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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Southeast Asia
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Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Southeast Asia

Pampered with golden beaches and encompassing the beauty of the world within its numerous islands, Southeast Asia is not a place but a feeling. Surf along its sun-kissed beaches and behold the sight of green paddy fields. The uniqueness of Geography has shaped the culture of these islands as for a true traveler; this region is beyond the chaotic Bangkok and impeccably organized Singapore. Holding the thread spirituality with its myriad temples, Southeast Asian society knows how to keep sanity in this rapidly developing world.

With thousands of islands to choose from, it might get a little confusing where you would want to land? In such a case, just keep the following options in mind, and we bet you won’t regret it.


Casting a spell on its visitors, Cambodia is a collision of ancient and modern worlds. Don’t just go hopping from one temple to the other as this country will surprise beyond bounds if you surrender. The capital city Phnom Penh presents a world-class dining scene by a riverside setting. The rhythm of the rural life will compel you to hum along as you reach the swaying sugar palms of the countryside. Experience the wilderness in the lap Cardamom Mountains and visit the southern coast dotted with fishing villages.


Philippines can’t have one thing explaining it as there is so much to see and absorb that binding it to a definition won’t do justice to it. It is an island that changes its colors and vibes every mile as you may find yourself from the emerald rice fields to the skyscraper buildings within a few minutes. Home to more than 7000 islands, it is a blend of various cultures. There is no wonder why it is a hot favorite holiday spot for people around the world who come to relax by its white-beaches while watching the sun-set.


The pristine beaches lined with palm trees and the stunning views of lush green paddy fields call you to this exceptionally culture-rich country. The uniqueness of this culture can be felt when you come across several processions marching to temple ceremonies. Such amazing sights is an everyday ritual in Bali, and the liveliness of the local people garnishes this sumptuous mix of traditional and urban values.


Shimmering temples, tropical beaches, and a mix of rural innocence, Thailand aims for the heart. The dominance of agricultural life is still pretty evident as the forests and villages take the larger area. A sudden bump in the landscape can be witnessed when you move to a little north where a series of Blue Mountains give birth to several silvery waterfalls. Bask in the tropical sun and explore the mystical jungles of the islands flaunting a luxurious coastline.


Gaze over a surreal landscape with resplendent islands comprising exotic beaches as Vietnam likes to keep it graceful. A strong influence of the French culture could be seen its culinary scene, in its architecture and in the language as well. Meanwhile, the historical city of Hanoi serves you with breathtaking views of Halong Bay. The other place that demands a visit is the city of Hoi An, which has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site.

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