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Tour Germany by Train: Unforgettable Rail Journeys
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Tour Germany by Train: Unforgettable Rail Journeys

Welcome aboard the journey of discovering Germany, a vibrant and sought-after destination, where we invite you to experience the wonders of this captivating country by train. Picture yourself gliding through picturesque landscapes and historic cities, all seamlessly connected by Germany’s extensive and efficient high-speed rail network. Indus Travels is a great choice to tour Germany by train. Let’s embark together on a rail adventure that promises not just travel but a unique and immersive experience of Germany’s rich cultural tapestry.

Why Tour Germany By Train  

Delving into the allure of train travel in Germany, this section discusses the comfort and scenic vistas offered by German trains. From panoramic windows that frame picturesque landscapes to the efficiency and connectivity between major cities, readers gain insights into why traversing Germany by train is a delightful experience. The environmental benefits of rail travel are also highlighted, emphasizing Germany’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

tour germany by train

Popular Train Routes in Germany  

Unveiling the key train routes, this segment explores the journey from the bustling Frankfurt Central Station to the vibrant city of Cologne, showcasing the high-speed rail experience. The narrative continues to the Cologne to Berlin route, meandering through historic sites and lively cities. A stop at the Berlin Wall marks the significance of this leg. The exploration then ventures from Berlin to Dresden, with insights into the city’s architectural gems and a pause at the historic Berlin Wall. The journey concludes by detailing the route from Dresden to Munich, potentially stopping at the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

Highlight of Cities on the Germany train tour

This section unfolds the distinct charm of each city on the itinerary. From Frankfurt’s role as a financial hub to its captivating old town and the My Zeil shopping center, readers are immersed in the city’s multifaceted appeal. The journey then leads to Cologne, with its magnificent cathedral and the iconic Hohenzollern Bridge. Berlin’s historical significance, including the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate, takes center stage. The architectural wonders and beautiful city center of Dresden are unveiled, followed by a dive into Munich’s rich culture, the grand Oktoberfest, and the bustling Marienplatz Square.

Experiencing Germany’s Culture and Festivities as you tour Germany by train

Immersing readers in the cultural tapestry of Germany, this segment encourages participation in Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest—a celebration that transcends borders. The vibrant Carnival celebration in Cologne becomes a focal point, showcasing the city’s lively spirit. Engaging in cultural excursions and sightseeing across various cities brings forth the diverse cultural landscape of Germany.

tour germany by train

Scenic Train Journeys Beyond Germany  

Extending the adventure beyond Germany’s borders, this part of the article introduces scenic rail tours into Central Europe. Exploring the Rhine Valley and the Danube through combined train and river cruise options paints a vivid picture of the region’s beauty. Additionally, the Romantic Road and the Black Forest are spotlighted as potential extensions of the Germany tour, offering travelers a deeper dive into Central Europe’s enchanting landscapes.

Planning Your Train Travel with Indus Travel  

Different types of German Rail Passes that you may choose from on Europe train tours.

  1. German Rail Pass: This pass offers unlimited travel on the Deutsche Bahn (DB) network for a certain number of days within a defined period. It’s available for various durations, such as 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 days, or even a month.
  2. Eurail Germany Pass: This pass allows unlimited travel on the national rail network of Germany and is available for non-European residents. It provides flexibility in terms of travel days within a broader European itinerary.
  3. Regional Passes: Different regions in Germany offer their own passes. For example, the Bavaria Ticket provides unlimited travel within Bavaria for a day, and there are similar regional passes for other areas.
  4. German Rail Youth Pass: Aimed at travelers aged 27 or younger, this pass provides discounts on standard German Rail Pass prices.
  5. German Rail Twin Pass: Designed for two people traveling together, this pass offers a discount for the second traveler.
  6. German Rail Family Pass: Ideal for families, this pass allows children under 15 to travel for free when accompanied by at least one adult.

When considering a rail pass, it’s crucial to evaluate your travel itinerary, the number of days you plan to spend traveling by train, and the regions you intend to visit. Additionally, check for any changes or new offerings that may have been introduced. Always refer to official sources or contact the railway service provider for the most accurate and current information.

Germany train tour packages by Indus Travels  

Traveling to Germany by rail is like a dream. Check out these two train tours of Germany-

1. Bavarian Journey
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Cities Visited: Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Schwangau, Stuttgart
  • Highlights:
  1. Bask in the beauty of Bavaria as you experience the comfort and convenience of riding on Germany’s efficient trains
  2. Learn about the history and culture of Germany with a trip to Nuremberg, known for its historic Old Town and Castle
  3. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, a famous landmark in Germany, and one of the most beautiful castles in the world
  4. Explore Munich in the heart of Bavaria, where you will visit Marienplatz and walkthrough the Viktualienmarkt Market
  5. Travel to Stuttgart where you will get the opportunity to see some of Germany’s most important manufacturing hubs
  • Itinerary


Make your way to the airport for an overnight flight to Frankfurt, enjoying in-flight meals and services.

Overnight Onboard Flight DAY 2 – FRANKFURT ARRIVAL (-/-/-)

Arrive at Frankfurt International Airport and proceed to your hotel. Take a private 2.5-hour tour with a knowledgeable driver-guide, exploring Romerberg, “Fressgass” Alley, the old Opera, and Goethestrasse. Highlights include Goethe’s former residence, Paulus Church, and panoramic city views from Hauptwache.

Overnight in Frankfurt DAY 3 – FRANKFURT – NUREMBERG (B/-/-)

Transfer to the local train station and board a train to Nuremberg (2:05 hours). Upon arrival, a 2-hour private walking tour takes you through the historic city center, visiting attractions like the castle, a key medieval imperial palace.

Overnight in Nuremberg DAY 4 – NUREMBERG – MUNICH (B/-/-)

Transfer to the local train station for a train journey to Munich (1:20 hours). Upon arrival, transfer to your Munich hotel and enjoy the afternoon at leisure.

Overnight in Munich DAY 5 – MUNICH (B/-/-)

Embark on a three-hour guided tour, exploring over 8 centuries of history. Pass by Karlstor, Church of St. Michael, Marienplatz Square, Frauenkirche, and other iconic landmarks.

Overnight in Munich DAY 6 – MUNICH – NEUSCHWANSTEIN – MUNICH (B/-/-)

Take a coach trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, built by Ludwig II. Marvel at the castle’s neo-romantic style and its influence on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Return to Munich in the afternoon.

Overnight in Munich DAY 7 – MUNICH – STUTTGART (B/-/-)

Transfer to the station for a train to Stuttgart (2:15 hours). Upon arrival, explore the city known for its automotive heritage with a tour highlighting Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

Overnight in Stuttgart DAY 8 – STUTTGART – FRANKFURT – USA/CANADA (B/-/-)

Morning train to Frankfurt (1:35 hours), then make your way to Frankfurt International Airport for your journey back home.

  • Inclusions:
  • 6 nights of accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Train tickets
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • Entrance fees
  • Services of English-speaking local guides
  • International roundtrip flights
  • Local taxes
tour germany by train
2. Best of North and East Germany
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Cities Visited: Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden
  • Highlights:
  1. Bask in the beauty of the German countryside while riding in comfortable high-speed trains
  2. Make your way through Fressgass Alley and discover the city’s many museums in Frankfurt
  3. Visit Germany’s famous Gothic Cathedral in Cologne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  4. Explore Hamburg, known for its evergreen parks, beautiful canals and fascinating architecture
  5. Learn about German history with a trip to Berlin, where you will see the Berlin Wall
  6. Travel to Dresden, situated on the banks of the Elbe River, to see its beautiful city center
  • Itinerary


Head to your chosen gateway airport for an international flight to Frankfurt, Germany’s capital. Enjoy in-flight meals and services.

Overnight Onboard Flight DAY 2 – FRANKFURT ARRIVAL

Arrive at Frankfurt International Airport and make your way to the hotel. Embark on a 2.5-hour private walking tour with a local guide. Explore Romerberg, museums, “Fressgass” Alley, the old Opera, and Goethestrasse. Highlights include Goethe’s residence, Paulus Church, and views from Hauptwache.

Overnight in Frankfurt DAY 3 – FRANKFURT – COLOGNE (B/-/-)

After breakfast, head to the train station for a 1:10-hour train journey to Cologne. Transfer to your hotel and enjoy a private two-hour walking tour, exploring the Gothic Cathedral, art treasures, museums, and rich cultural agenda.

Overnight in Cologne DAY 4 – COLOGNE – HAMBURG (B/-/-)

Make your way to the train station for a 4-hour journey to Hamburg. Transfer to your hotel and embark on a private two-hour walking tour. Explore the historical warehouse region, St. Pauli district, “sinful mile,” Church of St. Michaelis, and the Alster.

Overnight in Hamburg DAY 5 – HAMBURG – BERLIN (B/-/-)

After breakfast, head to the local train station for a 1:40-hour train to Berlin. Check-in at your hotel and have the day at leisure to explore the city.

Overnight in Berlin DAY 6 – BERLIN (B/-/-)

Enjoy a full day exploring Germany’s capital at your own pace. Disembark at various bus stops to visit museums, shop, or stroll through Berlin’s neighborhoods, filled with monuments and a vibrant cultural scene.

Overnight in Berlin DAY 7 – BERLIN – DRESDEN (B/-/-)

Make your way to the local train station for a 2:10-hour journey to Dresden. Transfer to your hotel and embark on a two-hour private walking tour, visiting Frauenkirche Church, Dresden Opera House, and Imperial Zwinger Palace.

Overnight in Dresden DAY 8 – DRESDEN – FRANKFURT – USA/CANADA (B/-/-)

After breakfast, head to the train station for a 5:20-hour journey to Frankfurt. Upon arrival, make your way to Frankfurt International Airport for your return flight.

  • Inclusions:
  • 6 nights of accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Train tickets
  • Walking tours in several cities
  • 48-hour hop-on/hop-off bus service in Berlin
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as per itinerary
  • Services of English-speaking guides
  • International roundtrip airfare
  • Local taxes
tour germany by train

Embark on tours of North and East Germany, uncovering its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cities—all experienced seamlessly by train. Germany’s extensive high-speed rail network ensures a comfortable and scenic adventure, and Indus Travel stands out as your premier choice for a well-planned and unforgettable experience.

Still confused about how to tour Germany by train—contact Indus Travel to book your upcoming rail adventure in Germany. Explore the array of tours and travel options available, and let Indus Travel turn your dream journey into a reality. Start your German rail adventure today!


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