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Trips For Young Adults: The Best Places to Travel to In Your 20s On a Budget
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Trips For Young Adults: The Best Places to Travel to In Your 20s On a Budget

There is no better way to escape the busy pace of life and rejuvenate your mind and body than by heading on a vacation. Whether you’re looking to spend some time with your friends and enjoy new experiences together or venture out into a foreign country on your own, this can be an excellent way to create unforgettable memories that will last you a lifetime and open up to new experiences that can change your outlook and perspective on life. If you are looking for inspiration on where you want to go, discover the best places to travel to in your 20s on a budget, considering factors such as price, experiences, and what every country has to offer, and find out what makes these destinations so incredible!

The Best Places to Travel to In Your 20s On a Budget

Costa Rica

Whether you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping with hundreds of adventure activities to choose from, or you simply want to lay back and relax by the beach and soak up the tropical sunshine, Costa Rica is a wonderful destination to visit — and did we mention it’s incredibly affordable as you can travel there for as little as $499? You can go ziplining through the forests, white-water rafting in the rivers, ATV riding on the beach, horseback riding through the jungles, or trekking through the rainforests. The opportunities for adventures are endless which makes this a great place to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and expand your limits for what you thought was possible. What makes this country even more interesting is the fact that you will be surrounded by colorful species of wildlife as you set out to explore the jungles.

Costa Rica is also a great place to immerse yourself in a foreign culture that is incredibly different from your own, without traveling too far! So, start practicing your Spanish speaking skills (or don’t, as you can find locals who also speak English) and get ready to try tasty new dishes with exotic flavors and get to know the warm and welcoming people who will make you feel right at home.  

Volcan Irazu National Park, Costa Rica


While Bulgaria is an extremely underrated travel destination, this country is filled with beauty and history that many travelers don’t know about. Contrary to popular belief, this Balkan beauty is home to the oldest city in Europe, as Plovdiv dates all the way back to 6000 BC, surpassing Athens and Rome by a landslide. The country is filled with breathtaking mountains and beautiful beaches situated by the Black Sea, where the waters are crystal clean and clear, and the coastlines are absolutely gorgeous. This is a wonderful destination for nature lovers who want to hiking or spend some time by the beach. Bulgaria also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene as the bars, pubs, and clubs are filled with colors and pumping with music, and the day-to-day festivities are complete with festivals and events that frequently take place in the city streets and make this one of the best places to travel to in your 20s on a budget.

Bulgaria also tops the list of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. Considering this travel destination is widely unexplored (at the moment), the prices have not been skyrocketed for travelers, so you can make the most of the affordable food, free walking excursions, and very low prices for entry to museums and other sites that will make your trip all the more worthwhile. A trip to Bulgaria would go hand-in-hand with cities like Budapest, which boasts some of the best nightlife in Europe (and is one of the most beautiful cities on the continent), Belgrade (which offers the best nightlife in the Balkans), and Vienna and Bratislava (known for their extravagant castles and vibrant cities) – why not cruise down the Danube and cross the border into six fascinating countries for the Eastern European adventure of a lifetime that you and your friends will never forget?

Plovdiv, Bulgaria


It’s no surprise that Europe is one of the best places to travel to in your 20s. While cities like Paris and London get all the hype — and are flooded with travelers which can make social distancing hard (and make it harder on your wallet), why not mix up the pace (and the pictures on your Instagram feed) with a trip to Poland? This Central European gem is actually one of the biggest countries in Europe and is flooded with attractions. The architecture is unique, the landscapes are beautiful, and the old town squares are bustling with life — not to mention the food is delicious beyond belief! You’ve probably tasted some polish delicacies with a plate of pierogis, which are served in restaurants all throughout Poland and can be made with different flavors, ranging from potato to fish, cream cheese, meat, spinach, and more (even extending into chocolate)! And speaking of sweets, the desserts here are to die for as the milk products are incredibly fresh, so get ready to try some of the best ice cream of your life.

If you’re not convinced with the sweet treats and famous dishes Poland has to offer (which means you really won’t impress your foodie friends), you will love the wide range of nightlife and entertainment to choose from. Cities like Krakow and Wroclaw have great party scenes with plenty of bars and nightclubs, and are also known for their beautiful castles and backdrops of mountains for a perfect mix of daily adventures and nightlife experiences — and great backgrounds for your Instagram pictures — so why not mix Poland with beautiful capitals like Sweden, Turku, Helsinki, Tallinn, and Berlin for the ultimate adventure? Discover the Nordic Capitals and Berlin for an unforgettable trip!

Gdansk, Poland


While we are still talking about Europe, another destination you need to check out is Portugal. Not only is this country incredibly affordable, but Portugal is filled with sites to see, no matter what type of traveler you are. If you are looking for the ultimate beach escape you can head on over to the Algarve, where you will find sunny skies, gorgeous coastlines, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. If you’d prefer to stick to the mainland, you can go on world-class wine tasting tours in Porto, which will make for a great experience paired with dinner by the river. And let’s not forget to mention the nightlife — Porto is a great party place ranging from beach bars to rooftop terraces, dance clubs, tapas bars, and many more options and settings. It’s also important to mention the locals are very warm and welcoming, as you will meet some of the nicest people you have met in Portugal — which makes sense considering the vibe is so laid back and relaxed.

Portugal is also a popular destination for young people who are heading on exchange programs, going on work internships, heading on long travel journeys, or are simply looking to move to Europe as the country has everything — great weather, incredible sites to see, delicious food, great wines, friendly people, and last but not least great prices! You will be able to meet young travelers almost anywhere you go, which will give you a great opportunity to make new connections (and possibly lifelong friends) if you’re traveling solo or expand your group and expand your perspectives if you’re traveling with friends. You can spend 9 days in Portugal for as little as $1099 with this incredible self-drive (flights, accommodation, breakfast, rental car, and taxes all included) and venture out to explore the country by your own rules — this is truly one of the best places to travel to in your 20s on a budget!


Between delicious cuisine, beautiful mountains, exotic temples, and some of the best landscapes nature has to offer, it’s no wonder why Japan has become a top travel destination over the past few years. This fascinating country has everything to offer every type of traveler — so if you and your group have varying interests this can be an excellent place to go. While this destination might not be as affordable as the others, you can certainly choose how much you want to spend and create a budget that works for you. If you want to go all out with pricier excursions and restaurants you can, but if you’d rather keep the price low and save up, you can certainly do that too! The big city lover can spend a day exploring the different districts of Tokyo, the foodie can try the famous dishes in the city’s best restaurants, and the adventure seeker can hike up Mount Fuji… or why not mix them all? You’ve got to go hiking during your time in Japan as the country offer fantastic trails with incredible lookout points. And if your group is planning on going out for sushi, why not try it in the place it originated?

On the other hand, if you’re traveling on your own, this is an excellent place to recharge in nature, immerse yourself in a foreign culture, and travel from city to city as you open up your mind to new experiences. It’s very easy to get around on public transportation so you won’t need to rent a car (unless that’s your preference).

Mount Fuji, Japan, Best Places to Travel to In Your 20s


A mecca for backpackers and adventurers, Thailand is one of the best travel destinations for young adults. Between luxurious beaches with crystal-clear waters, jaw-dropping landscapes, and ancient archaeological sites dating thousands of years back in time, your days will be filled with adventures. You’ve probably also gotten a taste of Thai food and how delicious it can be — imagine tasting the rich flavors and exotic spices in the homeland where these traditional recipes have been prepared for centuries. The warm and welcoming locals will be happy to give you recommendations on where to eat and host you in their restaurants. It is also important to mention that the food and excursions here are very affordable, which makes a trip to Thailand easy on your wallet and great for your mind, body, and soul.

But that’s not it… We can’t forget to mention the nightlife in Thailand. Between full-moon parties, modern beach bars, neon lounges, big city bars, and some of the world’s best nightclubs, you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to making your nightlife adventures just as (or even more exciting) than your day-to-day adventures. A trip to Southeast Asia for as little as $1699 with flights, accommodation, transfers, breakfast, taxes, and ferry rides included? Umm… yes please!


When you think about traveling to Greece, many attractions might come up. Between the famous party scene of Mykonos, the spectacular sunsets of Santorini, and the legendary archaeological sites dating back to the Roman times in Athens, a trip to Greece will make for the ultimate adventure. You can go island hopping to explore the best Greek islands in a much more affordable way, which will make for a unique travel experience that you and your group will love. One of the best places to visit is Crete, as this is one of the most underrated and beautiful islands in Greece. You can expect to see breathtaking sunsets, lay back on luxurious golden beaches, and uncover spectacular viewpoints with fascinating hiking trails that will welcome you with all their glory.

For the history lovers on your trip, Crete is packed with ancient ruins and archaeological sites dating back to the Minoan civilization. The island offers ancient treasures you won’t find anywhere else in Greece, fine wines and local rakis (a strong liquor made from grapes), and sunny skies that will brighten your mood the moment you step foot on the island. 


Latvia is another one of the best places to travel to in your 20s on a budget, and is extremely underrated. Between fascinating cities with bustling plazas and rich history, jaw-dropping landscapes, sandy beaches, great rivers, unique wildlife, open-air museums, and so much more, this is an incredible destination to visit during any time of the year. Nature lovers, history buffs, big city explorers, party goers, and archaeologists at heart will find something in Latvia that will feel like it was designed for them. Not to mention this is one of the world’s greenest countries, as most of the landscapes are untouched, which makes this a great place to visit to learn about environmental conservation. This is the perfect place to get a taste of the Baltics in one of the more affordable travel destinations in Europe and skip out on the crowds that the more popular countries will see.    

Between old city traditions, a rich and fascinating culture, and vibrant nightclubs that are open until all hours of the morning, the capital city of Riga itself is well worth the visit. But a trip to Latvia can be a great opportunity to explore the Best of the Baltics, as you can easily throw Finland, Lithuania, and Estonia into the mix, for not one but four of the best places to travel to in your 20s.

Riga, Latvia, Best Places to Travel to In Your 20s

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