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Top 6 Exceptional Experiences in South Africa
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Top 6 Exceptional Experiences in South Africa

There is no country more intimate and familiar with wildlife than South Africa. Between its wildlife reserves, jungles, and coastal areas, this country is a perfect portrait of adventure, nature, and beauty. Its dramatic landscapes, unique culture, and unparalleled experiences attract thrill-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and even couples looking for a romantic getaway.

If you are looking for a getaway beyond the hippos and lions safaris and other big fives, or even if you plan to go solo to this fascinating country, here are six experiences you can only encounter in South Africa.

Get close and personal with penguins at Boulders Beach.

On the outskirts of Simon’s Town, Cape Town lays Boulder Beach, a beach with calm waves, white sand, and clear sapphire waters. More than that, it is one of the rare places on earth you can swim and spend time with penguins in their natural habitat!

The land-based African penguins were declared endangered species in 1910, and by 1982, there were only two recorded breeding pairs, today, there are about 3,000 of them at Boulders Beach.

Dive with the Great White Sharks in Cape Town.

If you can spend a day with Great White Sharks, would you? One of the most daring adventures South Africa offers is diving with these magnificent, and often-misunderstood creatures!

Don’t worry! Great White Sharks do not usually attack unless they are provoked. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, you will be submerged in a protective steel cage.

Ride an ostrich in Oudtshoorn.

Also known as the feather capital of the world, Oudtshoorn is the place to experience everything and anything ostrich related. To even make it more exciting, you can ride one; just remember to hold on tight!

Ostriches are the largest living birds on the planet, they grow up to 6 to 9 feet in height and can weigh up to 120 kilos! In fact, one ostrich egg can feed 20 people!

Go wine tasting in Stellenbosch’s wine lands.

Stellenbosch is one of the oldest winemaking regions in South Africa. Famous for its red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, and even Pinotage, a visit to this region is a must.

However, if wine is not something that interests you, the rustic charm of sprawling vineyards and giant oak trees of this area is still worth it.

Visit a real Chief’s village in Swaziland.

Swaziland is a small landlocked country bordering South Africa that still maintains and practices its traditions and culture. Here, the tribal chiefs or kings are still highly regarded and respected. A quick trip to this country will give you a glimpse of authentic African culture and lifestyle.

Bungee jumping on the Bloukrans Bridge.

The Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial bungee jumping bridge in the world; it stands about 709 feet above the Bloukrans River! It was first opened for bungee jumping in 1990, with the company Face Adrenalin, and has been accident-free since 1997!

So if you’re looking to scream your lungs out, and get your heart pumping, this is an activity you definitely have to do, while vacationing in South Africa.

A country with a history so important to its current identity, South Africans are beaming with hope, a sense of genuine joy, and heartwarming kindness. Come experience the inspiring new ways of this beautiful country.

For a glimpse of the experiences in store for you, check out our travel plans for South Africa, or speak to our travel experts.


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