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5 Must Things To Do in Poland
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5 Must Things To Do in Poland

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Poland stands out as the second largest Slavic nation, increasingly popular among travelers in search of distinctive adventures. Offering a plethora of attractions, Poland serves as an excellent destination for both families and friends, featuring diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to peaceful beaches. Its fascinating history and delightful culinary offerings further enhance its appeal, distinguishing it within Central Europe. Poland tours are a great way to explore this beautiful country. Here is the list of the best things to do in Poland.

1. Get to Know About the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial

Auschwitz, once the largest Nazi concentration camp, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and museum. It consists of two main areas: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau, connected by shuttle buses. Birkenau expanded during WWII to cover over 420 acres with 300+ buildings.

In 1944, as Soviet Forces approached, the Nazis destroyed gas chambers, crematoria, and other structures to hide their crimes. Today, visitors can see the ruins of these chambers, along with barbed wire fences and the railway used for prisoner transport.

Intact buildings, including those for human experiments and SS offices, remain. They serve as memorials honoring the 1.1 million individuals who perished at Auschwitz.

things to do in poland

2. Visit Malbork Castle

Initially constructed as a fortress, Malbork Castle reached completion in the early 1400s for the Teutonic Knights crusaders, emerging as the world’s largest castle constructed entirely of brick. To this day, it retains its status as the largest castle by land area globally.

Initially serving as a prominent religious and military hub, Malbork eventually experienced a period of decline and suffered significant damage during WWII. Following nearly three decades of intensive restoration efforts, Malbork regained its magnificent Gothic appearance and swiftly earned UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition.

Presently, many Poland tours of the castle offer visitors the opportunity to explore tapestry rooms, expansive courtyards, and an impressive ancient kitchen.

things to do in poland

3. Explore the Crooked Forest

A trip to Poland is incomplete without a visit here! Located in northwestern Poland, the Crooked Forest captivates visitors with its mysterious appearance.

The forest, initially appearing ordinary with straight pine trees, surprises with approximately 400 bent trees. Each trunk sharply curves into a U-shape just above ground level before straightening out. Discovered in the 1930s, the reason for their peculiar shape remains a mystery.

One theory suggests human intervention, possibly for boat or furniture construction. However, this fails to explain why the trees remain bent.

Despite the mystery, the Crooked Forest offers a captivating experience and excellent photo opportunities.

things to do in poland

4. Travel to Leba

Your Polish itinerary may be filled with old towns and mountains, but there are opportunities to discover a different side of the country. In Leba, a charming seaside village awaits, boasting a rugged coastline and renowned dunes.

Leba offers a serene and intricate atmosphere, inviting visitors to delve deeper into its character. Local eateries serve traditional delicacies such as kielbasa, kaszanka, smoked fish, and bigos, while prominent landmarks pay homage to the town’s maritime legacy, none more iconic than the Stilo Lighthouse.

In addition to its culinary delights and cultural richness, Leba’s true treasures reveal themselves along its windswept shores. Here lies Słowiński National Park, where visitors can explore on foot, by bicycle, or even by golf cart to witness the mesmerizing sight of the shifting sand dunes, reminiscent of a vast desert landscape.

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5. Don’t miss the beauty and history of Wroclaw

This is one of the most popular things to do in Poland, and you’ll know why!

Situated along the banks of the Oder River, Wroclaw stands out as one of Poland’s most distinctive destinations. With over 100 bridges connecting its 12 islands, the city’s landscape intertwines with the flowing water, weaving past ancient structures that narrate the tales of the Piast dynasty and the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Exploring Wroclaw on foot unfolds as an adventure in itself. Wander through old streets adorned with elegant architecture, where prominent museums like the Lubomirski Museum await to unveil the city’s intriguing ancient and recent history.

At the heart of Wroclaw lies the 13th-century Main Market Square, a vibrant hub of culture and heritage. Here, iconic landmarks such as the Old Town Hall and St. Elizabeth’s Church stand proudly, adding to the square’s allure.

Beyond its architectural splendor and myriad bridges, Wroclaw boasts a charming curiosity: the Wroclaw Dwarfs. Scattered across the Old Town and Market Square, these 600 whimsical figures each possess their own distinct personality and narrative. How many of these enchanting creatures can you uncover during your visit?

The list of things to do in Poland is never-ending but these are a few that you shouldn’t miss! So ready to travel to the mystical lands of Poland? Reach out to us and our experts will be happy to help you plan your trip.


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