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Why Peru is the Ultimate Destination for Culinary Experiences- Peruvian Cuisine
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Why Peru is the Ultimate Destination for Culinary Experiences- Peruvian Cuisine

With colossal canyons, soaring dunes, gushing waterfalls, and glittering lakes, Peru is one of the most adored travel destinations among globetrotters. The story doesn’t end here! It is the culinary capital of the world and is known for its unique gastronomy. In fact, it has been awarded by World Travel Awards as the Leading Culinary Destination for seven consecutive years. Once you have tasted Peruvian cuisine, you can never undo the spell it would cast on you. The rich heritage and culture in Peru have a direct effect on the food culture, making Peru the ultimate destination for cultural and culinary experiences.

Here are some reasons why you should travel to Peru if food is your love language and learning about cultures interests you.

1. Perfect Geographical Setting

With mountains, coast, and jungle, Peru is blessed with all! Each region has its traditional dishes cooked with local ingredients. Quinoa, a staple in Peruvian cuisine, comes from the laps of mountains, fish, and yuca roots provided by the jungles. Enhancing the flavors in your meal, the juicy grapes and limes are found at the coast. The food culture in Peru is so vivid that you will experience different tastes across the country’s all 24 states. Not only this but along with the extensive food excursion, you can also see the vibrant ethnic diversity of Peru. The beautiful regions in Peru are a melting pot of several traditions and customs that have been co-existing since the beginning of time. A tour to Peru gives you the best of all worlds.

2. Product of cultural fusion

The mix of flavors in Peru’s cuisine is a reflection of various cultures that have been part of the country for centuries. The pre-Hispanic culture gave birth to the traditional Peruvian dish pachamanca. The spices, the onions, and honey deserts were a result of Moorish influence. During the 19th century, with the Chinese immigrants came the famous Chifa, another significant dish in households. Peru’s food culture has evolved, and it has picked up bits even from Italian, African, and Japanese cuisines.

peruvian cuisine

3. Greatest Food Festival

Celebrated in the capital of Peru, Lima, Mistura is one of the greatest gastronomical festivals showcasing Peruvian cuisine. Being the largest culinary festival in Latin America, it attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe. From the dishes dating back hundreds of years ago to the modern world recipes, the best food is offered. You get to taste the inventions of famous Peruvian chefs. Another festival that celebrates the diverse cuisine of Peru is San Juan Feast. Tasting the best Amazon cuisine on your mind? Head to Iquitos, where this festival is celebrated every June.

4. Pisco in Peru

The flavor of Pisco, the brandy-like liquor, is Peru’s pride. It is centuries old, with no confirmation of when it came into existence. Though, documents from the 16th century have used this term! It served as the perfect appetizer and is stilled in the southern parts of the country – Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua, and Tacna. Visit the Pisco distilleries and see how it is made. The aroma will leave you wanting more!

peruvian cuisine

5. World-famous cooking classes

To enhance your culinary skills, you can even take cooking classes in Peru and learn the art of curating authentic Peruvian dishes. Lima is usually the first choice since it is called the culinary capital of Latin America. Cusco is yet another option to learn some modern cooking techniques to prepare food busting with Andean flavors. Since it is the gateway to the legendary Macchu Pichu, you get to learn about the history and culture of Peru.

6. Rich Coffee Culture

Explore Peru’s refreshing coffee-growing culture by heading to its agricultural heart. Visit Chanchamayo, located amid the jungles of Central Peru. Coffee is also grown in the regions around the Amazon, Southern Highlands, and Sant Martin in Northern Peru. Hence, visiting Peru means being surrounded by the aroma of coffee beans. Walk around the coffee plantations in Peru and see how the coffee is produced. A bag of Peruvian coffee makes the perfect souvenir to buy for your friends and family.

peruvian cuisine

7. The historical effect of Inca culture

The lost city of Machu Picchu is an example of the unparalleled engineering of the old times. The salons and stone temples rise magnificently out of the mountain peak. The terrace gardens reflect the precise agricultural techniques used by the Incas. These techniques are even followed today and play a huge role in Peruvian cuisine.  The Inca people had a unique style of farming. Since they initially lived high up in the mountains, they couldn’t have cattle and depended on plants. Hence, they used terraces for watering their crops and raising alpacas and llamas for wool and meat. Eventually expanding to coastal areas, the Inca people were introduced to marine life and started integrating fish into their meals. Therefore, with time quinoa, maca, zapallo, and fish became the common ingredients in their diet which also is a staple in Peru’s present-day cuisine.


With its world-famous cuisine and interesting culture, Peru has become the preferred destination for someone wishing to experience both. If you are planning a trip to Peru, you can reach out to our experts, and they’ll be happy to assist you.


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