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How travelling to India is a life-changing experience!
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How travelling to India is a life-changing experience!

Filled with an array of unforgettable sights, sounds, and smells; India as a travel destination will captivate and challenge you at the same time. From the chaotic streets of the capital to the peaceful shores of the South, the country serves you with the most memorable travel experiences of your life. Here is what you should expect while travelling through India.

The Chaos

The charming bustling bazaars and the non-stop activity are an undeniable part of India. You will witness friendly and curious faces on every street and corner of the country. From mismatched garments drying on the lines in Varanasi, loud groups having a merry time with a cup of tea, narrow lanes filled with people in Chandni Chowk to cows strolling between the roads, there is so much going on around you, all the time. 

It is safe to say that travelling to fascinating India is beyond anyone’s expectations as the country challenges you with the unpredictable, right when you think you have seen everything. Once you embrace the chaos, you will realize the vibrancy and exuberance of the place is unmatched by any destination you have ever been to.

The best time to experience this chaos is during festivals, especially during the celebration of Holi.

Inner Peace

From religious and peaceful sites in Rishikesh, Haridwar and Varanasi to monasteries in Ladakh, and picturesque and calm shores in the South, India brings you the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself. It is hard to believe there can be so much peace in a bustling place like India.

The experiences, people and places help you connect and re-connect with yourself. There are several retreats where you can experience the healing touch of yoga and wellness in India.

You can expect the experience of travelling to India, to enrich your mind, body and spirit.


There is so much history in every corner of the country. Beautiful architecture, monuments, temples, palaces and an old-world charm surround almost every historic structure and bazaar. These wonders of India represent the magnificent past of the country and should be on every traveller’s must-visit places.

There is a unique calmness and serenity at these historical and religious sites, perhaps a feeling of disbelief in being in that moment and place. At the same time, one can explore food, textiles, art and handicrafts, with age-old traditions and stories weaved into them. Art forms, dances and recipes, are passed on through generations without an inked record or perhaps a secret well-kept by the families who know the art.

Different Cultures

India is a melting pot of cultures. You will experience a different India in every state and region. From cuisines to clothes, dance forms, festivals to spoken language, India will surprise you with something new in every region.

Indulge in the world-renowned butter chicken from the north region or equally popular yet spicy chicken Chettinad from the South. It is amazing how kitchens in different parts of the country come up with completely different flavors using the same spices. Believe it or not, the country has eight classical dances and more than thirty folk dances, each more beautiful and unique, like the region it belongs to.

It is easy to be mesmerized by the diversity of the country and the experiences every region has to offer. The change can be overwhelming at times, however, once you embrace the diversity of the country, you will notice one thing is common in all of these, the welcoming people of the country.


Genuine smiles, warm greetings and helpful people is what makes India a dream destination for a holiday. The culture of the country is often termed as the culture of heartfelt hospitality and Indians believe in ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’, which translates to ‘the guest God’. While you should not trust every stranger for safety reasons, one thing you would notice is people in India are friendly and inviting.

When travelling to India, ask the locals for recommendations, and they will guide you through the best options in food, entertainment, worthy attractions and hidden gems of the area you are planning to visit.

Our advice to experience India would be to immerse yourself in what the country offers. It will never cease to amaze you and show you a new world. Book your vacation to India here.


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