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The Benefits of Traveling With Small Group Tours
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The Benefits of Traveling With Small Group Tours

Small-Group Tours are one of the most popular options for travelers, and for good reason — these tours offer more intimate experiences with 6-22 people. Passengers will be able to explore foreign countries in a deeper and more meaningful way. From shorter excursions waiting times to increased safety, discover the many advantages of traveling with Small Group Tours!

Explore Each City How You Want

Small Group tours offer better options for personalization. Book your flights, accommodation, and unmissable city tours — the rest is up to you. Secure optional excursions in your free time or venture out on your own. With significantly fewer travelers, you may enjoy close interaction with your Tour Guide and ask for recommendations on sites to see. Whether you want to add as many excursions as you can or make your trip more luxurious or budget-friendly, the choice is yours to make!

Better Value For Your Money

There is a common myth that Small Group Tours are more expensive than bigger groups. This is not necessarily the case — you can actually save money traveling in Small Groups! Join excursions and activities you are actually interested in — or spend your time shopping for souvenirs or enjoying local experiences. Many of these tours also go to multiple countries, traveling to two countries for the price of one flight — and see more of the world while you’re at it.

Better Peace of Mind

Traveling in a foreign country can be stressful. That is why exploring a new destination in a group will give you greater relief and peace of mind. Feel safer and more comfortable exploring new destinations with travel buddies and a trusty Tour Guide by your side — especially when traveling to destinations you would not dare to explore alone. You can rest assured that if anything were to go wrong during your trip, you will have plenty of support and people to reach out to. 

Share More Intimate Experiences

It can be difficult to get close interaction with your Tour Guide or fellow travelers when you are traveling in a group of 30+! With Smaller Group Tours of 6-22 travelers, your experience will be much more intimate and less crowded. You may ask more questions and receive personalized suggestions for tours or activities you may be interested in. Build closer connections with like-minded travelers who share similar values and interests as you — and avoid heavy crowds from blocking your view!

Cross Off More of Your Bucket List Destinations

Small Group Tours will take you to your dream destinations and must-see sites throughout your trip. Not only will you be able to see much more than if you were traveling with a big group or on your own, but you will also access local knowledge from an Expert Tour Guide. This will help you greater immerse yourself into the culture of your dream destination. You will make incredible memories and have plenty of cities to cross off your bucket list!

Passionate Local Knowledge

A good Tour Guide can make or break your tour. We always strive to find the best guides to join our team. Our selection includes their knowledge of the country, culture, and history of the destination they are working in. Indus Local Tour Guides have a deeper understanding of the incredible sites and they can share personalized tips and suggestions with travelers, depending on the interests of passengers. With a Small Group Tour, you will get closer interaction with your Tour Guide who will be happy to answer your questions!

Smooth and Comfortable Travels

Traveling in a group of 30-70 passengers may not make for the most comfortable tour. Prepare for long wait times gathering travelers, checking into hotels, and counting the number of passengers aboard. You can expect delays on city tours and while booking admission to local attractions. Not to mention trying to hear what the Tour Guide is saying! With a smaller tour of 6-22 travelers, the entire experience will be much smoother. Reduce wait times and stress from traveling with a large group.

Make Friends While Traveling

Another incredible benefit of traveling is the friends you make along the way. Traveling with Small Group Tours, you will get the opportunity to interact with every traveler and build new connections. Because everyone will be open and willing to learn a new culture, they will also be open to making new friends. The memories you create together and the bonds you share will be truly unforgettable. Besides, experiences are better when you share them with amazing people. Gain new friends for life or trusty travel buddies to share awesome experiences with!


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