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5 Moroccan Cities That You Should Not Miss
By January 22, 2020 No Comments

5 Moroccan Cities That You Should Not Miss

With coastal villages painted towns and a lyrical landscape, Morocco is an added flavor to the sumptuous African stew. This fascinating country takes travelers into timelessness with a range of attractions that are exclusively Moroccan. From sand dunes of the African desert to the mountain peaks of Atlas, the geographical diversity gives way to unique experiences in different regions. A confluence of African and Arabian cultures made this country a hub of artists and writers who are enchanted with its age-old customs that are still pretty much a part of its society.

Discover the best of Morocco with these must-see cities:


The French-colonial designs of the buildings give a strikingly beautiful effect on the traditional Moroccan style of architecture. Wander like a local in the suburbs of AinDiab and Quartier Habous and witness the transformation of a city that is slowly tilting towards a European way of life. The Parc de la Ligue Arabe and the Grand Théâtre de Casablanca are some of the major marvels that can’t be skipped while you are in Casablanca.


The aroma from the food stands on the streets, and the view of splendid minarets and exceptionally designed fountains are what Fez is all about. The city that once attracted scholars, philosophers, astronomers, and theologians, Fez is a gift of the intellectual past of Morocco. With historical buildings wherever you sight reach, the city is an ode to the fading Islamic architecture. Considered the spiritual capital of the world, it has been able to keep its authentic appeal until now.


Get ready to shake your senses once you land in Marrakech. Steeped in ancient history, it is thriving in every sense, thanks to the locals who have kept the craftsmanship alive. One of the most soulful yet easily overlooked experiences is the easy blend of religion in the social fabric. You will often hear a sonorous sound and a call of prayer from the mosque, which will feel like background music against the noisy streets. Stroll in the streets where you might stumble upon vendors, acrobats, and musicians, and enjoy this African party till you are exhausted like anything.


Rabat is dotted with a number of historical explorations, the most famous being the Royal Palace and Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This capital city isn’t the first choice of tourists visiting Morocco, but it knows how to impress travelers with a beach, evocative Kasbah, and a walled medina. Sitting calmly on the right of the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is for those who want to add something different beyond the hip Casablanca.


This caramel-colored oasis has an interesting story to tell about its emergence as a shooting location for movies. Take the tour to Ouarzazate’s movie studios, and find out what makes this city the favorite of movie directors. Bask in the Moroccan sun on a camel’s back and go on a shopping spree in the nearby markets for local crafts to end your trip on a perfect note.

Africa has been blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna, but Morocco is the door that lets you explore the other side of this magical continent. If you are planning a trip to this heavenly country, don’t forget to check out our customized tours on the Morocco page.


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