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Best Cities for Architecture Lovers to Visit
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Best Cities for Architecture Lovers to Visit

There is something truly fascinating about exploring the architectural styles and extraordinary buildings of a foreign country. Each country is vastly different in appearance and structure — uncovering the different influences will take you on a journey through time and history! Let’s discover some of the best cities for architecture lovers:


Italy is home to some of the most breathtaking destinations in Europe. Extraordinary cities like Rome and Milan receive a lot of recognition from travelers around the world, and for good reason! But there is magic waiting to be explored in Florence. This extraordinary city is the birthplace of Renaissance architecture, birthed in the 15th century. The Renaissance style emphasizes geometry, proportion, regularity, and symmetry, and entirely replaced the Gothic style from medieval times. Uncover the magnificent masterpieces of Uffizi Gallery, admire the grand exterior of Pitti Palace, or wander through The Boboli Gardens. Pair this romantic city with the Italian gems of Venice and Rome for an extraordinary tour of Italy!

Cityscape of Florence


Home to the tallest building in the world, there is no surprise Dubai made this list! This architectural wonder offers a fascinating mix of old and new. See how design has changed over the years as new and extravagant buildings are being built. The architectural style of Dubai has switched from traditional architecture, influenced by Indian, Islamic, and Iranian designs, to highly modern. Discover the extraordinary sights for yourself with a tour of Dazzling Dubai! Pay a visit to Burj Al Arab to admire the luxury layout of this extravagant hotel, and pair that with the historic Al Fahidi Historical District!  

City and Water View of Dubai


The cultural hub of Spain, Barcelona is every traveler’s paradise. This city offers so many fascinating attractions that will capture your heart. Home to some of the world’s greatest architects including the works of Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is certainly one of the best cities for architecture lovers. Travelers can discover a fascinating mix of Catalan Gothic, modernist, and Romanesque architecture throughout the metropolis. Visit famous attractions such as Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, and Plaça de Catalunya on a breathtaking tour of Barcelona, Lisbon, and Madrid.

Park Guell in Barcelona


Among the beautiful European gems of Nice and Paris, Strasbourg might not be one of the top-visited cities in France — but it should be! This fascinating city is home to the European Parliament, designed by architecture inspired by Roman amphitheaters. The city is also home to extraordinary landmarks and architectural sites throughout the city. Discover the Gothic style of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, modern and contemporary art of Musée d’Art Moderne & Contemporain or uncover the Renaissance of Hôtel de Ville. Explore Strasbourg with this cruise along the Rhine River.    

River View of Strasbourg


The cultural and financial hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most fascinating destinations throughout the continent. It is the only island-city state in the world and offers extraordinary attractions. You will discover a breathtaking mix of architectural styles featuring Renaissance and Palladian styles seen in the National Museum of Singapore and the DNA resemblance of the Helix Bridge designed by Philip Cox. Discover ancient Mosques dating to 1824 or explore the many cultures at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Tour the islands of Singapore and Thailand with this fascinating trip which will take you through the greatest attractions of each destination!      

Singapore Bay of Gardens


One of the most famous cities in Europe, London is a breathtaking tourist destination which offers plenty of free attractions! Visitors can discover the wide range of museums, art galleries, palaces, and cathedrals throughout the city. You will find a range of architectural styles spanning from Romanesque to Gothic, Palladian, Baroque, and Modernist. Uncover legendary landmarks including Big Ben, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, and Buckingham Palace. Pay a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral or admire the Victorian Tower Bridge. Discover some of the greatest architectural masterpieces in Europe with a tour of London and Scotland

Views of Big Ben in London


Home to extraordinary temple grounds, breathtaking evergreen gardens, and sacred Japanese shrines, Kyoto is one heck of a city! And it is certainly one of the best cities for architecture lovers. Explore ancient castles and traditional structures crafted from Japanese architecture. Throughout the city, you will discover fascinating landmarks from the Nara, Heian, Medieval, and Late Medieval periods. Admire the magnificent scenery of Kinkaku-Ji, walk through the gates of Fushimi Inari Taisha, or bask in the breathtaking views of Kiyomizu-Dera. Uncover the beauty of Kyoto and become a Japan Explorer!

Kinkaku-ji Shrine in Kyoto


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