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Once in a Lifetime Experiences With Indus Travels
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Once in a Lifetime Experiences With Indus Travels

With so many options for where you can go and what you can do, the possibilities for travel are endless — but it can get quite overwhelming when you don’t know where to start! Check out these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with Indus Travels for the ultimate inspiration for your next adventure. Between great heights and mighty ventures, you will be in for a great adventure no matter what you choose to — so let’s get started! 

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Catch a Fascinating Flight Over the Himalayas

Can you think of any better views than with a flight to Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world? You don’t have to push yourself miles beyond your limits by climbing to the top of this mighty mountain, but you can get some great views (and stories to tell) by seeing the beast by plane with a trip to Nepal. Fly over the Himalayan Mountain Range as you bask in the beauty of the Valley of Langtang and see the peak of the Nepal-Tibetan border.

Step Foot on The World’s Biggest Natural Mirror  

For a very unique experience that will leave you in awe, make your way down south to walk on a reflective plain where sky meets soil in Bolivia. You will be astounded by the boundless beauty and mystery behind these plains as you see how the daylight turns into dusk and the stars reflect in the ground. This is a truly magnificent sight to see, since rainfall, the plains turn into the biggest mirror in the world.

Sail Between the Southernmost Points in the World

If you want to surround yourself with magnificent mountains and breathtaking landscapes, then make your way down south into Latin America. You can sail through Patagonia and travel to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world also known as the “end of the world” (excluding Antarctica). Explore this gorgeous region between Chile and Argentina for an ultimate cruising adventure. Get ready to brace the winds and set out to see the open waters!

Walk Through the Clouds in Costa Rica

In Monteverde, you will find a beautiful biological preserve where low-hanging clouds can be found. This will make for an exciting experience as you will get a taste of walking between these clouds as you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in the Costa Rican wilderness. The grounds are also filled with colorful creatures, teeming with over 100 species of mammals, so you can see some fascinating wildlife.

Go Camping in the Arabian Desert

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a wonderful place to go camping as you learn about the Arabian way of life, try delectable dishes, and watch the spectacular sunset over the dunes. Relax on the low cushions of the Bedu tents and watch the bewitching belly dancer swaying to the haunting strains of Arabian music, for a magical evening of fun and excitement you will never want to come to an end.

Discover the Tallest Manmade Point on Earth

With a trip to Dubai, you can make your way up to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Imagine the incredible views you will see from this unbeatable viewpoint as you see the city of contrasts from above. This spectacular skyscraper boasts an astonishing height of 828 meters from toe to tip and is the perfect place to see the best views of Dubai that nobody will be able to beat.

See Where the Theory of Evolution Was Tested

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, the man who created the Theory of Evolution as you cruise through the Galapagos Islands. This breathtaking archipelago is home to fascinating creatures that you will not find anywhere on Earth. Take the opportunity to see the giant tortoise, an endemic animal known for its magnificent size, as you search for blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, and more.

Discover the Lowest Point on Earth  

Between the fascinating countries of Jordan and Israel, you will find a captivating salt lake known for its deep evolution of 430.5 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is also known for its high salinity. The waters are so salty that no life is able to live there. It is also impossible to sink, as the buoyancy will keep you floating above the surface without even having to try, for a wonderful way to swim with ease!

See the Significant D-Day Sites in Europe

Known for its breathtaking scenery and rich history, Normandy is a wonderful place to add to your bucket list. When you travel with Indus you will be able to visit the famous sites where the D-DAY landings took place in Arromanches and discover the beaches where they put an end to the Second World War and the Nazi occupation in France. Prepare for a truly unbeatable historical experience.

Visit the Most Powerful Predators on Earth

Heading on a safari expedition is one of the best ways to see powerful predators roaming around their natural habitats. Set out to search for the Big Five with a socially distanced safari trip in Kenya, discovering beautiful national parks and captivating creatures from a special 4×4 safari vehicle equipped for all terrains. There are many places in Africa that are perfect for scenic safari vacations!

Taste the Rainbow on Vinicunca Mountain

Vinicunca Mountain, also known as Rainbow Mountain, is known for its seven spectacular colors. Created by environmental conditions and deposits, the minerals created a marble effect that changed the look of the mountain’s structure. Situated 5,200 meters above sea level, you can visit Vinicunca Mountain with a trip to the Andes in Peru, a fascinating country that will absolutely blow you away.

Cruise Down the Longest River in the World

With a whopping length of 6650 kilometers, the Nile is a fascinating river that flows through Northeast Africa. A cruise down the Nile can be the perfect way to explore Egypt as you sail from city to city to see grand pyramids, exotic temples, and golden wonders from the comfort of your floating hotel. The natural and historical beauty of the land will make for an incredible journey that you can easily enjoy.

Are You Interested?

Are you interested in seeing any of these fascinating places or considering one of these experiences? Reach out to the friendly travel experts at Indus Travels, who will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you! You can also ask about the Safe Travels Assurance Policy for risk-free bookings. Happy travels!


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