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The Most Beautiful Lakes in The World
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The Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

The world is full of natural beauty. Everywhere you go, you will be able to see patterns and contrasts for how nature is perceived across the globe. But there are some places that absolutely stand out for their breathtaking attractions, which you MUST add to your bucket list. Discover the most beautiful lakes in the world you have to visit ASAP, along with how you can get there. We can’t wait to show you the natural beauties and mysteries behind the waters!

The Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Lake Manyara

The waters may be blue, and the landscapes may be green… But when you visit Lake Manyara, you will be surrounded by seas of pink. Get ready to come across flocks of flamingos like you’ve never seen before, as up to one million or more flamingos will be roaming within the grounds. But not only that – you can see other creatures as well, including monkeys, pelicans, baboons, impalas, and more as the lake is in Tanzania, one of the best wildlife destinations in the world. Make sure you hurry up because Lake Manyara is slowly drying up. The lake has shrunk by more than 90% over the last two decades with a rapid rate of 5% per year. It is believed Lake Manyara could disappear within the next decade unless major initiatives are taken, so while we must do everything in our power to protect the landscape and the animals that live there, do make sure you visit this breathtaking lake. Explore Lake Manyara for yourself with this African safari adventure through the Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Lake Manyara, and see more of the most beautiful places in Tanzania!

Lake Manyara, Tanzania, The Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

The Dead Sea

Contrary to popular belief (which is very fair given its name), the Dead Sea is not actually a sea but a Salt Lake. Situated between the border of Israel and Jordan, the lake is so salty it is impossible to swim or drown in the water – the buoyancy will simply bring you right back up to the surface, so you can lay back and relax if you’re not the best swimmer! The high salt content also means you won’t have to worry about any sea creatures or aquatic life if that typically tends to keep you out of the water, as there are no plants or animals in the Dead Sea since life cannot survive there. Another fascinating fact is the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth (on land due to its elevation), so you can cross several milestones off your bucket list with one trip. Many believe the Dead Sea boasts powerful healing properties that can help improve conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic pain, and acne, as the mud is rich in minerals. Explore the Dead Sea for yourself with this tour of Israel and Jordan.

Floating in the Dead Sea

Lake Baikal

With a depth of 1,642 meters, Russia’s Lake Baikal is not only the deepest lake in the world, but also one of the oldest. This ancient body of water lies in an active continental rift zone, which explains its staggering depth. It is actually believed that in the future, this Siberian Lake could continue to grow even wider and deeper as the rift is also expanding wider. A fascinating fact about the lake is it boasts a rich ecosystem with endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Not only that, but Baikal holds 1/5 of the world’s freshwater – a whopping 20%! And did we mention this lake was also 25 million years old? So whether you’re a nature fanatic or a history buff, you will be enchanted by the beauty and mysteries behind this ancient lake, as you look out over the seemingly never-ending body of water and see if you can spot the Giant Dragon Monster and watch out for UFO sightings many have reported. You can visit Lake Baikal along with many other fascinating cities we recommend seeing in Russia!

People on Lake Baikal, Russia, The Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Lake Titicaca

Situated in the high altitudes of the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, you will find Lake Titicaca. Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, this is one of the most mysterious yet beautiful lakes in the world. In the year 2000, archaeologists discovered ancient remains from an underwater temple that was believed to be roughly 1000-1500 years old. There are also many myths and legends surrounding the lake, including the stories of the mermaids and aliens that were spotted in the waters. And with an altitude of 12,500 feet, Titicaca is the highest lake in the world that boats are able to navigate, and the perfect place to learn about the Uros Islands, which consists of 120 floating islands scattered across the lake, many of which are home to local tribes. Go and explore Lake Titicaca for yourself with this tour of Peru and follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you take the opportunity to climb Machu Picchu.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Como and Lake Lugano

When we think of beautiful lakes in Europe a few might come to mind – and Lake Como must be one of the first. In the heart of Lombardy lies this breathtaking body of water, which, at approximately 1345 feet, makes it the deepest lake in Italy. Explore Lake Como and see what each of the beautiful surrounding towns has to offer. Another incredible option is to see Lake Lugano, a gorgeous glacial lake that will show you scenes straight out of a fairytale, as you sit on a bench and take in the magnificent scenery. 63% of the lake is situated in Switzerland with the other 37% in Italy, so you can get the perfect mix of both cultures as you hop across the border and see what both sides have to offer.    

Bench By Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Moraine Lake

In the heart of Banff National Park, you will find Moraine Lake – AKA one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. There are many breathtaking places to visit in Alberta, but this one takes the cake. The glacial waters boast a striking bright blue color that will leave you speechless, as you will see how the mountains reflect in the water and create a beautiful backdrop for your photos. At night you will be able to see the northern lights for a beautiful spectacle of celestial colors dancing around the skies, and during the day you will be able to head on incredibly scenic hikes surrounded by magnificent mountains and gorgeous landscapes. Moraine Lake is the perfect demonstration that a trip close to home doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. This tour of Western Canada will show you the most beautiful places in Alberta and British Columbia, so get ready to head into the heart of the Rockies and discover sights like you have never seen before.

Man Kayaking on Moraine Lake


If you are ready to see some of the best views of Mt Fuji during your trip to Japan, then Lake Kawaguchi (“Kawaguchiko” for abbreviation) is the place to be. The second largest of the Five Fuji Lakes, this breathtaking body of water can be found in the Yamanashi Prefecture and is an incredible place to visit during any time of the year. Whether you prefer to see the snow-capped landscapes of winter, the pretty pink vistas in the spring, or the captivating colors of Autumn, you will be in for a real treat. Make your way around the lake by bike or foot as you take in the serene atmosphere and quickly discover why this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Delight your senses with a visit to the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum, or learn about the precious stones and crystals in the Yamanashi Gem Museum. Bask in the beauty of Oishi Park and take a scenic stroll through the Maple Corridor while you are there!

Kawaguchiko, Japan, The Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

General Carrera Lake

It’s no secret that Chile and Argentina are known for their breathtaking landscapes. In the southern parts of Latin America, you will find General Carrera Lake, renowned for its beautiful blue waters and unique geological formations. The lake is home to the Marble Caves, a natural preserve with an astonishing mix of varying shades of blue, green, yellow, and black that can only be accessed by boat. This is easily one of the most fascinating places you won’t believe actually exists on earth. Prepare to be mesmerized by the perfectly carved marble columns brightened by the gorgeous glacial waters that are filled with minerals. The cave was created about 6,000 years ago and continues to boast extraordinary beauty beyond belief. We recommend heading on a tour of Patagonia and making your way up north to see the lake for yourself.

General Carrera Lake, Chile


So, there you have it! These are some of the most beautiful lakes in the world which we certainly recommend visiting. If you have any questions about any of these lakes or destinations, or traveling to one of our 80+ destinations, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts who will be more than happy to help you. They can give you personalized tips for travel and help you plan your next dream vacation! You can also ask them about our Safe Travels Assurance Policy for risk free-bookings if you are planning a trip during COVID-19. Happy travels!


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