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What Makes Thailand a Must-See Destination?
By June 24, 2019 No Comments

What Makes Thailand a Must-See Destination?

Amazing Thailand, a slogan we’ve all probably heard before, is a motto that doesn’t need a lot of explanation, as Thailand’s landscape and people themselves are proof of how fascinating this country truly is. Whether it’s the street food mania in busy Bangkok, chasing waterfalls and water holes in Chiang Mai, or soaking in the turquoise waters of Phuket, Thailand is everything and even more! For this reason, we will narrow it down to four exciting things that make a visit to Thailand a must.

  1. Try the exotic food in Bangkok like scorpions and insects.

Street food and Bangkok go hand in hand; the street food culture is so strong that most Thai apartments are built without kitchens! While a lot of it might be foreign to your eyes and taste buds, there are a few that will blow your mind away— insects and scorpions.

Insects, such as silkworms, grasshoppers, crickets, bamboo worms, and more, and scorpions are a Thai delicacy, loved by the locals and quite bizarre to the rest. Served with a little bit of sauce, you will often find them in the evening being sold on push-carts. The items of these delicacies change according to the season and availability; the scorpion being a little more difficult to acquire.

Which ones should you try? If this experience is entirely new to you, we suggest you start with the easier ones, try the bamboo worms or the silkworms. If you’re more of a crunchy person, go for the grasshoppers and crickets, and of course, whenever you’re ready, take a bite of a scorpion! While these will have authentic Thai flavors: salty, sweet, and a little nutty, the taste will differ from vendor to vendor as each one has their own special recipes for their sauces.

  1. Go on a thrilling speedboat ride to Coral Island.

Two of the things Thailand is most known for are white sand beaches and clear waters with abundant marine life; the Coral Island in Phuket has some of the best ones in Thailand. Just about three kilometers from Phuket’s shore, a 15-minute speedboat ride, is the Coral Island, also known as Koh Hae locally. It earned its name due to the beautiful coral reef around the island, home to some of the most beautiful sea life like the Three Spot Domino Damsel Fish, the Pink Star, the Parrot Fish, and more! You can snorkel to your heart’s content, sunbathe on the beach, and participate in other water adventures like sea walking and diving, parasailing, and banana boat!

Remember to wear protective foot gear for when you snorkel, as some corals are sharp but try not to step on them either, and besides, you never know where the sea urchins are.

  1. Go on a midnight food tour by Tuktuk.

Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife has led to it being called “the city that never sleeps,” by both the locals and travelers exploring the country. Between bars, train markets, and street food to last you a lifetime, one can’t really argue otherwise!  However, there is nothing like a midnight food adventure in the city with Thailand’s most iconic vehicle, the Tuk Tuk. Enjoy some of Thailand’s most favorite food like the Pad Thai and other snacks while exploring Bangkok at night, giving you a different perspective of the city compared to the day.

Don’t forget to try the Papaya salad, also called Som Tam, with BBQ and a little bit of sticky rice— a classic Thai combination. When you’re finally ready for dessert, look for a Mango Sticky Rice stand!

  1. Shop and bargain in the Floating Market in Bangkok

Bangkok is a shopping hub. There are too many kinds of markets: day market, night market, weekend markets, and to mention, malls— all that is easy to access. Nevertheless, there is one type that is unique to Thailand and its neighboring countries, the floating market. You will find at least seven floating markets in Bangkok alone!

Being Thailand’s most traditional way of shopping, this experience should not be skipped! Watch as locals paddle along as they sell and shop in tiny wooden boats; you can usually find everything in a floating market; food, clothing, raw ingredients, fruits, flowers, and even souvenirs.


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