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Tips On How To Travel Italy Like A Local
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Tips On How To Travel Italy Like A Local

The best way to explore a new place is to blend in with the local lifestyle. Italy, a dream destination to many, is best discovered like a local would do. Uncover the Italian way of living, understand the unique character of every city, and have the most authentic experience. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this on your trip to Italy.

Ways to Travel Italy Like a Local:

1. Explore Off The Beaten Path Places

Visit places that are away from the usual tourist crowds. If you wish to admire Romanesque architecture and heritage monuments, do so, but plan your trip to Italy in a way that you see both the top tourist attractions in Italy as well as less explored places. The best is always hidden away! While the major cities are tempting, the smaller ones are more peaceful. This is where you’ll find unheard stories and untouched corners. Sirmione in Lombardia, Alberobello in Puglia, and Bagnoregio in Lazio are a few secret gems in Italy you must travel to.

travel italy like a local

2. Experience the ‘Aperitivo’

It’s past 6, and the bars are filling up; wondering why? It is time for an aperitivo! Aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink, and it comes from the Latin word that means ‘to open up,’ and this is what it does – it opens up your stomach to stimulate your appetite! It is a moment to socialize and go out as you enjoy pizzas, crisps, and other snacks and sip your aperitivo drink. If you really wish to travel to Italy like a local, don’t miss out on this!

travel italy like a local

3. Learn the Coffee Culture of Italy

Running late, so might as well get your coffee to go? No! A true Italian never has his coffee on the move but while standing at the bar counter. Also, if you sit down at the table, the charges of your coffee are doubled or maybe tripled as the cost of bringing it to your table is added! So follow this rule when you order coffee in Italy- pay at the cash counter, grab the receipt and give it to the barista, take your coffee, and drink it while standing at the bar.

travel italy like a local

4. Strike conversations with local people

Italians are warm and friendly! Greet them with a ‘Ciao,’ which means hello. People in Italy love to connect with new people, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them, as they’ll be happy to connect. This is the best experience you’ll have on your tour to Italy as you’ll get to know about the culture and lifestyle. You may seek insider advice about where to eat or go or the best way to travel around Italy. Spending time with locals might actually become a beautiful memory to take back with you.

travel italy like a local

5. Do as the locals do

Indulge in local recreational activities like hiking and surfing and be a part of festivities like the Carnivale in Venice, the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, the Easter Procession in Sicily, and more during your trip to Italy. Take things slowly, as there is no need to rush. That’s what Italians do, relax and enjoy every bit of anything and everything they do. Another thing that locals don’t do is eat pasta and pizza with Ketchup in Italy. So if you wish to blend perfectly with Italians, follow this because if you don’t, you will have some disapproving nods coming your way.

travel italy like a local

6. Never be too lazy to get dressed

Italy is home to the fashion capital of the world, Milan. People in Italy are very serious about how they dress and pay close attention to what others wear. So do not take dressing up in the right way for the right occasion lightly! Italians keep their house wardrobe and street wardrobe different. Loose T-shirts with large prints and sweatpants are for the home. Flip-flops have no place on the streets, and athletic wear is best worn in the gym. Italians prefer well-fitted clothes over baggy ones, as they don’t give a polished look. Soft-structured sweaters and hemmed pants with fitted waists are a thing during winter. Also, if you are visiting any religious place, make sure to dress modestly, covering your knees and shoulders.

travel italy like a local

7. Learn about the concept of ‘Riposo’

The nap culture in Italy is real. People often close their shops and take a midday break for 2-3 hours to go back home, spend time with family, and rest for a while before returning to work. It is like a retreat from the hottest part of the day. So if you see the shops closed between 2-5 PM, know that the shopkeepers are recharging their batteries for the rest of their day by napping, and you should do!

travel italy like a local

Now that you know how to travel to Italy like a local, plan your trip to Italy now! Feel free to reach out to our experts, and they’ll be happy to help.


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