air as you cruise down the most beautiful rivers in Europe. If you’re willing to spend a bit more you can head down the Picturesque Rhine, uncovering ancient castles and fascinating fortresses overlooking the river — or if you’d rather keep it simple you can spend some time in Paris and Nice, where you can bask in the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and get a taste of the luxury life in the French Riviera, a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous.

Woman in Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France


If your idea of the perfect getaway involves laying back on the beach, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and spending some time under the sun, Fiji is a fantastic place to head on a vacation that is filled with dreamy landscapes and oceanside views — especially with a cruise. With a whopping 333 scattered throughout the pacific archipelago, this is a tropical haven waiting to be explored. And you don’t have to go as a couple to explore Fiji, as this natural paradise is filled with plenty of exhilarating outdoor activities that will keep your girl group busy. There are scuba diving adventures, scenic hiking trails, and snorkeling opportunities that will take your standard for outdoor adventures to the next level. Windsurfing, sailing, and kite surfing are also common activities to get some excitement going.

You can spend 8 magical days in Fiji with superior accommodation for a fantastic price, as you and your girls take jaw-dropping photos amidst beautiful botanical gardens, enchanting traditional villages, magical and exotic temples, and the dreamy coral coast. Explore the fascinating Sigatoka Sand Dunes along the Sigatoka River or head into the heart of the Sleeping Giant Orchid Gardens to uncover gorgeous varieties of flowers. Or why not take your trip to the next level with a Captain Cook Cruise, as you sail from island to island with time in Nadi, Monuriki, Waya Island, Naviti, Sawa-I-Lawu and many more fascinating places?

Group of Ladies on the Beach


Greece is known for many things. Between luxurious white sand beaches stretching miles and miles down the Aegean Coast, crystal clear waters boasting breathtaking shades of blue and turquoise, and gorgeous cityscapes teeming with pearly white architectural gems and spectacular steep hills, this Mediterranean gem is truly a must-see destination. The food here is not only the healthiest in the world but it is also exceptionally delicious, the climate is warm and temperate, and the locals are incredibly friendly. This is the perfect place to mix ancient history dating thousands of years back in time with modern-day attractions and natural gems — how’s that for girls’ trip destinations?

May we suggest an island-hopping adventure for your next girls’ trip? This is an excellent way to get around from island to island as you travel in a unique and fascinating way that is much more affordable than a cruise. Each island has something unique to offer, between the spectacular sunsets Santorini is known for, the exhilarating nightlife scene of Mykonos (get ready for an atmosphere you’ve never felt before), the enchanting villages of Naxos, the fine white marbles of Paros, the ancient ruins of Crete, and the breathtaking landscapes of Corfu. Wherever you go, you will be in for a fascinating adventure filled with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines — it is so difficult to decide on one destination, so why not mix up the pace and see several as you discover the best of the Greek Islands?

Restaurant in Greece, Girls' Trip Destinations

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