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9 Extremely Underrated European Towns
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9 Extremely Underrated European Towns

We are all familiar with Europe’s leading destinations. Paris, London, and Rome take the top of every traveler’s bucket list. But there are plenty of smaller destinations with unparalleled beauty and charm that need to be explored! Discover some of the most underrated European towns.


Extraordinary views, world-famous cathedrals, and picturesque castles are common to this breathtaking destination. Dating back to the 11th century, Durham is situated in northeast England, surrounded by three rivers atop a hill. This medieval town was rated one of Britain’s most beautiful cities by National Geographic — and for good reason! The Framwellgate Bridge was built out of stone in the 15th century and stretches over the River Wear for fairy-tale views. Discover the beauty of this hidden treasure with a fascinating tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Durham UK; underrated European towns


France is home to some of the most breathtaking cities in Europe. From Paris to Cannes, there is no shortage of beauty in this European gem. While it may not be as famous, Lyon is one of the most magnificent cities in France. Home to world-famous chefs, numerous architectural attractions, and cultural landmarks, there is no wonder why this gastronomical capital was named a World Heritage Site! Extraordinary attractions like the massive square of Place Bellecour, the lakeside Parc de la Tête d’Or, and Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste await visitors! Travel to Lyon and discover the best European cities with a breathtaking tour of Paris, Switzerland, Italy and Vienna!

Cityscape of Lyon France


Bask in the magical beauty of the Swiss Alps in one of the most picturesque towns of Switzerland. Gstaad is truly a hidden treasure full of breathtaking landscapes, exhilarating winter activities, and luxury shopping destinations. This charming village is an extraordinary destination home to some of the largest ski resorts in Europe. Revel over the magnificence of the Gruyeres Castle, bask in the beauty of Lauenensee and explore the trails of Glacier 3000. Pair this Swiss town with the most breathtaking European capitals across Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Mountains in Gstaad Switzerland; underrated European towns


Do you want to explore one of the best-hidden treasures of Europe? Aarhus is a Danish city with breathtaking cityscapes, magnificent landmarks, and fascinating architecture. The growing cosmopolitan offers the perfect mix of youthful energy and rich history which makes it a truly remarkable destination to explore. It is one of the most underrated European towns, home to cultural attractions, high-end restaurants, and historic museums. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Danish culture! Discover contemporary art in the Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum, explore open-air attractions in Den Gamle By, and stroll through the beautiful gardens of Marselisborg Slot. Pair Aarhus with other Northern European gems across Scandinavia, the Baltics, and St. Petersburg for a truly unforgettable experience.

City view of Aarhus Denmark


Known as the birthplace of Dracula, Transylvania offers much more than vampires and gothic tales. This famous Romanian region is home to medieval towns, fairy-tale castles, and breathtaking landscapes. From snow-capped mountains to evergreen forests and Black Sea Beaches, the natural beauty of Romania is diverse and unique. Sibiu offers a mystical atmosphere and unparalleled beauty with cobbled streets, beautiful Basilicas, and colorful houses. The picturesque landscapes will take you back in time and make you think you are in a fairy tale. Pair Sibiu with a tour of the Balkans and Tirana as you explore the Balkan Peninsula and discover this charming Transylvanian city!

Cityscape of Sibiu Romania


Vienna is renowned as one of the greatest musical capitals of the world. But have you heard of Salzburg? This Austrian gemstone is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the extraordinary composer of classical music. You will feel Mozart’s presence and see his influence throughout the city, with talented musicians playing lively tunes throughout the streets. Salzburg offers pristine cityscapes which match the elegance of classical music perfectly. Uncover the finest blue waters of the Sound of Music Lake, the charming carriages traveling through the streets, and the intricate details of some of the finest European architecture. Explore this magnificent city with a self-drive tour through Europe and discover the sophisticated cities of Munich, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

Cityscape of Salzburg Austria


Think of Germany — Munich and Berlin are leading destinations that often come to mind. But Frankfurt is one gem that may not receive enough attention. Home to some of the greatest attractions in Europe, this beautiful city offers a wide variety of museums, cultural attractions, and breathtaking scenery to explore. Discover the fascinating Old Town, one of Germany’s largest half-timbered towns until WW2. Discover the incredible skyline, ancient Romer Square, and 19th-century concert halls with this tour of the most breathtaking cities across Europe — from Prague to Paris!

City of Frankfurt Germany


Home to ancient castles, picturesque cityscapes, and shimmering blue waters, Ljubljana is one city you won’t want to miss. Not only is it the capital of Slovenia, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans, offering gorgeous greenery, a rich history, and plenty of cultural landmarks waiting to be explored. Discover extraordinary attractions such as the Ljubljana Castle, Dragon Bridge, and Trivoli Park. Explore the intersection of 3 historic bridges merging as the Triple Bridge attraction. Enjoy exciting community events at the Prešeren Square. Become a Balkan Explorer with this journey through Southeast Europe!


Continuing your journey through the Balkans, Croatia offers extraordinary coastal scenery featuring pristine turquoise waters. While the tourist destination is growing, not everyone is yet to discover Zadar — one of the most underrated European towns. This breathtaking gem lies on the Dalmatian coast and is known for its Roman and Venetian ruins. Visitors will taste the fine delicacies of Croatian cuisine, explore Romanesque Catholic churches, and visit historic city squares. See how amazing Croatia is for yourself with this tour of the architectural and natural wonders!

Beach in Zadar Croatia; underrated European towns


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