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Where Can You See the Winter Sun in Europe?
By December 6, 2021 No Comments

Where Can You See the Winter Sun in Europe?

With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter, if you’re feeling the winter blues, we can’t blame you! Spending some time in the sun is incredibly important for your overall happiness and well-being. Sun exposure gives your body the opportunity to produce higher levels of vitamin D which can help boost your mood and keep your body healthy. Not to mention you might notice a clear complexion and healthier-looking skin, lower blood pressure, and even better sleep! So, if you’re looking to take advantage of these incredible benefits and discover fascinating new destinations, check out these breathtaking cities to see the winter sun in Europe!

Lisbon, Portugal

Head into the heart of the Mediterranean with a trip to Lisbon! The Portuguese capital is a fascinating travel destination and a wonderful place to soak up the sun and discover breathtaking new beaches, historic sites, and spiritual landmarks. While the climate in Portugal may vary depending on the region you travel to and the week you visit, overall, the country boasts plenty of sunshine (approximately 300 days per year) — and Lisbon is one of the best places to visit, where stunning beaches, famous landmarks, and world-class wines await!

Seascape of Lisbon, Portugal

Paphos, Cyprus

Situated off the coast of Southern Türkiye, Cyprus is a top vacation destination in Europe where plenty of travelers go to escape the cold. The winters are warm and mild and will give you a great opportunity to see beautiful beaches and historic sites without dealing with the chilly winters that many other places in Europe will come across! Winter is a wonderful time to see everything Cyprus has to offer while soaking up the sun, without dealing with the blazing heat that summer will bring.

Beach in Paphos, Cyprus

Catania, Italy

While Italy is an incredible travel destination to visit all year round, if you really want to escape the cold and soak up the sun, a trip to Catania might be your best bet. Located in the heart of Sicily, this is one of the best destinations to see the winter sun in Europe — not to mention a fascinating place to visit. Catanis is also famous for its close proximity to Mount Etna, home to many beautiful beach resorts with incredible views, and is the perfect place to get a taste of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Views of Mount Etna in Catania, Italy

Athens, Greece

As one of the oldest cities in Greece, Athens is a fascinating place for history buffs and city lovers to explore. The climate is relatively warm in the winter with an average high of 15 degrees in the winter. Greece experiences approximately 250 days of sunshine per year and Athens is one of the sunniest cities in Europe — so why not head into the heart of the Roman Empire to see some of the most fascinating architectural sites and famous landmarks in Ancient Europe with a trip to Athens this winter?

Cityscape of Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Between beautiful beaches, gorgeous cathedrals, and famous landmarks, Barcelona is one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe! It is also very sunny in the winter — and this is an incredible time to visit as prices will be low and the crowds will be small! See the works of Antoni Gaudi as you walk around the city and visit La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, two of the finest attractions in Barcelona — and discover how the city is filled with color and boasts an incredible atmosphere!

Cityscape of Barcelona, Spain


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