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What is it like to travel solo on a group tour?
By May 3, 2023 No Comments

What is it like to travel solo on a group tour?

Experience the joy of traveling with new people, push your boundaries, and create new memories when you travel solo, but with the comfort and safety of being part of a travel group. Traveling solo is one of the most liberating experiences you will ever have, but if you are afraid to travel on your own for the first time, join a group trip as a solo traveler and have an unforgettable journey! Here we tell you what traveling solo in a group setting would look like.

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo On A Group Tour:

1. You Feel Safe

Traveling solo in a group comes with the perk of feeling safe. You have other travelers and a tour guide to help you if anything comes up. Safety is a big concern as a solo traveler, but not when traveling in a group setting. Also, to kickstart your solo travel journey, you may start with some of the world’s safest countries, like Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, and more. So, you may start your solo adventurers from one of these!

travel solo on a group tour

2. You Save Money

Traveling solo is mostly an expensive affair as you don’t share your expenses with anyone while traveling. But traveling in a group saves money on activities, transportation, etc., which is a win-win! Also, some travel agencies offer- pay no additional fees for single supplements and secure a private room for yourself, which is a great way to save and yet enjoy the luxuries. A few destinations that would be easy on your pocket are Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, etc.

travel solo on a group tour

3. You Create New Friendships

Like you, other solo travelers join a group trip, allowing you to interact with people from different age groups, places, and backgrounds. You get to know them and share experiences, creating long-lasting bonds. Everyone seems more approachable since they are all traveling solo, and hence, it is easy to start conversations. Here are 3 of the friendliest destinations that you may plan your solo trip to Bali, Philippines, and Spain.

travel solo on a group tour

4. You Have An Experienced Guide

You have a local tour guide at every step of your journey. They initiate interactions and help break the ice among solo travelers in a group setting. Plus, no one knows a place better than them, so you get to experience the best of every location you visit. Also, in case of any trouble, they’ll be there to look after you so that you enjoy a hustle-free trip.

travel solo on a group tour

5. You Are Encouraged To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling solo means getting out of your comfort zone and daring to meet new people, travel to new places, be open to having new experiences, etc. It is a huge step, so you should be proud of yourself for taking it. Moreover, being surrounded by like-minded travelers makes things a bit easier and pushes you to go for something like snorkeling in the waters of the Philippines, trekking in Nepal, or any activity you would’ve skipped otherwise, if not for a group setting.

travel solo on a group tour

6. You Have Everything Planned For You

Enrolling in a group trip means you don’t have to worry about accommodation, timings, or transportation as everything is looked after. All that is required from you is to show up and create wonderful memories. You can have a seamless journey through Morocco’s desert, avoiding the long queue to see the Taj Mahal in India or playing with elephants in Sri Lanka without stressing about anything since the pre-planned itinerary sorts everything.

travel itinerary

Traveling solo can be overwhelming at first. But once you decide on having that one solo trip, you sign up for some exciting adventures!

Our travel experts have created solo tours for adventurers like you! Contact us if you are planning a solo trip, and we will be happy to help.


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