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Warm Winter Destinations VS. Cold Weather Vacations
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Warm Winter Destinations VS. Cold Weather Vacations

While some people might love the colder temperatures and the outdoor activities that come with it, others might loathe the cold and search for every opportunity to escape! Whether you prefer to see sunny skies and warmer temperatures or snowy slopes paired with hot cocoa and layered scarves, there are incredible travel destinations for both options. Discover the best destinations for hot and cold weather, depending on your weather preferences, and get inspired for your next getaway!

Please keep in mind all of these temperatures are written in Celsius! Click here to instantly convert these temperatures to Fahrenheit.

Warm Winter Destinations

If your goal is to escape the cold and soak in the sun, there are places you can travel to for exactly that! While some of these places might be hotter with average temperatures ranging in the 30s, some of these might be more temperate with the climate ranging in the 20s. Check out these warm winter destinations depending on where you want to go and what you want to see:

Dubai, UAE

Filled with shimmering skyscrapers, bustling bazaars, and world-famous malls, there is no wonder why Dubai is one of the top travel destinations for 2022! There is no better place to see a fascinating mix of old and new as the modern mega buildings and artificial beaches go hand in hand with ancient souks and historic Old Quarters. Since the weather in Dubai is warm all year round, winter is actually the best time to visit to avoid the blazing heat that comes in the summer. Expect average temperatures ranging in the mid to high 20s from December to February. And there is no better way to escape the winter and soak up the sun than by pairing your trip to Dubai with the Maldives, for the perfect mix of city adventures with beachy splendors!

Dubai, UAE, Warm Winter Destinations


Known for its powerful palaces, magnificent temples, and culinary delights, India is a wonderful travel destination to escape the winter and soak up the sun. Between the pink palaces of Jaipur, the royal tigers of Ranthambore, and the famous landmarks of Agra, you can find fascinating adventures filled with city splendors, beachy wonders, and exotic wildlife! There is no better place to go on an all-encompassing vacation that will have something for every type of traveler to see. Southern India is another one of the best warm winter destinations as the temperature ranges in the 20s from December to February, which makes this a wonderful time to see the famous and fascinating sites.  

Taj Mahal, India, Warm Winter Destinations


Between the delicious cuisine, powerful palaces, exotic temples, and exhilarating nightlife of Bangkok, and the white sand beaches and shimmering blue waters of Phuket, a trip to Thailand will give travelers the perfect opportunity to escape the winter cold and soak up the sun. This is one of the best warm winter destinations to kick back and relax as you see invaluable Golden Buddhas, magnificent marble temples, beautiful beaches, evergreen forests, and traditional Thai architecture. Take the opportunity to skip the blazing heat by traveling in the winter, where the average temperature ranges from 22-33 in the winter in Bangkok (with virtually no rain) and from 24-34 in Phuket!

Phuket, Thailand, Warm Winter Destinations


If you’re thinking about traveling to Europe, Spain is one of the best destinations to escape the cold and soak up the winter sun. No matter what type of traveler you are — a nature fanatic, history buff, city explorer, or a lover of architecture — you will find plenty to see and do in this beautiful country! Between the magnificent mosques and beautiful cathedrals of Cordoba, the grand palaces and spectacular squares of Seville, and the colorful cityscapes and artistic masterworks of Antoni Gaudi, traveling to Spain will be full of surprises. While Spain is more warm than hot in the winter, with average temperatures ranging from 17 to 16 , traveling during this time of year will give you the chance to skip out on the crowds that come in the summer and the humidity!

Seville, Spain, Warm Winter Destinations


There is no destination place for history buffs to explore than the Land of the Pharaohs. The first records of Egypt date roughly 6,000 years back in time where traces of the ancient civilization can be found. Between the Great Pyramids, ancient mummy rooms, and the tombs of distant kings and queens, a trip to this archaeological land will take you on a fascinating journey back in time. It is no wonder Egypt is one of the best warm winter destinations! To avoid the blazing heat and rain, the best time to visit Egypt is from December to February as the winters are cool and dry with daily high temperatures ranging around 20 degrees. Pair your trip to Egypt with a few extra days in Jordan, where you will see the biblical sites of Madaba, the legendary burial ground of Moses, and the ancient Treasury and Roman Theater of Petra, for the ultimate adventure is full of ancient history!

Cold Weather Vacations

On the other side of the book, if you’re a fan of snowy Christmas markets, sipping on hot chocolate, layering clothes, and taking part in your favorite outdoor winter activities, there are breathtaking destinations you can visit this year. Switch up the pace and choose from these cold weather vacations to get into the festive spirit and soak up the best of winter!


With an abundance of enchanting ski towns with snowy slopes and breathtaking landscapes, there is no better place for skiers and snowboarders to visit than Switzerland. Watch the fairy-tale castles come to life as they light up with blankets of powdery-white snow, see the dramatic views of the Swiss Alps with cable car rides, or go skating on the shimmering lakes that turn into ice. This grand tour of Switzerland will give you the opportunity to do it all as you set off on a journey from Zurich to Lucerne! While the average temperature will typically range from -2 to 7 degrees from January to February, keep in mind the temperatures may vary depending on where you go, as the mountainous regions will typically be chillier.


There is no better place to get in touch with the beauty and wonder of mother nature than Iceland. This remote nation is filled with mesmerizing landscapes that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another planet. Gorgeous glaciers, active volcanoes, deep blue lagoons, and black sand beaches beckon you to discover the beauty and magic that fill this country. December through March is an excellent time to plan your trip for as this is the prime time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. The average temperature in the plains is around 0 degrees — which is not too bad considering the vast beauty of Iceland and how it’s home to the northernmost capital in the world!  


Maybe you’re not looking to travel too far this winter and would prefer to go somewhere close to home — Canada is an incredible place for winter sports enthusiasts and lovers of snow to visit! The incredible thing about the West Coast is the mix of climates and activities that are available depending on where you go. Make your way over to the west with a trip to Banff National Park, where you will see some of the most breathtaking landscapes and incredible snowy hills in the heart of Alberta. Bask in the beauty of Lake Louise and Jasper before you make your way up to Whistler in British Columbia, for the ultimate ski paradise! Spend a couple of days in Vancouver, where the winters are mild, after your snowy adventures come to rest — keep in mind the average daytime temperatures may vary from -5 to -15 in Alberta and 0 to -5 degrees in British Columbia — although the mountainous regions might get chillier!


If you are looking for the ultimate winter wonderland experience, Austria is one of the best places to travel to this year! Between the lively Christmas markets lit up by bright lights and blankets of snow in Vienna, and the gorgeous skating rinks and charming cafes, this is a wonderful place to grab a cup of hot chocolate and make your way through the city as you soak up the festive energy that fills the streets. The average temperature in Vienna ranges from 0 to 6 degrees between December and February, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too cold unless you venture out or head up into the mountains. Pair Vienna with a few extra days in Prague or Frankfurt for the ultimate trip that combines world-famous Christmas markets, high-quality beers, and beautiful medieval castles!


Another one of the best destinations to see the Northern Lights and find out how beautiful nature can be in the winter is Norway. This Scandinavian country is filled with fascinating fjords, magnificent glaciers, shimmering lakes, lush forests, and spectacular landscapes that come to life in the winter. While the northern regions can get quite cold in the winter, the average temperature ranges from 2 to 3.5 degrees from December to March, and in the capital city of Oslo, the average is slightly below zero. If you want to see the Aurora Borealis come to life it’s best to visit between September through March as the skies will be dark in the early afternoon. While Tromso, the “Arctic Capital of the World” is the best place to see them, you can also see the Northern Lights in Oslo under the right conditions. Pair your trip with a few days in Denmark and Sweden for the ultimate Scandinavian adventure!

Northern Lights in Norway


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