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Learn About Traditional Peruvian Food With These Tasty Dishes
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Learn About Traditional Peruvian Food With These Tasty Dishes

With its exotic dishes, Peru is regarded as the heaven for food lovers. The traditional Peruvian
cuisine is a great mix of Spanish, African, and Asian influences. The geographical and cultural
diversity has taken the depth of gastronomy to attract people from around the globe. 

The choice of food ranges from the highland tubers to exquisite salads. However, when it
comes to dishes defining the traditional Peruvian cuisine, nothing comes close to Ceviche,
Loma saltado, Aji de gallina, and Pachamanca.

Peruvian Ceviche

Peruvian Ceviche is an artthat takes shape when the fish is soaked in lemon juice. It is usually
eaten with a lot of chilies, and with further experiments, dishes like quinoa ceviche are also

Lomo saltado

Lomo saltado could be declared as the result of cultural clashes. The unique flavor is due to
woks from the Chinese, and the combination of sliced steak, red onions, French fries, and chili
adds to the taste of this classic Peruvian dish.

Aji de gallina

Aji de gallina is still tracing its origins, as some say that it is a gift from Spanish colonists, and
some believe that the dish came into existence as the poor picked up the meat bones thrown by
the rich and ate it with chili and bread. Whatever the truth is, the result has been sumptuous.
Nowadays, the aji de gallina is made with chicken, bread, potatoes, olives, and eggs.


Pachamanca is a dish of celebration. The word ‘Pach’ means earth, and ‘Manca’ means pot. It
is prepared underground with hot stones which explain the name. Made with authentic spices of
the region, Pachamanca is a combination of meat and vegetables.   
The glory of Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, the dusty ruins of Chan Chan, the giant sand dunes
attracts millions of visitors to Peru, but the innovative cuisine wins the heart every time.


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