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The Top Healthy Travel Destinations of the Year
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The Top Healthy Travel Destinations of the Year

With the rise and developments of COVID-19, it’s safe to say many of us have been more focused on improving our health over the past couple of years than ever. And whether your focus lies on boosting your immune system or boosting your overall well-being, taking a vacation can definitely help you de-stress, take a break to focus on your mind and body, and develop healthy habits that will stick with you for a while. Discover the top healthy travel destinations to explore this year, for the ultimate vacation inspiration!


This picture-perfect paradise is renowned for its luxurious white sand beaches, gorgeous crystal-clear waters, and calm and relaxing atmosphere. With the sacred sites nearby and the peaceful atmosphere of the island, visitors often report feeling a powerful energy vortex that reels them in, helping them rest and relax as they leave their worries behind. It is incredibly common to find green superfood smoothies, organic seaside restaurants, massage parlours, and different types of Ayurvedic treatments in Bali. Why not take the opportunity to treat yourself after a long and scenic hike through the lush rainforests, as you soak up the nutrients for your skin and body? Can you think of any better place to unwind in a beautiful environment as you try tasty nutritious foods and heal your mind body and soul?

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Mediterranean Europe

The Mediterranean countries are known for their gorgeous landscapes, sunny climate, and relaxed pace of life. Not to mention the Mediterranean diet, which consists of fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and nuts, has been labelled the healthiest diet in the world. Between the beauty of the Greek Islands, the perfect place to see spectacular sunsets, ancient architecture, and jaw-dropping landscapes, the lively coastal cities, breathtaking beaches, and architectural marvels of Spain (labelled the healthiest country in the world), and the soaring mountains, gorgeous vistas, and winding streets of Italy, these are some of the best countries to rejuvenate your body and soul as you take on new adventures. You can explore Portugal with a trip to the Algarve, a picture-perfect beach destination on the Mediterranean coast.  

Fun fact: Do you know what makes Tuscany the perfect place for a biking adventure?

Costa Rica

Not only is Costa Rica one of the happiest countries in the world, but it was also rated one of the healthiest! With an abundance of beautiful rainforests to explore, sparkling waters to swim in, and a warm and sunny climate that will help put a big smile on your face, Costa Rica is a haven for nature fanatics and active travelers. You can rest and relax in a natural hot spring while breathing in the fresh forest air, get your blood pumping while heading on a challenging hike, or get some adrenaline going by trying out the exhilarating adventure activities. The health benefits of nature have been proven, ranging from decreased stress to lower blood pressure, enhanced immunity, reduced anxiety, and a better mood, among other incredible healing side effects that come with immersing yourself in nature!

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Home to the legendary Mount Fuji, surrounded by the magnificent Five Fuji Lakes, it is no surprise that Japan is one of the top healthy travel destinations to explore this year. There is no better place to head on breathtaking hikes with incredible lookout points or breathe in the cool crisp as you see millions of pretty pink cherry blossoms scattered across the country. You will find locals taking on tricky hikes well into their older age. It’s no wonder Japan is home to the oldest living person in the world — and often tops the list for this. The diet is healthy, featuring lots of omegas from fish, with vegetables, fermented foods, and many macronutrients, so you can soak up the tasty flavors while tasting delectable dishes and drinking warm soothing teas, as you discover how beautiful mother nature can truly be.


Boasting the highest air quality in the world, there’s no wondering why taking a trip to Finland is good for you. The country has the cleanest air in the world, sparing locals from suffering from many illnesses that air pollution tends to cause. This also comes as no surprise, as more than 75% of Finland is covered by forests, making it the most forested country in Europe. There are also strict environmental regulations that are put in place to protect the land, making this one of the top healthy travel destinations. The country is a nature lover’s paradise and is a wonderful destination to escape the busy pace of life and retreat to a natural haven coated in lakes, forests, valleys, and mountains. This is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world — particularly from December to March.

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