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How much does an African Safari cost?
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How much does an African Safari cost?

The cost of an African safari depends on many factors, including where in the continent you’ll be heading to for the safari, any national park fees required, and whether you’ll require lodging. Some other factors might include:

  • Travel costs: Consider the cost of international flights, travel insurance, and visa costs.
  • Private or public: Private or community conservancies will be priced differently for entry.
  • Time of year: Whether you go for a safari during shoulder season (off-season) or the high season, expenses for the high and low seasons will be priced differently.
  • Package deal: Package deals using an agent can be a great way to get an all-inclusive price that includes everything from accommodation to meals and flights. However, a tailor-made safari can also help you craft a great itinerary and distribute the overall safari costs how you want.

Luxury or Modest?

One of the biggest considerations when booking a safari is the level of luxury you’re looking for. A luxury safari can cost thousands of dollars but will include perks such as an upscale safari experience, culture tours, extensive safari activities, and a stay at a luxury accommodation. On the other hand, a budget safari can still be a fantastic way to experience an authentic African safari holiday. Budget safaris still place great importance on wildlife viewing at a popular safari destination, whether it’s self-drive tours, boat safaris, or walking safaris. Another great perk of a budget safari might be staying in tented camps, where you’ll get to see the wildlife up close and personal. This form of self-catering accommodation allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty that South Africa offers.

Although many might think local African companies might save them some cash, they aren’t necessarily cheaper and they may not provide the attention to detail you want. Indus Travels boasts a wide range of dream safari trips for any budget.

How Many People – Solo or Group?

Another important factor to consider is whether you’ll be traveling solo or going in a big or small group. Not all safari accommodations nor activities permit single travelers, which is why working with a safari company can help you plan around these intricacies.

A group trip can also be useful on safari trips, as depending on the number of people, you won’t have to share tours or activities with other people.

When it comes to accommodation, many places offer a person per-night fee that accommodates travelers that don’t have others to share with. They might offer a room or tent that can serve two guests but charge a small fee to cover the empty bed cost. For more luxury accommodations, however, you’ll be able to indulge in your own room and all its extras.

African Safari Cost Estimates

Here are a few estimates so you can estimate your African safari trip cost.

Peak Season Cost

The peak season is known to be expensive for African safaris. Peak season in Southern Africa, and East Africa, as well as Gorilla Trekking season around Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, typically runs from July to October. Overall, African safari costs are significantly higher in peak season, upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars more. However, it does come with the perk of seeing less visible wildlife on game drives.

Depending on the safari destination, the type of safari, and whether you’ll be heading to famous wildlife areas or a lesser-known game safari destination, the per person cost can range between 155 USD – 3000 USD.

African Safari Cost for Family of 4

If a per person range is between 155 USD – 3000 USD for the peak season and 70 USD – 1039 for the low season, you can estimate paying around 620 USD – 12000 USD in the peak season and 280 USD – 4156 USD in the low season.

African Safari Solo Tour Cost

A solo tour provides the utmost versatility for an African safari. This way, you’ll be able to tailor your trip to what you want and budget the safari costs exactly to your liking. If you’re thinking about a solo safari, this is the best time to contact an experienced travel agent to help you plan your trip. 

African Safari Group Tour Cost

Group tours can mean going on a safari with your family and friends, or joining a tour with other people. It’s also a great way to cut down on costs and still visit all the safari destinations you’d want. A group tour has the widest price range, depending on several factors.

How Much Does an African Safari Hunt Cost?

Looking for something a little different? An African Safari Hunt allows you to take a spin on the traditional safari tour and do a little hunting. Indus Travels does not offer this sort of package, but other tour providers do if you are interested.

Luxury African Safari Cost

You might have once wondered, “How much does a luxury African safari cost?” A luxury safari might mean forking out a bigger budget, but it comes with a superior experience than the average safari might offer. Private concessions will cost more, and you can expect to stay in a high-end safari hotel with the most unique features. A luxury safari will cost around 1,057 USD – 3,000 USD per person per night.

How Much Does a 2-Week African Safari Cost

Two weeks is a great amount of time to visit many national parks around the continent. In this case, African Safari costs can vary, depending on whether you’re heading to Kruger National Park in South Africa, or the Chobe National Park and Botswana‘s Okavango Delta. Perhaps you’ll even pick up a gorilla trekking permit to see the mountain gorillas or stay in a natural rainforest habitat. It can be difficult to estimate the costs for a 2-week trip, but seeking out a tour provider can be a great solution.

4 Week African Safari Cost

For those looking for an extensive safari trip to multiple destinations in Africa, a month-long trip can’t get any better. With this amount of time, you might want to go all out and participate in extreme top safaris, challenging game viewing, and visit locations such as Masai Mara, the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, and Samburu National Park. If you’ll be traveling to the area, be sure to avoid Zambia’s intense rainy season, as it’ll have a big influence on game viewing. Safari costs for a month-long trip can be hard to work out, but with a proper tour company, the process will be seamless.

Looking for a personalized estimate? Get in touch!

Indus Travels offers many safari holidays to national parks across Africa, as well as Tanzania Tours and trips to Victoria Falls and Cape Town.


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