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What to do in 48 hours in Casablanca, Morocco
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What to do in 48 hours in Casablanca, Morocco

Embarking on a quick journey through the exciting city of Casablanca, Morocco, you’ve got just 48 hours to explore its lively culture, deep history, and enchanting charm. Kick off your adventure by visiting the famous Hassan II Mosque in the city center. It’s a beautiful building on the coast with the world’s tallest minaret. A guided tour to Morocco helps you learn about its cultural and historical importance and makes you understand Moroccan Islamic architecture.

After the mosque, wander through the busy streets of Medina, Casablanca’s old town. The narrow alleys are full of colorful stalls selling traditional goods, spices, and fabrics. Follow the smell of spices to soak in the local atmosphere. Stop at the Central Market where locals trade fresh produce, herbs, and Moroccan delicacies. Talk to vendors and try local treats like dates, olives, and fresh bread. For a cultural break, go to Mohammed V Square, a big open space surrounded by important buildings. See the Royal Palace, a symbol of Morocco’s royal history, and relax in the gardens. 

As the day goes on, head to the Corniche, Casablanca’s beautiful coastal walk. Take a stroll by the ocean, enjoy the sea breeze, and take in the views of the Atlantic. Relax in one of the beachside cafes, have Moroccan food, and watch the sunset. If you have time, treat yourself to a traditional hammam at a local spa, experiencing a relaxing Moroccan ritual. Discover the modern side of Casablanca in the Anfa neighborhood, known for upscale homes and cool places. Check out the Morocco Mall, one of Africa’s biggest shopping malls. You can shop for luxury brands, eat in nice restaurants, or see the indoor aquarium. In the evening, have a food adventure in the Maarif district, famous for its diverse food scene. Try traditional Moroccan dishes like tagines and couscous at a local restaurant, enjoying the rich spices of Moroccan cuisine.

48 hours in Casablanca

On day two of your Casablanca adventure, explore the city’s art and history. Start at the Villa des Arts, an art museum with Moroccan and international contemporary art. Explore exhibits showing Moroccan culture and creativity, combining tradition and modernity. Continue your art journey at the Casablanca Cathedral, a historic building reflecting the city’s colonial past, now turned into a cultural center. Immerse yourself in the street art scene in Sidi Belyout and Maarif, where colorful murals express the city’s creative side. Capture the visuals adding to Casablanca’s evolving look. 

As the midday sun warms the city, visit the Habous Quarter, also known as the New Medina. This area blends traditional Moroccan architecture with Andalusian influence. Walk through narrow alleys with artisan shops selling handmade crafts, leather goods, and carpets. Visit the Royal Palace, a beautiful building with fancy gates and gardens, give a glimpse into Morocco’s history. For a culinary adventure, go to Rick’s Café, inspired by the classic film “Casablanca.” Step into its elegant interior, with arched doorways, intricate tiles, and dim lighting capturing the movie’s romance. Enjoy a delicious meal with Moroccan and international flavors, accompanied by live music in a setting like the film.

In the afternoon, explore the Ain Diab district, known for its lively beachfront. Relax on Ain Diab Beach, do water sports, sunbathe, or enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance. Explore beachside cafes, try fresh seafood dishes, and look at the azure waters. As the day turns to evening, experience Casablanca’s nightlife in the Maarif district. Discover trendy bars, jazz clubs, and traditional Moroccan music venues. Unwind and be part of the city’s vibrant social scene. For a unique experience, visit a local shisha lounge and enjoy aromatic tobacco flavors in a relaxed setting.

Ending your 48-hour exploration of Casablanca, Morocco, you’ll see that the city has a captivating mix of history, culture, and modern appeal. Whether you’re strolling through old markets, trying Moroccan dishes, or embracing the city’s artsy side, Casablanca invites you to see its different sides in a short time. As you say goodbye to this coastal gem, the memories of its cultural richness and warm hospitality will stay with you, giving you a deep appreciation for the unique charm of Casablanca.


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