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Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences in Egypt
By July 16, 2019 6 Comments

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences in Egypt

One of the cradles of civilization, Egypt has witnessed some of the earliest advancements in literature, architecture, agriculture, and even religion. Today, Egypt houses everything from sand-covered tombs to towering pyramids and underwater life to modern cosmopolitan cities! With so much to see, we have listed five must-things you have to do while you’re in the country.

  1. Enjoy a sound and light show at the pyramids

After sunset, the Pyramids of Giza glow up with different colors highlighting its monuments and story. The show begins with a narration of the Spinx, guardian of the City of the Dead for almost 5000 years! The show also narrates the building of the Pyramid of Keops and other pyramids and relates it with the stories of the Pharaohs and their families. This is also an excellent way to learn about Egyptian culture and history!

  1. Go scuba diving in Hurghada

Once a small fishing village next to the Red Sea, Hurghada is now one of the most visited destinations in Egypt. A great spot to relax and take part in water activities such as diving! The biodiversity in the Red Sea is so rich that it is excellent for both beginners and advanced divers. Hurghada is a paradise for shipwreck enthusiasts, with many 19th and 20th-century wrecks, the options are limitless!

  1. Ride a camel by the Great Pyramids of Giza

Built around 4,500 years ago, as the tomb for the Pharaohs; believed to turn into gods in the next life, the pyramids are designed to store everything they would ever need to live comfortably in the afterlife. The best time to visit is right before sunset, with the sounds of the Call of Prayer from the mosques in the background. There is also no better way to explore the Pyramids of Giza than on the back of a camel! The camels are an essential part of Egyptian culture, and to date, they still function the same. However, while choosing a camel, please make sure that the camel is healthy and is treated well.

  1. Enjoy a hot-air balloon over the Valley of the Kings

Luxor, often considered the world’s greatest open-air museum, has mornings that are golden and still. It was a burial ground for the pharaohs and the nobles of the time from 1539 BC to 1075 BC. The Valley of Kings, also called the Valley of the Gates of the Kings, has about 63 tombs and 120 chambers. The tombs were placed strategically, hidden in the valley, to protect them from thieves, therefore, the best way to see view it is from the top. The hot-air balloon ride gives you a panoramic view of the Valley of the Kings and its surroundings, with the glimmering rays of Egypt’s sunrise— an experience you need to have at least once in your life!

  1. Explore Alexandria, a city of legends

The second largest city in Egypt, an ancient and modern cosmopolitan port, Alexandria, has stories of sunken lands and burnt-down libraries. It was built by Alexander the Great, in 331 BC, and was considered to be a cultural and intellectual hub for a while. It housed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pharos of Alexandria. Also known as the Lighthouse of Alexandria, it was once considered to be one of the tallest human-made structures for many centuries. Today, most of Alexandria’s ancient glory is either right beneath it or underwater; nevertheless, you will still find remnants of its former glory.

The mighty Nile, the beguiling deserts, magnificent monuments, and the lush delta— the list is endless.

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