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A Trip to France Beyond Paris: 5 Fascinating Cities
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A Trip to France Beyond Paris: 5 Fascinating Cities

France is a classic story of romance that has become immortal owing to its nature that resonates with everyone. It is a feast, open for anyone from the art and culture lovers to the laid back travelers who want to experience the country like a local and stick to cafes and Bistros.

Being the top destination for tourism in the world, France aims to exceed the expectations of anyone who comes to visit the land of Gauls. Start your mornings with a coffee and warm croissant, and get amazed by these everyday rituals that seem to be melted and encrusted in the French lifestyle.

Although the capital city, Paris, tries to enchant you being the fashion capital of the world and with a wonder of the world, Eiffel tower, remember not to fall for it, as France is even more magical when you decide to go a little astray. 

Here are our top picks that you must-visit during your trip to France:

The medieval town of Angers

The dreams of walking down the medieval era lanes will come true in Angers. Go straight to visit the highlight of the city, Chateau d’Angers where you can admire the most significant medieval tapestry “Tenture de I’ Apocalypse” in the world. Right next to the castle is the Cathedral of Saint-Maurice that gives a striking view of the surrounding area comprising the medieval ‘House of Adam’ (‘Maisond’Adam’). The most preserved building of the Renaissance era, the Collegiale Saint has a spellbinding interior and is famous for its year-round art exhibitions. A perfect end to this architectural treat would be visiting the world of plants, Terra Botanica where you can go for an expedition.

The dramatic port town of St. Malo

St. Malo is a drama entwined; keeping in mind the things that will blow the mind of the audience in the very first half of the movie, leading them to an unexpected climax. From the greatest tidal ranges to the ramparts and the rocks that make up for a beautiful background, the town is sublime scenery of the blue sky giving perfect contrast to the cobalt colored sea. With a rich natural landscape, bustling bars and cafes along with adventure activities, the town is a heaven for the beach lovers.

The fine line between France & Germany: Strasbourg

Sharing its boundaries with two great nations of the world, Strasbourg is the best of both worlds. A city that speaks French with a German accent, it is a town hanging in between with a culture that is neither German nor French. It is the first city that has an entire portion as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Strasbourg for watching a master plan that has dedicated enough spaces to pedestrians, bikes, trams, and waterways.

The city renowned for its wine: Bordeaux

Going on a wine-tasting tour in Bordeaux, which is the wine capital of the world, is the first activity that you need to indulge yourself in. Viticulture is an ancient art that has gradually gotten better over the centuries leading it to carry a trademark of producing the best quality wine in the world. The city was built for 18th-century wine merchants and an elegant symmetry of architecture is reflected through its 18th- to 19th-century mansions.

Lyon, the city for French food lovers

 It takes your taste buds on a journey making every single dish a celebration. The secret behind the richness of taste in every delicacy comes from the fact that it lies in a region where access to farm, fish, and wine is very easy. Aim for the soul of the city by trying the food at the local bistros. The women who once used to work as domestic workers are now the chefs in the local restaurants and give a strong foundation to the Lyon’s culinary culture. The town is a paradise for food lovers who come to experience the best of French cuisine. 

The hub of art and literature, home to fashion and music and carrying the culture of gastronomy, France is the La-La land of every traveler. Visit our France tours for a detailed guide and make your trip to France exceedingly great. 


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