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The Most Beautiful Places in Canada
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The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

When we think about taking a vacation, we often search for places that are far and foreign, further away from everything we’ve ever known. There is no doubt this can make for an exhilarating vacation as you immerse yourself in a foreign culture and discover the magic and beauty of a destination you’ve never explored. But we often forget to take a look around and notice the beauty surrounding us. Canada is a breathtaking country, with mountains, forests, landscapes, and big cities that attract the attention of travelers all around the globe. Let’s dive right in and discover some of the most beautiful places in Canada that will ultimately take your breath away, so you can get inspired for your next local vacation!

The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

Banff National Park, Alberta

Odds are you’ve heard about this destination… Between gorgeous green forests, the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, a charming mountain resort town, an abundance of wildlife, and some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, a trip to Banff will leave you dazed for days. This gorgeous park is teeming with beauty so vast and wide; you won’t know where to start. For suggestions, we recommend visiting Moraine Lake, one of the most famous lakes around the world, along with Peyto, Abraham, and Louise.

In the winter these lakes turn into icy wonderlands that you can grab your skates and slide on (do make sure to research the condition of the ice beforehand). In the summer, they will make for the most beautiful landscapes you will ever lay your eyes upon, as the green grass springs to life and the water turns into a bright blue. You can also head on up the Banff Gondola, to uncover mesmerizing views of Banff Town, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a relaxing trip to the Banff Hot Springs.

Tip: If you have the time, we recommend you also visit Jasper National Park! Check out this tour to see it all in one perfect trip.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Can you think of any better place to see open views of magnificent mountains than by laying back on the beach and relaxing in the heart of downtown? Vancouver is a beautiful city situated on the north pacific coast that will show you the perfect mix of city sites and natural wonders! You will find everything you’re looking for and more, between a wide range of restaurants, a bustling nightlife scene, and a beautiful downtown area while being surrounded by beaches, open waters, and gorgeous mountains. 

A walk down the seawall will quickly show you why visitors can’t seem to stop talking about Vancouver. Stanley Park is a breathtaking area to explore, whether you prefer to go hiking, biking, or for a leisurely stroll, as it is filled with lush green trees, gorgeous lookout points, and is surrounded by sparkling waters. From Vancouver, you can easily head up north to explore Squamish, Whistler, or even North Vancouver, for spectacular hiking, mountain biking, and adventure activities amid a picturesque setting!

Spend four incredible days in Vancouver!

Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia

It’s no surprise the west coast is teeming with beauty, and Garibaldi is the perfect place to see it. Making your way up north from Vancouver, not only will you get to drive along the mesmerizing Sea 2 Sky Highway, where you will be surrounded by water, but you will arrive in a beautiful park you won’t believe is in BC! The hiking trails and their lookout points are incredibly scenic, and you will be blown away by the color of the turquoise-blue waters and the stunning snow-capped mountains all around.

While you’re staying on the west coast, you will find another one of the most beautiful places in Canada to explore – Joffre Lakes. The turquoise-green waters in this provincial park will make for a spectacular photo setting, as the lake is surrounded by seas of evergreen pine trees and breathtaking snow-capped mountain peaks. The lake itself is picturesque and serene, and the hiking trails will give you the perfect chance to reconnect with mother nature and dive deep into the gorgeous wilderness of the west coast.

Tobermory, Ontario

Making your way towards the east coast, you will find a hidden gem you won’t believe is in Canada. With a quick search, it might seem like you’ve found pictures off the coast of Greece. But you will be delighted and surprised to know this town is actually located in Ontario! Off the coast of the Bruce Peninsula lies a beautiful harbor village, boasting colors of blue and green. Don’t forget to go hiking in the Grotto of Bruce Peninsula National Park, to see eclectic colors of blue in an underground cave!

Tobermory is a wonderful place to get your nature’s fix and is only a 3–4-hour drive from Toronto so it’s very accessible by car! If you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to discover more of the natural beauty of Ontario, you can also drive out east to explore Algonquin Provincial Park, known for its lush forests, scenic lakes, serene rivers, and abundance of hiking trails. This is a wonderful place to go kayaking and canoeing in Ontario and really get away from the city as you unwind in a beautiful setting.

Quebec City, Quebec

If you’re looking for a city that will absolutely blow you away, Quebec City is the perfect place to visit. This gorgeous destination offers a magical ambience and beautiful architecture that resembles Europe – making this the right place to get a taste of Europe without leaving North America! You will quickly find out why Quebec was named a World Heritage Site as you discover the gorgeous grand chateaus, historic museums, fascinating forts, and riveting battle sites as you explore the cobblestone streets.

In the winter Quebec City transforms into a magical winter wonderland, as blankets of snow drop sprinkle from the skies and cover the city in coats of white. In the summer you will be mesmerized by the blend of colors the evergreen trees and buildings add to the view. Fun fact – did you know this is the only walled city in North America (north of Mexico) that still exists? The sites you will see and the pictures you’ll take will leave you in awe – it will feel like you’ve been transported into a real-life fairytale!

Tofino, British Columbia

We can’t mention the most beautiful places in Canada without giving a shoutout to Tofino. Situated off the coast of mainland British Columbia lies a charming coastal town in the heart of Vancouver Island. Sprawling with glistening lakes, sandy beaches, and ancient rainforests, it won’t be long before you fall in love with the natural beauty and charm of this magical surfing town. With its long coastlines and deep blue ocean waters, you will feel like you’ve been transported to another country, far and foreign!

During your stay on Vancouver Island, we recommend you visit Nanaimo. Known as The Harbour City (according to Prince Charles and Princess Diana), Nanaimo is a breathtaking city to visit to find shops, restaurants, coastal splendors off the bay, and gorgeous provincial parks with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, breathtaking hiking trails, wonderful waterfalls, historic museums, and picturesque lakes in its interior. Check out this comprehensive tour and make sure you try a Nanaimo Bar while you’re there!

Plan Your Trip!

So, there you have it! These are our top picks for some of the most beautiful places in Canada. Have you been to any of these fascinating places – and what were your thoughts? If you’re dreaming about exploring Canada with all its beauty and charm, reach out to the friendly experts at Indus Travels, who will be happy to help you plan your next vacation!


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