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Things Not To Miss In Croatia
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Things Not To Miss In Croatia

Nestled along the glittering Adriatic Sea, Croatia is full of dazzling islands, ancient history, baroque beauty, and vibrant culture. With its perfect mix of charming cities and towns, picturesque coastline, and breathtaking natural wonders, the country is a treat for travelers. It offers a wide variety of experiences to its visitors, and here are a few things that you must do on your trip to Croatia:

Things you shouldn’t miss in Croatia

1. Marvel the beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Embark on a dreamy journey discovering the wilderness of countless waterfalls and sixteen lakes. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national park in Croatia, the perfect place for nature enthusiasts, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk over the scenic footbridges and wooden boardwalks as you immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this place.  Watch for rare bird species and brown bears while you wander in the travertine landscapes. Reach one of the most beautiful lakes, Kozjak Lake, and take a boat tour of the glass-like waters.

Things Not To Miss In Croatia

2. Stroll Dubrovnik’s Old Town

The cobblestone streets, the hulking fort of the past, buildings with red-tiled roofs, Renaissance fountains, and ancient walls explain the well-preserved Old Town in the city of Dubrovnik. Walk around the town, admiring the stunning baroque architecture, medieval walls, the 12th-century Dubrovnik Cathedral, and the magnificent Rector’s Palace. This one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in the world is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Stradun, the main street of the Old Town, which is lined with aesthetic shops and cafes.

Things Not To Miss In Croatia

3. Explore the island of Hvar

One of the most popular islands in Croatia, Hvar has alluring lavender fields, rich gastronomy, exquisite ocean views, and amazing nightlife. The fascinating town is dotted with refined Venetian architecture, quaint alleys, and busy squares. Visit Fortica Spanjola, a 16th-century fortress, to have the best views of the town and its surrounding islands. During the night, it lits up romantically, leaving you in awe of its beauty. Spend time at the idyllic beaches and delve into delicious seafood. Sailing your way to this sun-kissed island, also known as the queen of the Dalmatian Islands, is one of the things you shouldn’t miss in Croatia.

Things Not To Miss In Croatia

4. Wander in the Diocletian’s Palace

You can find the iconic Diocletian’s Palace in the enchanting city of Split. Built in the 4th century AD by Diocletian, a Roman emperor, the palace complex is living proof of the country’s rich history. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia, the palace boasts millennia-old graceful columns and arches. Travel back in time as you walk around the labyrinthine alleyways discovering Split Jupiter Temple, the Golden Gate, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius Treasury, and the Bell Tower.

Diocletian's Palace

5. Swim, hike, or bike in Mljet

Shrouded with lush forests, Mljet undoubtedly is one of the most breathtaking islands in Croatia. The island is blessed with a sandy shoreline, a clear sea, and an abundance of marine life. It is known for red and white wines, goat cheese, and olives. The unspoiled Mediterranean forest has two salted lakes- Malo Jezero and Veliko. If you love swimming, then you must head to the beach in Saplunara, and if hiking interests you, then you must hike to the top of Montokuc in Mljet National Park. Also, there are various biking trails that you can explore by bringing a bike of your own or renting it. For history buffs, taking a ferry to St Mary’s Island to explore a beautiful Benedictine monastery and church is a great idea.

Things Not To Miss In Croatia

6. Discover the Istrian Peninsula

Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula is blessed with the bounties of earth and sea and with remnants of various cultures. Venture into a scenic region filled with medieval hilltop towns, rolling hills, and delectable cuisine. Visit the gorgeous town of Rovinj and see the towering church of St. Euphemia dominating the town’s skyline. Don’t miss the sixth-largest surviving amphitheater in the world, situated in Pula. It is the venue for the annual Pula Film Festival, which takes place during the summer. Immerse in culinary delights as you sample local wines and truffles. Soak in the beauty of the Istrian countryside as you visit vineyards.

 Istrian Peninsula

With this list of things that you shouldn’t miss in Croatia, you are all set to explore the country. Being one of the most beautiful European countries, it never fails to mesmerize its visitors with historical landmarks and immense natural beauty.

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