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Why You Should Visit Bali This Year
By August 19, 2019 No Comments

Why You Should Visit Bali This Year

Though considered a paradise, Bali is more than that for many who seek out this captivating island. It is a refuge for those who chase the sun, waves, and island life, but most of all, its calm. Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali inspires serenity, and joy, and brings out the artistic nature of visitors. The island has been a dream destination for many since it first opened its door to tourists, and remains the same today. So if you’re considering visiting Bali this year, we’ve listed four things that might help you decide.

The culture

Bali’s cultural diversity is quite evident in everyday life, each standing out, yet blending in perfect harmony, creating the captivating lifestyle the island has today. A community where everything has spiritual representations, where religiosity is part of life, yet open enough for people to let their hair down and unwind.

Typical of the island way of life, Balinese culture is joyful, peaceful, and warm. Though tourism has impacted the lifestyle in many ways, the locals stay true to their values and remain generous, kind, and religious.

The beaches

Considered to be home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, Bali draws in beach lovers from every corner of the globe. It is also a go-to surf spot for avid surfers, beginners, and professionals alike! The surfing culture of Bali began in the 1930s, since then, it has hosted numerous international surfing competitions and is home to some of the best surf schools.

Not to mention, the abundant underwater life around the island makes it ideal for snorkelers and divers too!

The food

The cultural diversity in Bali has had a significant impact on its cuisine. Though there are many similarities with its other Asian counterparts, Balinese food is heavily influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine. Rice is a staple and is always accompanied by vegetables, meat, or seafood. In recent years, however, along with the growing demand for a plant-based lifestyle, vegan restaurants have become readily available.

The adventure

If you’re a thrill-seeker, Bali is just right for you! Trek through the Monkey Forest or zip-line across the sea, between two cliffs; hike up and slide down a waterfall, and even camp inside a volcano! These are just a few of the adrenaline-rushing activities on the island— don’t get us started with the water sports!

Like any tourist destination, a location becomes more and more commercial, the longer it is open to visitors. Maybe it’s to accommodate the needs of the tourists, or perhaps it’s a way for additional income for the locals— it slowly dilutes the authenticity of a destination. One of the most important reasons why you should visit Bali this year, or as soon as you can is so that you still get to experience the raw nature of Bali. The island is also experiencing a renaissance, with a new bloom of sustainable luxury hotels offering a different experience to travelers with minimum impact on the environment!

If you’re planning a trip to or need ideas, check out our itineraries for Bali, or get in touch with one of our travel experts.


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