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6 Mysterious Places You Won’t Believe Exist On Earth
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6 Mysterious Places You Won’t Believe Exist On Earth

Between vast deserts, majestic mountains, and seemingly never-ending ocean floors that are only being discovered now, there is a lot of mystery behind our planet that deserves so much more than a quick glance. We don’t have to travel to other planets to see landscapes that seem alien in their nature, as the earth is already filled with so much beauty and mystery on its own. Let’s get started and discover some of the most mysterious places you won’t believe exist — along with where you can find them.

Mysterious Places You Won’t Believe Exist

Spotted Lake, British Colombia

You don’t have to travel far and wide to see mysterious places that are filled with beauty. For a trip that is close to home and very unanticipated, you need to visit Spotted Lake in Western Canada’s beautiful province of British Colombia. Odds are, this lake will be truly unlike any other you’ve ever seen! Thanks to the mineral compensation and high amounts of magnesium sulfate in the water, which crystalizes in the warmer months as the lake evaporates in the summer, giant spots are formed to create a pebble effect. For centuries this lake has been a sacred place for the indigenous locals in the Okanagan, as the spots are believed to hold powerful healing properties. Spotted Lake can be found northwest of Osoyoos, Canada’s only desert!

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Speaking about mysterious caves, take this one for reference. It’s no surprise New Zealand is filled with breathtaking sites and mystical places that are enough to leave anyone breathless — but the Glowworm Caves on the North Island are truly something else. While these fascinating caves may be dark on their own, the grounds are filled with thousands of glowworms (Arachnocampa Luminosa) that light up the walls with their luminescent light to create electrifying shades of blue. With a boat trip here, you will be able to see how these tiny creatures glow in the dark and make you feel like you’ve stepped foot onto another planet as you spend some time in this gorgeous galaxy.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
Bright blue glowworms brighten up the dark caves

Valle de La Luna, Chile

When it comes to mysterious places you won’t believe exist, this site can’t be missed. Valle de La Luna, also known as Valley of the Moon in English, is quite literally known for its moonlike landscapes. Situated in the heart of the Atacama Desert, the driest nonpolar desert in the world, NASA actually goes here to stimulate situations where they practice searching for life on Mars and testing rovers due to similar conditions. This is also the driest place on earth as decades can pass by without any signs of precipitation. Certain parts of the desert have such extreme ecosystems that animals and plants cannot survive there. And thanks to its remote location and little light pollution this is an excellent place to see the stars. Take the opportunity to fly into the Atacama with this tour of Chile!

Valley of the Moon, Valle de la Luna, Chile

Stairway to Heaven, China

We’ve all heard of the popular song by Led Zeppelin — but have you heard of this mystical place in China? Located at the top of Tianmen Mountain, which can be reached by cable car from Zhangjiajie, travelers will find 999 steps that lead them to a cave. This final route will be challenging as it will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the top with steep steps. Once you reach your destination, you will find Tianmen Cave — a natural arch that is known as “Heaven’s Door”. While the trip up and down the cable car will be incredibly scenic as you will discover breathtaking mountain peaks, the views you see from the top will be unreal, and you will quickly discover why this fascinating site made our list of the most mysterious places you won’t believe exist. While you are in Zhangjiajie we also recommend you visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, known for its otherworldly landscapes that will make you feel like you’ve traveled to another planet, or make your way across the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, the highest glass bridge in the world, from where you can go bungee jumping or simply stare on out into the abyss as you uncover the Essence of China.

Stairway to Heaven, China

Marble Caves, Chile

With so much natural beauty oozing within its grounds, there is no doubt Chile is one of the most iconic travel destinations in South America – and even out in the world! That’s why we had to mention the Marble Caves in Chile Coco, known for their otherworldly shades of beauty intertwining into a magical kaleidoscope of colors. The supplementary shades of green and purple complement the soft shades of blue perfectly, for a natural show that will dazzle you in its beauty and charm. You can book a boat tour and glide along the gorgeous glacial waters of Patagonia in General Carrera Lake, known for its beautiful blue color. We highly recommend a trip to Torres del Paine National Park while you are in this area, where you will see fascinating glaciers, mountains, and lakes as you explore Patagonia for a great price — or head on the ultimate Patagonian Cruise.

Marble Caves, Chile, Mysterious Places You Won't Believe Exist

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

With its otherworldly landscapes, Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world, definitely deserves a mention. As the world’s largest reflective mirror, a trip to this breathtaking salt flat is enough to bring any traveler into a frenzy. For cool facts about famous places, did you know this salt flat is actually rich in lithium (that is expensive and challenging to extract due to the tricky weather conditions)? But this is only the start of fascinating places to see in Bolivia — have you heard of Laguna Verde? Translated into “Green Lagoon” from Spanish, a quick glance will show you where the name derived from. With emerald waters so bright and vibrant you will believe thousands of valuable gemstones are hidden beneath the surface and turn the waters into a brilliant shade of green, this gorgeous lagoon is simply surreal. Laguna Colorada is another one, known for its flaming red waters attracting rare flamingos and other bird species.

Walking on Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, Mysterious Places You Won't Believe Exist

The Wave, Arizona

If you’d like to see a place that is close to home, this site should do the trick. Situated on the border of Utah and Arizona, this is one of the most incredible sites to see in Southwestern USA. This fascinating rock formation was formed by sand dunes which solidified into sandstone millions of years ago, which has earned the site its nickname as Jurassic Park. Some say it reminds them of the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) in Peru, which are both known for their captivating color displays. Note that you must get a permit to visit The Wave, which will be handed out daily if you are lucky. While you are there, make sure you pay a visit to Antelope Canyon as well, formed by wind and water erosion over millennia.

The Wave, Arizona, USA, Mysterious Places You Won't Believe Exist


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