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5 Irresistible Reasons to Travel to Israel
By March 6, 2019 No Comments

5 Irresistible Reasons to Travel to Israel

From the salty depths of the Dead Sea to the views over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, there are countless reasons to explore Israel. Here are five of the most irresistible…

Irresistible Reason #1: Because Breakfast is Brilliant

Forget about your Corn Flakes or Pop-Tarts—breakfast is something else in Israel! This country is overflowing with incredible produce and an amazing mix of Asian and Mediterranean flavors, so the first meal of the day is always a breakfast of champions.

We all know that the quality of the cuisine on offer at hotel buffets can be somewhat questionable, but in Israel, that’s not the case. Breakfast at a hotel buffet in Israel is a work of art, so grab yourself a plate and dive into an incredible array of olives, cheeses, blintzes, salads, dips, eggs, fruits, pastries, jams, yogurts, and casseroles. And make sure you try ‘shakshuka’—a to-die-for rich tomato stew served up with eggs. It’s a great way to start the day.

Irresistible Reason #2: Because it Brings Bible Stories to Life

The bulk of Jesus’ story in the Bible takes place in Israel, which is why so many Christians make a pilgrimage there. Walk in Jesus’ shoes and visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, where it’s said that he prayed and preached. Make your way to the Mount of Beatitudes, which is just outside Tabgha. This is where it’s believed he delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Or make the pilgrimage to the River Jordan at Yardenit, where John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus. And don’t forget the Sea of Galilee, which is where Jesus is believed to have walked on water.

Irresistible Reason #3: Because You Can Cover Yourself in Mud

People don’t usually think that Israel is a place to get down and dirty—but that’s exactly what you can do at the Dead Sea… You can get down to the lowest place on earth (the Dead Sea is 431 meters below sea level) and channel your inner child as you cover yourself from head to toe in its famous mud, which is said to have health benefits. Follow up the fun with a gentle float on the Dead Sea’s waters. The exceptionally high levels of saline allow you to just lie back and float, so place yourself in Mother Nature’s safe hands and enjoy a truly magical experience.

Irresistible Reason #4: Because You Can Step Back in Time

Once a city to rival the likes of Alexandria and Carthage, Caesarea basks on Israel’s breezy, sun-kissed Mediterranean shores. At these gorgeous Roman and Crusader-era ruins you’ll find yourself stepping back in time to a world of ancient shrines, Roman palaces and Byzantine streets. However, the highlight has to be the 10,000-seat Herodian Amphitheater where slaves once battled lions and crocodiles. You can then sunbathe on golden sands, take a stroll along the pier, and end your day by chilling out over dinner in one of the harbor’s quaint restaurants.

Irresistible Reason #5: Because Shopping in Jerusalem’s Markets Will Blow Your Mind

Forget fancy department stores and designer boutiques—shopping in Jerusalem is all about the markets. Make a beeline for Mhane Yehuda Market, which is just a 10-minute stroll north of the city. There are more than 250 stalls to explore, serving up everything from fresh fruit to liquor, gifts, and clothes. There’s a lot to see, so grab yourself some halva or sweet challah bread to keep you going. And at night the market is the place to be if you’re looking for the city’s hippest bars.


Do you dream of dining on a traditional Israeli breakfast? Of standing in awe on the spot where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount? Of covering yourself in the healing mud of the Dead Sea? Yes? Then come with us to Israel. Not only will you have the experience of a lifetime, but you will have a sophisticated itinerary that has been lovingly created by Indus’ Israel experts. To find out more about our tours to Israel, please feel free to contact us at any time.

About the Writer: Vickie Sam Paget

Vickie is a freelance writer and editor based in Vancouver, BC. When she’s not creating dynamic travel or tech content, globetrotting or gazing at the North Shore Mountains, you can usually find her curled up with a good book or sipping a pint of the good stuff in her local Irish bar.


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