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Is It Worth Visiting Jordan? Why?
By September 16, 2022 No Comments

Is It Worth Visiting Jordan? Why?

Blessed with windswept deserts, the Dead Sea, multiple World Heritage sites, and various other landscapes, Jordan is indeed a traveler’s dream come true— its beauty is in fact almost unreal. However, there have been a lot of misconceptions about the country, simply because of its location, which affected tourism terribly.

So today, we’ve listed a few reasons why Jordan is fantastic and why you should visit right now.

#1: Petra, the Red Rose City

Arguably the most popular destination in the country, Petra, the Red Rose City— an ancient town etched into Jordan’s sandstone cliffs, is one of the most majestic and almost magical sites one will ever experience. It is said that this was where Moses struck a rock to supply water to the Israelites; it is also believed to be the storage of treasures hidden by thieves, centuries ago – a mysterious city that was discovered in the 1800s. And while many simply stop at the Treasury, Petra extends further; there is an entire ancient civilization around it that can be explored. However, that’s not all!

#2 Jerash

Not too far away, is Jerash— Jordan’s largest Roman site, with streets still covered with its original stones and scratched with wheels of chariots that once roamed the city. Everything representing the Roman civilization can be found here: Zeus and Artemis’ temple; Hadrian’s Arch also called the Triumphal Arch; the South Theatre, built during the 1st Century, which can accommodate about 5000 people.

#3 The Dead Sea

A few miles away is the Dead Sea, a sea lake bordering Jordan and Israel, where you can neither swim nor drown because of the high salinity of its waters! It is also famous for its mud, which is said to be extremely beneficial for the skin.

#4 Amman

Nevertheless, if you’re craving a more modern experience, Jordan does not fall short of it. Amman, the capital, is buzzing with cafes, bars, museums, and art galleries; it is a nice mixture of the old and new. It also has a rich culture of street art; roadsides are decorated with colorful murals of expression and sometimes, a means to raise awareness. The capital also has a rich culture café culture from roadside Turkish coffee shops to hipsterish cafes.

There is a lingering sense of timelessness in Jordan; a tiny country so rich in history, both religious and political; and in culture, both traditional and modern. A sense of genuine generosity and hospitality has been passed on from generation to generation, despite the disturbances around them. And though the conversation about the country usually stays political, or even historical and cultural, Jordan is more than what’s presented on the table. The beauty of Jordan lies in the marriage of every single aspect of the country, the landscape, the weather, the culture, the food, and the people. This is what makes Jordan unique, and this is why it is worth visiting.

Finally, how safe is it?

Any trip planned for the Middle East has always been met with the burning question, is it safe? Which, unfortunately, is also often asked about the very welcoming country of the Jordanians. The answer is, many times, given by the locals themselves— you are safe here— a phrase you’ll repeatedly hear from the locals. The Jordanian culture is deeply rooted in hospitality, which shows through their welcoming nature, even to strangers. Quite often, travelers will be invited for a cup of tea or a meal by locals as a sign of warmth and generosity.

If the issue of safety is what’s keeping you from visiting this magnificent county, rest assured that Jordan is a safe place.


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